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  1. I would also assume that the ejection seats that come in the kit are not the correct ones either? I have the Wolfpack Designs update kit for this particular model kit with all the corrected parts along with the ejection seats. I was hoping to use pilot figures in this kit but with the resin seats, will have to file and sand off all the seat belts
  2. Thank you for the info. Didnt know about control stick on the right side
  3. So from the photos i have seen, doesnt look like the F18D has a control column , just the one on the left side console. Could someone confirm this for me? Thanks
  4. I am worling on said model. Using the Eduard zoom color photo etch for the cockpit. Instructions say for the rear cockpit, to cit the control portion of the control stick and place on the left console. I am assuming for weapons control and controllong FLIR pod. The pilot or weapon systrm officer in back seat can not fly thr aircraft or is that control stick on left side console capable of flying aircraft? Thanks Jeff
  5. Understand completely. I have a bunch of sprues from the academy kits with all the proper attennas and such to do a modern F15C. Just going to have to do research via images of modern F15 to make sure i get all the attennas in place correctly. Should get my hasegawa kit next week. Bought off ebay
  6. Ended up buying on ebay a Hasegawa kit with the alaskan markings in 1/48/ I see Wolfpack designs sells a update kit to bring it to MSIP II standards. Their kit # is 48015 . Sprue brothers doesnt have it. I may email them and ask if they can order it. Any other options? I know the Hasegawa kit is an older kit but maybe a bit better than the Tamiya but not sure. Not sure about the GWH F-15C. I try not to buy anything from China if I can help it. I know its hard pressed not to buy anything that isn't made in China. That would be a last resort for me thanks Jeff
  7. I know this is kind of an older model, but can it be updated to the MSIP II standards? Didn't really see any update kits for it on Sprue Brothers. Have some parts off an old Academy kit like missile rails and such and a bunch of missiles including AMRAAM 120Cs and AIM 9Xs and Ms. Any input would be appreciated Thanks Jeff
  8. What kind of a fuse would a Marine Corp F-18D on a MK 84 GP bomb? I bought a Flying leathernecks MK 84 bomb set and not sure which fuse to use. I have a M904 fuse, ogive nose plug or a MXU-735 solid nose plug to choose from. Do any modern day aircraft still use GP bombs with out any guidance like GPS or laser? Thanks Jeff
  9. Is there a specific brand of super glue to use for gluing resin parts to plastic model parts? I would think slow to medium setting but not sure. I would like a little bit of wiggle room before it sets to make sure it is in the right spot Thanks Jeff
  10. Where do i gdt D AMRAAMs at? Sprue brothers have them ?
  11. Am building both models right now. Thought I had my mind made up on what armament I was going to use. Now, just a little unsure. F-18E was going to use JSOW 154C BlockII and maybe a GBU31V1 (bunker buster) and F-18D was going to use GBU 32 for all the weapons stations. Going to use Litening pods for both. I know the Navy is still testing them but Marine Corp is using them. Now I'm thinking GBU 38s with the DSU 33 fuses on all them on F-18E, still want to use the GBU 32s on the F-18D with the same fuses as the GBU 38s. As far as AAM missiles, AIM 9X on wingtips and AMRAAM 120Cs on the cheek sta
  12. They look almost plastic. Thanks for the info Jeff
  13. what kind of nose plugs are those? Only ever notice them on Navy and Marine Corp aircraft? Just like a general purpose cap? They don't use the hardened steel cones any more?
  14. Thanks. Wasnt sure if that pylon was a smart weapon capable pylon. Answered my ? Jeff
  15. Is the GBU 38 capable of being put on the outermost pylon on a F-18E super hornet? Not the wingtip pylons. Not sure if that pylon is smart weapon capable. I know a GBU 12 can be put there, not sure about a GBU 38 though Thanks Jeff
  16. They are in the testing process. They might even be active. Article said testing was done in 2022. Modelers perogative, Im going to use one on the center line, 2 AMRAAM 120 on cheek stations, fuel tanks on inboard pylons, JSOW 154 C1 on middle pylons and maybe a couple GBU 38 on outboard pylons. Not sure if it is a loafout they wouldve carried but it will look good
  17. Was curious if the F-18E Super Hornet capable of using the AN/AAQ 28 Litening pod? I know the Marine Corp uses them, at least on the Legacy Hornets, not sure of the Super Hornets though. Will be built as a Navy aircraft from VA 25 Fists of the Fleet. I would think pod would be an upgrade from the one they currently use but not sure Thanks Jeff
  18. Thanks. I am leaning towards that way
  19. Could you overlay the resin part where it needs to go and scribe it and then carefully cut, sand and file until it fits?
  20. Totally willing to try it, just dont want to screw it up in the process. Just would lile to have an edge going into it Jeff
  21. Thanks Don, appreciate it. Going to do the Hasegawa kit first. Will look into the 1/32 scale kit this weekend on what you were talking about Thanks Jeff
  22. They are for the hasegawa kit. I just have never done something like that. Jeff
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