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  1. OK, fine. ill take pictures. Before i start, ive got to finish my tornado!
  2. Any pictures of the 'rear fuselage fairing'? I might just make the kit's prototype E, and paint it Gunship Grey. Im no Eagle Expert, and neither is anyone likely to look at ti, so no one will be able to tell the difference. Plus, it doesnt matter abou the tyres, as i ALWAYS build In-flight displays.
  3. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH thats pretty! I was thinking about buying a set of Cutting Edge exhausts, is this wise? do the kit exhausts have feathers on? im sure ive seen pictures with them on. I might be willing to do (some) work to get this thing to a modern day 'E', but im not quite sure what the differences are. Anyone help me out?
  4. I dont really like the colours of the Israeli Eagles. However, i do like GUNSHIP GREY. shame it would look rediculous on a D .
  5. Cheers, i may do that. I wasnt specifically looking for an E, just a big F-15.
  6. No, it was a Revell :P Ahh well, it doesnt really bother me if its not accurate. One thing: is it well fitting?
  7. Models just dont get much better, do they! Fantastic Job!!
  8. you've made mine look crap. Im telling on you. Seriously though, wicked!
  9. I have a 1/72 Revell Eurofighter, single seater :blink:
  10. a model of myself. Just Kidding. More Ordnance is what i like, lets just go with that.
  11. Are those....... Revell points? Man, thats copying Airfix, but by gosh its a good idea
  12. TAURUS KEPD 350 DWS 39 i second the IRIS-T idea aswell
  13. Ive built the '72 EF-2000 I'd say that its pretty great, although i did not like the decals, probably because it was second hand. Other than that, i didnt encounter a problem!
  14. Do all of those weapons come in the box? anyone know where i can get the weapons that dont?
  15. But if i bought it, i know i probably ***** it up, and waste all that jazzy stuff. Ive never used resin, PE or even different decals before. I would like to build 3 Gripens, two single seat and one dual seat. For the single seats i want one with: 2 Sidewinders 4 AMRAAMS For the other -39A, i would like ( and probably will never get) 2 Sidewinders 2 Mavericks 2 TAURUS For the Double seat, id just use what comes to mind as im making it!
  16. That'll cost too much!! Im a Cheapskate!
  17. how about the JAS39B, is that the same story?
  18. So basically, i can buy whatever i want, and it will be the same. WICKED!!!! WHat about the 1/48 Gripen from Italeri? does it come with the same weapons as the 1/72?
  19. Ollie T-Y


    Which one is the best? Has anyone tried the Tamiya JAS 39A? i want to build a few Gripens, and i was wondering which would be the best kit
  20. I thought everyone knew that blu tac was for tacking things?
  21. WOW! That is so cool! Im so glad this kind of technology is being used against us!
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