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  1. hey mate, im 15 aswell, but ive built loas of models!! not rushing is absolutely necessary!!! ive buggered up a few becausei get more and more excited as i build ( like a snowball gathers extra snow when it rolls!!) good choice of plane!! ive said hundreds of times, but my latest ( ITS IN THE POST :lol: ) is a Revell 1/48 Rafale M i will take pics, and i hope you do too, i want to see that beast!!
  2. definately my 1:144 MiG - 29, as i managed to clone it from my 1:72 version !!!!! But, this may change when i get my Revell 1/48 Rafale M!!! i got it in a gift set, so it comes with loads of modelling tools ! CANT WAIT :lol:
  3. I think im going to try airbrushing my ' Klear'. so, Tamiya Flat Base is the way to go for a semi-gloss finish? Also, if i put Klear on my canopy, will it get rid of those annoying glue marks i usually get? what causes that?
  4. i think Italieris models make great practice for beginners!!! can someone spill the beans on the whole dancing banana thing?
  5. and its called Krystal Klear? or Klear? cheers for such a fast reply!!
  6. I live in the UK, and im wondering if anyone else does and actually buys Future under this name, because i cant find it anywhere!!! if i cant, ill probably just order some off an american site
  7. thanks, ill go to my art shop next time im in town
  8. im going to try a chalk wash ( First time) on my new Revell 1/48 Rafale M now, which chalks do i use? i know they have to be the hard chalks, but i dont know where to get them from Also, with chalk washes, when i read the tools n' tips section on it, it siad you have to get rid of the lint particles after wiping the model. How? is there no other material i can use to wipe of the Excess chalk? Thanks For a Great Site, and any help given :unsure: :D
  9. OK, ive read ALL the sections on peoples Rafales. im not new to mdelling, i just dont usually go into detail at all really, seeing as i hang my models from my ceiling. i never do panel lines, or future, or anything! just a lick of paint, and the decals, then hang them up!! SO, could someone give me a step by step guide ( or a link to one ) on how to do panel lines, and how to use ( and where to find) Future EDIT : OK, i found the Tools N' Tips bit at the top, sorry for a silly question like that Now, another question : where can i get modellers putty from?
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