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  1. Fixed.......hopefully for the last time!
  2. https://www.pkproductions.de/shop/3d-printed-resin-parts/48-005-f-16-air-data-probe-and-total-air-temperature-probe/
  3. I guess another first to add to the list is using google drive public folder to embed my photos. Nothing changed on my folders or photos, so I'm not entirely sure what happened? I had to regenerate new links in this forum for them to show up again. If anyone has any tips on how to avoid this in the future, I'd rather not have to redo this again in a couple months:)
  4. I don't seem to have too many close ups of the right side canopy, but it appears to be SSGT Jesuel Rosa
  5. I would avoid GT Resin. Had it, and threw it in the bin right away. I kept the nose cover however:) Look for the Hasegawa Weapon Set E for a nice HTS pod. It was a perfect fit for my Tamiya kit, including the ability to mount it to the right intake lip. The other weapons in the kit are nice, plus you get decals for everything. https://spruebrothers.com/has36117-1-48-hasegawa-aircraft-weapons-set-e-us-air-to-air-missiles-target-pods/
  6. Thanks for the kind words everyone! @Specter1075 The ALE-50 seems pretty common on the Shaw viper reference photos I have. Tamiya includes one in their kit and its well detailed. The Kopecky ALE-50 is just a little more refined. The Kopecky HTS pod however is not accurate to the ones I've seen. I assume he must be referencing a different, maybe older version of it.
  7. Hi Everyone, This model represents a lot of firsts for me. 1st submission to ACRFORMS. 1st model I've built in over 25 years. 1st time using airbrush. Its also my first time trying to do any sort of photography with my camera phone, so I got a bit to learn. I used a lot of aftermarket for this build (listed below), so dealing with resin and photoetch was a bit of a learning curve as well. Took me over a year to complete this build, but I definitely learned a lot along the way. Thanks for looking! Jason
  8. Looking for the following 1/48 F-15 radar parts for a couple builds Great Wall Hobby F-15C MSIP II AESA Radar (modern type) parts - Sprue T - Parts T2, and T14 Tamiya F-15C 1/48(61029) - Sprue A - Parts A11 (most important), A6, A8, A9 I'll be forever grateful 🙂 Happy to pay for any postal, inconveniences costs to Canada
  9. I have a number of these sheets. I ordered directly from his FB page. The options are wonderful and rather accurate. The printing detail is fairly sharp. Maybe a 7.5/10 One thing to keep in mind about the cockpit and data placards(at least on my sheets), is that a majority of them are rather thick. Like, thicker than some 'Tamiya thick' decals. Seems like this may have been intentional, as a few decals on the same sheet can be fairly thin too. Bit odd actually. For better or for worse, these thicker placards take on an almost 3D look once placed. 1/48ers may find them a
  10. Can vouch for PKs recent resin accessories. Very detailed and his service is top notch!
  11. Would the recently released ZM 'G' be a better base to start from when building a AUP phantom with this conversion? Local shop has the G, but early E is sold out everywhere. Is the early E still preferable?
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