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  1. The F-15I look like they have the GE engines. Not the same nozzles as the rest of their F-15Ds. Looks like the turkey feather, to where the PW engines have the actuating mechanisms and rods that open the and close the engine nozzles. I don't know, maybe I am wrong and they are all PW engines
  2. saw a video of some Israeli F-15s flying in the UK. Looks like they all had the PW engines. Do you know what an average AA loadout would've been for the 90s or later era? I guess they were armed with Sparrows and Sidewinders in the 80s and some Pythons thrown in there to. Maybe Python 3s in the 80s and Python 4 in the 90s but not sure
  3. I was kind of curious when the Israelis made the change to the GE engines over the Pratt and Whitney engines? I plan on doing a F-15D from like the 90s or around that time frame. I bought the Eduard kit that has the Israeli decals and instructions. Have some GE engine nozzles and afterburner tubes from my other Academy kits. The instructions for the Israeli F-15D shows the PW engine nozzles. Was also planning on using some Python 4s and AMRAAM 120Bs. Would that be an appropriate weapon load for air to air? Thanks for any info Jeff
  4. I would love an extra set. Let me know if you need any $ for them. I dont have paypal though, so will have to figure something out. Need tail # 82 0046. Sent Habu2 a message also, but hasnt gotten back to me yet.
  5. sent you a PM. Let me know if you got it Thanks again Jeff
  6. How much $ would you want for the 82-0046? Found some of that exact sheet but missing that tail # Let me know Thanks Jeff
  7. I just checked my stash, the only one I have is from my old Academy F-15C MSIP II, that is only for the C model. Guess I'll have to do some more digging in my stash and online
  8. Do you have them in case i cant find the one I think I have in my stash? Jeff
  9. I actually think i may have one in my stash actually looking at the samples given. Either way, I will let you know
  10. I guess I shouldve been more specific. Im looking for F-15D decals from the Oregon ANG Jeff
  11. Trying to get all my goodies together for this build. Does caracal make these decals? Thanks Jeff
  12. Seeings how the MM series of paints is discontinued, I have been slowly transitioning to Tamiya spray paints and bottle paints. Can't seem to find a Navy aggressor grey in the Taniya line. It will be for F-15C and F-15D with the darker blue/grey on top of it. Any ideas? Thanks Jeff
  13. I can find lots of front cockpit photos, but nothing for the rear. I bought another Academy F-15E in 1/48 scale. Bought it mainly for weapons and decals. I have left over weapons from other F-15 kits also. I was told the Academy kit doesnt truly represent the true shape of an F-15e, but was told it will make a good F-15D model. I also bought the eduard kit with all resin and PE parts but might make that an Isreali F-15D.
  14. Was looking to get up to date photos of what current F-15D cockpit layout looks like, front and rear. Did a little bit of searching last night but not so good of luck. Any photos would be appreciated Jeff
  15. Was actually going to do the D. Like all the photo etch and resin parts. May turn it into a USAF D model or Isreali D, not sure yet. Who makes a good set of USAF D decals?
  16. Does Eduard do their own manufacturing? Looking at an F-15D/E kit on ebay. Looks pretty good. Almost looks like Hasegawa kit Thanks Jeff
  17. I had asked a simular question about the infrared seeker heads on the AGM 65 Maverick missiles. One guy mentioned mixing Tamiya clear orange and Tamiya clear blue together made like this greenish brownish color. I supposed you could play with the ratios and decide for yourself. Looks pretty close Jeff
  18. Then it might make a pretty D model then. I didn't know about the engine humps. Thought they were all the same
  19. What is everyone's opinion on the Academy F-15E in 1/48? I have built 1 already but I think the kit might make a good representation of a F-15D. Has all the cockpit instrument panels, not sure about the side consoles though? Has all the modern weapons. Just a thought
  20. I have some left over sprues from some Academy kits that I can use all the proper missile rails, blade attenas and such. Where would one look for some pictures of modern F-15C MSIP II? Need to locate all the antennas and such. Will have to make a GPS dome from scratch I guess. Thanks Jeff
  21. Also have some sprues left over from another Hasegawa F-18F I bought for a parts kit. They have the control sticks I need for the left and right consoles for the rear cockpit
  22. Sure looks like it from the videos i have been watching of marine corp F18C and D Hornets. May have to forego the pilot figures. The resin seats have a lot of cool details
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