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  1. The instructions in the Wolfpack resin burner can for the T-50 indicate an Academy TA-50/FA-50 kit. I’m hoping this means there’s an Academy boxing of the different variants coming. Otherwise I see Wolfpack inevitably doing these parts. You're an industry powerhouse Kursad. I’m sure you could pick up the phone and the parts or kits would appear. 😎
  2. So I just snagged a KAI T-50 for cheap and am now looking for decals and I’m finding nothing. Philippines, Iraq, ROKAF all have neat low vis schemes for this jet.
  3. I received the Tornado decals and the Latin American Kfir kit I'm very excited!
  4. Decals ordered, as well as a Kfir C10. I’ve got the Kinetic Mirage V that will be my Nesher. Was hoping for the Nesher super kit, and am still hoping for it’s re-release.
  5. Thanks for asking. Perhaps tell your Wingman friend that there is interest in more. Perhaps a Dagger kit? And it would be nice to see the Tornado sheet again too. I missed that as well and want the New Mexico yellow tail.
  6. Thank you! If you find there is one hiding, please send me a private message and we can make arrangements.
  7. If you know where I can find one, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!
  8. Hi Kursad- I’ve got a stack of 1/32 A-4 Skyhawks. I just don’t have any decals. Would love to have a nice sheet of low vis markings especially. OA-4M?
  9. Title says it all. If anyone has these in their stash or know where either are hiding, I'd appreciate it. Or if you just want to sell me a Hasegawa TA-4 for less than a mortgage payment... Thanks!
  10. Ed Nirel


    I just modified the stabs to the later version. It was pretty simple and looks good. Still hoping for some new decals for this. I hope this is still on your drawing board.
  11. Looking for the Victory sheet for the Vigi and the Wingman sheet for the Tornado. Cash, trade or point me in the right direction if you know of a seller. Thanks!
  12. I'm in! Hoping to see more 90th stuff. Would love to see pilot name markings for guys like Bud Day, Don Shepperd, Merrill McPeak and Dick Rutan, just to name a few of the amazing guys who flew these.
  13. Trying to track one of these sheets down. Thanks!
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