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  1. Decal sheet says it’s a D-11 from January, 1944, so OD over NG and white cowl & tail bands it is. Thanks!
  2. Greetings—I have the decals for an early Gabreski razorback P-47 in this scheme, but some sources say to paint US OD over NG, and others say they arrived in natural metal and were painted in theatre with Brit Dark Green over Sky. Anybody have definitive info on which colors to use? Thanks for any help.
  3. Just got an email from Jetmads. My order was 483 out of 500 and they estimate it will be shipped thr 2nd week of March. I missed out on the JA-37 Viggen but just made the Lear list.
  4. Greetings fellow plastic/resin junkies. Been a long time since I’ve posted, but I’ve been surfing here since about 2000 and dealt with some of you. I prepaid for the 1/32 Lear Jetmads made, and got an acknowledgment and order # receipt in December, 2021. As of today, 11 February, 2023, nothing. They did post something a while back citing difficulties getting raw materials from China, but months later nothing. They’re in Istanbul and were not affected by the recent earthquake and their website is still online. Who’s still waiting, and if you got your kit, how d
  5. I can tell you for sure it won’t. Tamiya fits Tamiya, Academy fits Academy & Hasegawa fits Hasegawa. The parts you need will be listed for sale eventually. I’ve found lots of OPP odds & ends by being patient and checking often. Decals, resin, kits. Sooner or later. Just keep checking.
  6. The gear doors are not the same size between Hasegawa & Tamiya. If you’re trying to build a Tamiya -30, you might find all the parts you need on eBay. I’ve seen the LW gear and various sprues listed. The Hasegawa doors are shorter than the gear bays on Tamiya F-16s by about 1/8”.
  7. I was able to replace 2 Hasegawa F-16 canopies from eBay. They do pop up from time to time—worth searching for.
  8. You might try eBay. I’ve bought several Tamiya sprues and there’s exactly the one you need listed now.
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