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  1. I'll add my vote for the new San Antonio SEA jet in addition to this one. Oh, the Sheppard T-38 in splinter scheme/skull and crossbones would be awesome too.
  2. Awesome! This is going to be a great sheet. Thanks again.
  3. Kursad- I'm building an NF-104 and using the old Victory sheet for the markings. Unfortunately, the USAF markings for the wings are too large. To fix this, I went to your 104s in Vietnam sheet to grab the wing decals. I discovered yours are the same size as the Victory sheet. I'm hoping you can get these properly sized for the tiny wing of the jet on the next sheet as I'm looking forward to building these. Keep up the great work! Your responsiveness and openness is one of the great things about your product. Add me to the list of those eagerly anticipating this release. Oh,
  4. Pensacola Don’t Tread On Me jet looks nice.
  5. Did I miss these in the future lineup? I just got a Kinetic Hornet and am looking forward to these. Hoping for some of the Supers as well.
  6. http://www.resinrealm.net/GALLERIES/RRGallery/index.html The 68 Belvedere body combined with Roadrunner kit is how I'm going.
  7. Another kit ordered based on Caracal decals. Looking forward to it.
  8. Ah’m Available was in the HPM 1/48 kit options as well as the RS Models kit in 1/72. Both those show yellow nose and stripes with red Ah’m Available.
  9. From Wolfpack: The adoption of the T-7A Redhawk ended the US T-X program, but we are making 1/48 T-50A Conversion set included TX-1, TX-2 PV aircraft for Academy 1/48 T-50 Golden Eagle. When this development will be completed, we will release 1/48 F/A-50 Conversion sets included ROKAF(F/A-50), Indonesian AF(T-50I), Philippine AF(F/A-50PH), Royal Thailand AF(T-50TH) and Iraqi AF(T-50IQ) too.
  10. The instructions in the Wolfpack resin burner can for the T-50 indicate an Academy TA-50/FA-50 kit. I’m hoping this means there’s an Academy boxing of the different variants coming. Otherwise I see Wolfpack inevitably doing these parts. You're an industry powerhouse Kursad. I’m sure you could pick up the phone and the parts or kits would appear. 😎
  11. So I just snagged a KAI T-50 for cheap and am now looking for decals and I’m finding nothing. Philippines, Iraq, ROKAF all have neat low vis schemes for this jet.
  12. I received the Tornado decals and the Latin American Kfir kit I'm very excited!
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