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  1. Stop trying to rub off so much in one go. Start at a tip of a wing, wipe ONCE in that area, and move on. Once youve wiped the whole thing, go back over again, ONCE.Keep going over ONCE until youve got it all off This is only for alcohol wiping, and water is better.
  2. cheers, that helped alot. How are you going to mask the silver bit at the root of the wing? or are you going to fold the wings so its not visible? i think im going to have trouble masking that!
  3. That is absolutely fantastic!! i wish my models looked like that......
  4. I read that section about removable wings, but it wa written in such a way that i didnt really get it. Could you explain how to do it?
  5. Grr, thats a disappointment, im scared of raised panel lines!! Look: http://s102164210.onlinehome.us/forums/ind...showtopic=93459 Its a set called Confrontation at Mach 2, it comes with a MiG 25. Revell, 1/48
  6. I think its to protect the HUD, but i maybe wrong Maybe its to wipe the windshield on cold mornings!!??!?!?
  7. Check out the 1/48 Gripen in the Gallery, whoever did it, did it well!
  8. what is this kit like to build? What decal options are there, and what do i need to do to make it an F-15C?
  9. Is it the same as any other version of tornado's cockpit? Ive buggered mine up, and was looking for an upgrade
  10. Modelman, calm down MoFo, i loved that last suggestion!
  11. After seeing it perform at RIAT last week, i would love to have a model of one, and im wondering where i can get decals Doesnt matter what scale, as i'll get the model after the decals
  12. I went on the sunday, It was brilliant B-52 didnt fly though !!! Picked myself up a Revell Tornado ECR though!! £25 (model, not real)
  13. Finish : the effect of the paint or coat EG gloss, Matte or satin (in between gloss and matte) Enamel Thinner : it thins the paint!! you usually have to do this for airbrushing, otherwise the paint splutters out, and thats not what you want. Primer : Its a coat of special paint which helps other paints grip onto it I dont use primer, but you use it before the first coat of paint goes on Enamel thinners are mixed with the paint to go on ( Dont use Too Much!) Finish, put over the paint, at the end Hope this helps!
  14. Thanks for the Advice guys
  15. would an F-15E be able to carry 4-5 GBU 10s aswell a 2 sidewinders and two AIM 120s? i found a website with F-15E Loadouts, but never mentioned this one, so is it possible?
  16. Pingu1, you mention using Brass rods instaed of acrylic Have you ever tried using acrylic rods? where can i find some?
  17. i used to know what it was called, but now i've forgot, and its really bugging me http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/AWA1...rnado_Lu/28.jpg What is this?
  18. lol, thats wierd, because at this very moment i am in the middle of the Airfix 1/48 Jag!!
  19. Does the Flightpath detail set come with..... well, what does it come with?!?!
  20. does the ECR ever use Hindenburger tanks? does the UK even have ECRs?
  21. Does the Revell ECR kit have the GR1 kit but with some an extra part tree included? or is the body a completely different shape? Im asking because ive found the Revell GR1 in exactly zero places, but the ECR everywhere
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