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  1. A spitfire flew over my house at about 10:30! (Anyone in the UK, west Midlands area, it was in Worcestershire flying North/Northeast)
  2. GRRRR!!! I had to go on holiday, so i missed RIAT this year! It was alright though. We had a fire, so the fire fighting planes and choppers gave a brilliant display (Skycranes are alot faster than i imagined. and Mi-26s are HUGE!) Then, a couple of days later, we rented a boat, and as we were chugging along, i realised we were right under the landing path! and, a Greek C-130 came roaring over! i wished id have made RIAT, but i had a great time in RIAT.
  3. Title said it all Helping out a friend of mine
  4. OK, first of all let me say that if you've never seen this kit, get one! its a hell of alot of fun to do, and will be the first plane ive built with the gears down ( I have 11 in flight jets around). To those that have seen it: When you glue the engine fairings on When you look inside the gear well, is there supposed to be a gap between the inside wall of the fairing, and the side of the gear well? I mean, its not a challenge to fix, ill glue it, then just drip some thick white paint down there. i just wanted to know if its SUPPOSED to be there
  5. I dont mind buying the new cans for the Hasegawa.
  6. Hey again, Im sorry im asking so many questions! Im going to my model shop on monday, and if they have a revell F-15E, im going to grab it. And then i got thinking "Hey, it would be cool to have to eagles breaking formation on a plinth/ display base" So, whats the best F-15C? Ive read good things about Tamiya, but i dont like raised panel lines- even if it is only a small area
  7. 1/32 Tornado. Built it with the wheels up, so a bit of filler was needed, but its the one model where i put everything id learned from this site into practice.I hope my next model will be even better!
  8. With the Hasegawa, dont i need to Find my own weapons? Why would someone sell a military jet without missiles..........
  9. I think that the 1/48 B-1 is pretty big!
  10. Is the 1/48 Tamiya a scaled down 1/32? or is it a completely new version?
  11. Which is the best model in each scale? Its been a long time since ive been on the modelling scene (Last year! ) and i fancied starting it up again with an F-16. So, correct me if im wrong but: 1/32 : Tamiya or Academy 1/48 : Hasegawa 1/72 Revell? is that right?
  12. www.modelsforsale.com have one B-1 1/48 left. Just thought id let you know
  13. Endless waltz is an OVA in which all the Gundams were re designed. I dont have any yet, but i wanted to see pictures of everyone elses
  14. Hey guys Dont usually post in here, (im a jet man) but ive always had a thing for Gundam Wing, especially the Endless Waltz Custom suits. Anyone built these?
  15. :) :lol: No. Way. I WANT PICTURES!
  16. OOOOOOhhh!!!!, Me thinks that X-Plane needs one of those!
  17. If its a Really good Raptor with Real dimensions, and proper detail, ill buy 5. B)
  18. Sorry, yeah, i meant RAF. On a similar note, i was looking at pictures on Airliners.net and i saw that on some surfaces on the Tornado's back, they were quite reflective. Anyone explain why these panels had an almost metallic appearance to them?
  19. Black gloss on the outside doesnt matter! Decals will go down nicer, and then you put a matte coat over the top It looks like a great chopper, nice work.
  20. If you reckon its possible in 1/72, its gonna be WAAAYYY easy to do it in 1/35. If i have to mount the rotors straight on and have to loose a bit of detail, thats fine, I just love the idea of a working Pavehawk on my shelf.
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