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  1. After a little break due to a cold here an update of the build. Wings and engines are installed, right wing painted and decals applied. Left wing painted. Thanks again for looking.
  2. Thank you, Dutch. The way I build my large model makes the handling much easier. Eyebrow windows. I think the one you talk about is the one aft of window no. 5 left and right. Not sure but it must be a push in panel. I used the wrong decal for it. I have to replace it with a smaller one.
  3. Update on the build. The fuselage is almost completed, only a few decals and paint touch ups after the wings are installed. Thanks for looking.
  4. Fantastic build of the gunship. She looks great. Congratulations.
  5. Thanks Steve. The fwd big bump was scratch-built. For the long small antennas I made a long sample and casted it 4 times and adjusted them to length. The antennas on top are all casted. Jost
  6. Progess on the build. Finished the right fwd side fairings and all the antennas on upper fuselage.
  7. Wouldn’t that be nice? Matter of fact is, that it is very difficult to get 135 kits to a reasonable price.
  8. Thanks Dutch. For the future I still have a few more C-135 variants in my mind to build. Best wishes, Jost
  9. Thank you Ron. To answer your questions: 1. yes of course it will have the black wing on the right hand upper side and engines No. 3 and 4. 2. I think, those reinforcements were added when starting production of the C-135. 3. Since I do not own any pics of the jets and have to accept copyrights, I provide you a link of the A/C I build. https://airfighters.com/photo/19159/M/USA-Air-Force/Boeing-RC-135S-Cobra-Ball-717-148/61-2662/ Regards Jost
  10. Thanks Steve. Yes, I cast all the parts for the conversation by myself. Jost
  11. Hello everybody, my plan was to build an RC-135S Cobra Ball without cheeks and with CFM-56 engines. I started to alter the right forward fuselage. After thinking for some time. I desided to change my mind and build an earlier version with the antennas on the right side and TF-33 engines. So I closed and filled the drilled holes and started to make the antennas for the right hand side. Here is the progress so far. Thanks for looking.
  12. Thank you all for your compliments. Merry Christmas.
  13. Almost impossible. First, I don’t build for others. Second, I think, it would not survive shipping. Sorry.
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