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  1. I was going to buy the one that comes with the decal for the grren tail with the star on it, is that not a good one?
  2. I really want one, and i found one for a total of £15(shipping and all) so if anyone can beat that price speak up
  3. MODS/ADMIN, please delete, i made a mistake
  4. If you have, what was it like? What weapons come with it?
  5. I use Oil Pastels+Soap+water mix for my weathering, but if you try this, you will need hardly any water, and i really doesnt matter about the soap, the more you use, the better it sticks down!
  6. Did you notice the ARURORA on that B-2 box? maybe theyre gonna have a guess as to the real details on that Enigma
  7. Well, the FS colours are FS36118 FS36270 FS36375 Humbrol 125 126 127 But, theres really no pint in buying both of the last 2 colours, because they are almost the same. Go with 125 and 126
  8. What about Revells F-14a in 1:72, is there any problems with that? Ive been building Airfix's F-14a downstairs, and the mate on the front fuselage is a bugger!!! I really do not like small scale!!!
  9. ahhhh that may be the problem I belive that the black has got a tiny amount of water in it, and the white doesnt. Doh!!! I may just go and buy a whole load of new paints, i think its necessary. I was looking at my piants and i realised i only have about 15!!!!!
  10. I have 10 plane models, and not a single one has its gears down, and thats because of layness. I dont want to spend ages trying to detail the landing gear!! it takes long enought trying to apply a full wash to some kits, especially 1:32 or massive 1:48 bombers
  11. I was just mixing 2 Tamiya Acrylics (Black And white flat) to make the grey used on phoenix missles, and when i began to handbrush it, it started going all gritty and horrible, as if id just sanded and painted straight over, which btw, i hadn't. Anyone know why?
  12. Thats why im not sure about going with a hasegawa kit because although they are ( supposidely) the best tomcat, i dont like their instructions!
  13. Ollie T-Y

    F-14 1/32

    Absolutely insane cockpit mate! i know ill feel jealous when i make my Revell tomcat!
  14. BTW, anyone know what the correct grid size is for 1:72? i know some of you do, i just cant remember where that flippin' post has gone where i read it first!! GRRRRRRRR lol Good job on that Dio, looks pretty darn real One thing though, don't you think that having the grid at an angle to the actual base makes it look more real? Just My Two Cents
  15. i hate the layout of hasegawa instructions Im used to the clarity of Revell & Airfix
  16. I got a problem Which kits are the New Tool ones? what box art am i looking for
  17. LOL, personally, i hate raised Panel lines Looks like im going for a new tool Hasegawa then!!!
  18. Man, thanks soooo much!! I love the friendliness of this place
  19. WEHEY!!!!! Ive just got the Top Gun Decals (and kit) from Airfix in 1/72 for an F-14 And, i got a nice big F-14 (1:32) from Revell ITS TOMCAT MANIA!!!!! the guy says that hes put together some of the model (1/72), so im wondering what the best 1/72 F-14A model is?
  20. will i have to pay, i am in the UK, so how much do i owe you?
  21. OK, is there any other sets where i can get 2 pilots? and where can i get that set from?
  22. is there a way of getting pilots and RIOs standing without buying a plane aswell? Like i said, the Hasegawa Ground Crew?
  23. where can i get a pilot and RIO for my 1/72 F-14? its gonna be the Top Gun f-14, and i want to paint their helmets accordingly, but i want them standing outside of the plane instead of sitting inside. Does the Hasegawa ground crew set come with standing pilots?
  24. I think im not going to buy extra decals, because i dont actually mind which set is on, i just want an F-14!
  25. Cheers mate Its the 1/32 scale, and i like the look of that middle one
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