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  1. Also, that's the first time I have ever lit a model, other than when I was younger and melting them with a lighter, lol.
  2. Thanks! It went well, I'm just blind in one eye till it heals.
  3. Been a while since I posted anything, and the project is coming along very slowly. I finally managed to get most of my scratchbuilding done on the cabin and cockpit. Got the pilots painted still working on the crew chief. Not happy with the crew chief seats, so still need a little work on them. Those ResKit rotor heads and transmissions are a real bad girl to assemble! Especially 1/48 scale. I got all the lights connected and powered up, only to find out that the battery pack I was using wouldn't power both steady and blinking lights. But that is an easy fix. Won't be working on it for about a
  4. 2A773 Aircraft Structural Repair Technician. I tried to go MH-60G flight engineer, but my AFSC (MOS) was not a feeder into the flight engineer career field at the time. Did almost 13 years AD, before incurring a back injury, and getting medically separated.
  5. What's your name Hawkwrench? This is Lat Adkins. I left the KY Guard in 1989 and went active Air Force.
  6. Well, I've been working on a 1/48th Academy UH-60A kit for about 3 months now (off and on). Trying to do a diorama of the UH-60 that I crewed in the National Guard, 78-22961. I'm setting the diorama up as my Black Hawk getting ready to do a Bambi Bucket mission. It will be sitting in a field with the Bambi Bucket attached and laying off to the side of the aircraft. I plan on doing a pond on the edge of the diorama, since ponds were where we found most of our water for fire fighting missions, usually some farmer's cattle pond. It's been difficult trying to get this Academy model as close to rig
  7. Thanks GSymmonds! They do actually have the crew chiefs there, one standing fire watch and the other sitting on the edge of the door. Plus, they're cheaper than 48'ers!
  8. Anyone know of 1/48 crew members for U.S. Army helos? I found the pilot's on https://the48ers.com/, but no crew chief. Working on a diorama and would like to have the crew chief or two standing outside the aircraft. Thanks!
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