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  1. I reckon that little 'Bubble' behind the tail rotor will be enough space to cram one in :o
  2. If i wanted to put spining rotors onto a Pavehawk, would you suggest using those tiny Pager motors? Or is there an easier way around it? )Dont suggest using a fan to blow them around :lol: ) :)
  3. Oooooh, I like the miniguns on the Pave Hawk, i might go for that one. Thanks For all the help! By the way, Your Hawks are absolutely Fabulous!
  4. I guess ill go H-60 series then. I think a Little Bird would be a tad too fragile for me!
  5. Whats the Current Blackhawk Version in use? Is it the UH-60L?
  6. OK boys, Heres the Deal : I have been thinking about helicopter modelling for a long time, and have narrowed it down to A Uh-60 variant A Little Bird (Dragon's MH-6J, if i can find one) A Merlin I like the helicopters all equally, so could someone recommend one? Thanks for looking, Thanks X2 if you help
  7. Im glad i grabbed mine earlier then! Ive seen a few at my LHS, but the always have a random collection of things, so maybe its just luck
  8. Are those 1,000 LB bombs in that kit? How many can the tornado carry? Im sure i read it was only two (if it had fuel tanks), but after browsing Youtube, ive found a video if a Tornado (with fuel tanks) dropping three LGBs, but im not sure what weight they are. can anyone clarify things?
  9. Youve done a great job on this. I dont see why people say its such a good kit though, i had to wrestle mine into submission before i could get the tail to go in. And dont even get me started on building it with the landing gear up !
  10. Nice start. i hope when i get round to it, mine looks half as good as thst!
  11. You build models in more detail than i do, and im 4 years older!! Great work!
  12. I also like it. Better than that excuse for a model i made LOL
  13. Are there 4 GBU-10s in the Weapons Set? Jay Chladek - Cheers for the advice ;)
  14. Wow, thats the exact ordnance i want when i build one! (the 4 GBU-10s)
  15. are there actually any differences between the kits, or is it just a different name for the same kit?
  16. Anyone? Im going to buy the 1/48 Revell F-15E, and i know that if i try and paint the cockpit, ill mess it up, hence the pre painted one.
  17. On the subject of Tornado Ordnance, how many LBG (included in the 1/72 Revell Tornado) can they hold under the fuselage? The kit has 2, but i have 2 from the same kit i built a long time ago, so i was wondering if 4 is possible?
  18. Just received my Squadron White in the post, and my oh my, its useful stuff! Easy to apply, easy to sand. Great stuff! If you're a beginner modeller, and the only equipment you use is glue and a sharp knife, i suggest you get this stuff. You might want to invest in some flatting paper aswell.
  19. Isnt it Marvellous! Well done! :D
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