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  1. I actually did buy the kit for those pylons. I know, crazy right? F15s are one of my favorite planes and kits. I have many. My ECM pod out of my Academy kit just doesnt have the decals. It may or may not be more accurate than the resin part but am not sure. It will be here next week. I use the weapons from these kits on other kits, especially the Academy kits which come with all the modern weapons
  2. My academy F15I kit had the pod and adapter, just no decals. It uses one of the braces for the AIM 7 or AMRAAM 120. Also ordered a resin pod kit to, that has the decals
  3. Which of these 2 kits would make a better Israeli F15D, Hasegawa F15D/E or the Eduard F15D/E (old Academy kit) ? Keep in mind the Eduard kit has allthe photo etch parts plus PE parts to make the Israeli cockpit, resin wheels and afterburner cans and ejection seats. I am using some armaments from my Academy F15I like Python 4s and some AMRAAMS, missile rails and the ELTA 8222 ECM pod. Ordered the resin ecm pod to, that has the decals for it Thanks Jeff
  4. The pylon is the one the ELTA 8222 ECM pod is attached to in pic
  5. Ok, just bought an hasegawa F-15E kit off ebay. The kit is the one with the european lizard camo and an option to do a D model also. We will see if the pylons match the pictures in this thread
  6. Ok, but I am just wondering if the weapon pylons are the same as in the pictures. The tips of the front pylon are angled backwards, to where all the other weapon pylons that go on CFTs are angled forwards. Thanks for the tip on the old hasegawa kits Jeff
  7. Looking at the weapons pylons on the CFT's, where could one acquire those? The Eduard Kit that I have (Academy kit) does not have them in there. Possibly aftermarket? Not really sure where to look. I'll check out Isradecal but could use some suggestions Thanks Jeff
  8. Is there a digital pod required to use the AGM 142 popeye missile? One of the weapons I am considering for my Isreali F-15D project in the future Jeff
  9. For the F-15s carrying JDAMS, Im assuming they already have the targets in mind before the mission starts? Our AN/AAQ 28 Litening pod can designate GPS coordinates for the JDAMs or can also be pre programmed before hand. Do you think the F-15C,Ds in Israeli service would ever carry a targeting pod, or is that strictly for the F-15Is? Don't the Israeli's have something to do with the manufacturing of our targeting pods other than our Sniper pods? Jeff
  10. Just ordered one online. Thanks again Jeff
  11. Thank you for the pics. I think that pod on the left CFT front station is some sort of ECM pod but am not 100% on that. Do you think they are still using the AIM 9M's as well? Jeff
  12. When do you think this pic was taken? Is the Mod Eagle scheme the same one our F-15s are painted? Im looking at the F-15D in the picture. Im seeing AIM 7 Sparrow missiles, AGM 142 on the wing pylon, I assume and some sort of targeting pod on the station below the CFT. I thought the Israeli's used the AMRAAM 120's. That dome behind the rear pilot, is that some sort of communications dome? Great pic Thanks Jeff
  13. Are all Israeli F-15Ds using the Light ghost grey base color with the dark ghost grey colors schemes? Was thinking about doing a solid darker grey. Maybe even dark ghost grey with no other accents. Guess I'll use modelers prerogative and do something a little different but still looks like it was supposed to be that way Any pics or thoughts would be appreciated Jeff
  14. Where would one get that R2D2 dome to add to a kit?
  15. Here's another ? Do the Isreali F-15D, I and what other variants they use , use the GPS domes like our F-15s do? Thanks Jeff
  16. Just the Saudi's and south koreans then
  17. So those are PW engines then? Maybe older versions?
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