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  1. MRP colours are compatible with Mr Levelling Thinner if thinning is required… but they spray perfectly straight from the bottle through my 0.2mm brush at c12psi.
  2. I’m looking for a clear image (and possible source in 1:48) for the original design wheels fitted to Block 40/42 airframes BEFORE they were replaced by the design current in use… can anyone help ? TIA
  3. Thanks for the replies. Loadout confirmed… and that video is gold ! Can I also see the ‘mount/pylon’ for the LANTIRD targeting pod on STA 5R ? Is that the ‘long’ version of the AN/ALQ-119 pod shown in the Bullseye profile ? And the airframe was painted in the 3-time gray scheme, with lower leading edge of the vertical tail in the Gunship Gray ?
  4. I’m in the final stages of building this airframe using the newish Kinetic F-16D ‘gold’ kit (not the filler-free wonder-kit I was lead to believe it is). Was the question re targeting/Nav pods ever sorted ? Was 90-0778 carrying both/one/no LANTIRN pods during that mission ? Also, was it fitted with pylons in stations 3 & 7 ? And lastly, was a kill marking ever applied whilst it still carried the 19th TFS tail-stripe ? TIA
  5. I bought the OzMods gear bay / intake set but decided not to use it. I think Reskit intend bring one out at some point.
  6. Is this a replacement for your previous TP2 intake… or a complimentary infant t ducting and fan ?
  7. ResKit produce 3D decals under the Kelik brand that are every bit as detailed as the Quinta sets produced in Russia. Their delivery, direct from Ukraine, is reliable and cost-effective.
  8. There are many errors with the HB F-111 wings… incorrect wingtip shape, flap spans, flap & slat actuator positions… and more. A complete accurate wing is really needed.
  9. Keep an eye out for Kelik’s 3D ‘decals’ too. They are produced my Reskit - which used to collaborate with Quinta before the current conflict started. The Kelik range is not yet as wide as Quinta, but it is growing rapidly. Their sets are at least as good as Quinta’s versions and appear to use the same technology - available direct from the Reskit website.
  10. I think this is the best approach to a project like this. Creating the smaller parts is an enjoyable task - but made easier if the larger components are available as a basis to start with.
  11. Are you planning to make any of these 3D printed parts available to others ? 🙏🏼
  12. I highly recommend the Reskit pod.
  13. How about a SYERS nose for the U-2S ? Never before available in 1:48 !
  14. The small gaps either side of the ZM spine were easily filled on my J build with a smear of PPPutty… just project the adjacent robot detail with a little tape. K
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