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  1. It's only been a few days since we saw the Cad. I'd expect next year at least for a release date.
  2. It's a really brilliant kit, just pay attention around the intake fit to the fuselage. Besides that it's wonderful.
  3. Is the plastic any good? After seeing the Romanian rocket at RIAT, I quite fancy one of these!
  4. Head over to the IPMS page and try him there too
  5. Revell Germany has a good spares department, but I don't know if they send to US?
  6. Between my various hobbies, I have ordered, by this point, over a hundred separate different packages from the Far East, from model kits to DSLRs to replica firearms to Radio Controlled aircraft. I have never lost a single parcel. Some people have bad luck, but I've always used airmail and never had a problem.
  7. Ordered mine through ebay from China, should be here soon!
  8. Looks good, but I'd like to see how it actually goes together before committing to one...
  9. I just wish you lot would do your WIPs faster so I can watch you build instead of doing my own.....
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