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  1. I am also getting this error. I'd be interested in the Hasegawa F-22. Hope I'm not too late.
  2. Looking good... A few observations if I may. Mostly to do with building early airframes from this kit. On the forward fuselage, the L-Shaped Pressure relief panel on the right side should be flipped 180 degrees on earlier airframes. The inboard LEF fingers a should only have two fingers on earlier airframes, and the small bulges on the wing roots are also absent on early airframes (to be fair, Tamiya has you sand those off). It would also be nice if the GPS antenna was a separate part, since that would be missing on early (Non-MLU) airframes as well (Could sand this one off too I g
  3. Thanks, My photography skills could use some improvement. I did find it tricky to photograph. I may try some different backdrops and camera settings and post more photos.
  4. Thanks for the welcome All! I have posted all the photos in The Display Case. It was a fun challenge.
  5. Here are some pictures of my completed YF-16 2nd prototype. Most of the kit is a kit-bash of the Otaki and Hasegawa kits, with a spare Tamiya canopy, Aires Exhaust, various resin and photo etch bits in the cockpit, Master pitot, Rez Kit wheels, and the wonderful Caracal Decals. Main Colors are MRP Air Superiority Blue, and Splash Paints Wimbledon White. Comments and Critiques welcome!
  6. Hi All, I am new here and just saying hello. I'll try to post some pictures of my previous projects soon! A tease of the first one is posted here (assuming I uploaded it correctly!).
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