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  1. Hello, my latest project: NATO's first NE-3A Sentry, A/C 79-0442, as it was seen around 1984. This Aircraft landet in Geilenkirchen AB on Februar, 26. 1982. It is shown in the early configuration. On this model, I added some maintanence panels. Kit again from Heller in scale 1:72. Thanks for looking.
  2. Fred, have a look to my E-3B here http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/330013-boeing-e-3b-sentry-961st-aacs-kadena-ab-okinawa-japan-2015/&tab=comments#comment-3099411 It‘s a missile defense and called AN/QRC 81-01 Ten High. Also called Havesiren.
  3. Thanks Fred. Which model are you on were you have problems with the IR?
  4. Hi everbody, today a NATO 707 without a dome. Shown is a Boeing CT-49A NATO TCA (Training Cargo Aircraft) The model depicts a 707-307C with the NATO registration 20000. (Former Luftwaffe 10+04) The kit is Heller 80452 in scale 1:72. Decals are from AWACS-Resin. (myself) Enjoy, thanks for looking.
  5. In my series USAFE, Phantoms over Germany I show three F-4E of the 22nd and 525th TFS. Another squadron, namely the 53.TFS, also flew the F-4E, of which I did not build a model. 1. F-4E Phantom II 68-0475/BU, 525. TFS 1969 This model is my first of the new F-4E from Fine Molds. An excellent kit with very nice detail. The model shows the F-4E in its early form with a short cannon muzzle and the first wings without slats. The cannon gas vent, which is open on the ground, is not included in the kit. But it is easy to produce. The Phantoms initially flew with diff
  6. Thank you all for your nice comments. There will be more F-4 Phantoms from my series ‚Phantoms over Germany‘ soon.
  7. Shown are three 1:72 scale McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom II from the 57th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron 'The Black Knights of Keflavik' Kits: Hasegawa. Decals: Euro Decal and Procal. Thanks for looking.
  8. Count me in. I will continue my 707 trip with 3 more in 1:72. NATO TCA (707-307C) E-6B Mercury Upgrade E-3G Sentry Further more continue my 1:72 USAFE ‚Phantoms over Germany‘ series with 5 F-4D and E from the 50. TFW Hahn AB. If time allows two 1:32 Italeri Tornado IDS and ECR. Good luck to all your plans.
  9. Thanks Thadeus. Build yourself an AWACS, it is not so difficult. It is just a big model.
  10. Hi everbody, attached are a few pics from my 1:72 Boeing E-3B Sentry from the 961st AACS , Kadena AB, Okinawa Japan as it was seen 2015. Kit: Heller 1:72 Conversion sets and decals: Selfmade I wish all member a Merry Chritmas and a happy New Year 2023. Enjoy
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