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  1. Is it pretty tough to put these in said model kit? The decals I have show these vents but I know the model comes with the early vents molded in. Any videos on this or hints or tricks anyone can share? Whatnexactly are ECS vents and their function out of curiousity? Thanks Jeff
  2. These are the late style ECS vents. Said kit uses early style vents. Decals i want to use show these vents. Any tips would be appreciated Thanks Jeff
  3. how hard would it be to put these in the a hasegawa f-18 e kit?
  4. I have the 1/32 scale version of the same jet from Revell. Wonder if i will run into the same issues as the 1/48 version
  5. I have to say, this kit, in my opinion, has to be one of the worst kits I have tried to fit up. I have never had to use as much putty as I did on this one. Maybe it's me and my modeling skills need to be improved. I have been building models since I was a little kid, now 53. Was very disapointed with how it went together and how everything lined up. Ended up buying the Hasegawa kit. I built a Hasegawa F-18F with zero issues in fitup and hardly any putty was used. Sorry, just venting Jeff
  6. just the squadron insignia like on the tail?
  7. Hey dave, speaking of hasegawa, how is the resin update kit coming for the Hasegawa F-18D Hornet in 1/48 scale with all the proper antenna and such ? You had mentioned thatn something was in the works and release date was sometime in June. Any update? Thanks Jeff
  8. Do you know if this company makes any upgrade kits for the 1/48 scale Hasegawa F-18D Night Attack Hornet? Thanks Jeff
  9. Are the 184's in the kits the deep versions of the 184?
  10. The Tamiya 1/48 scale F-16 kits come with the AN/ALQ-184 ECM pods. What about the AN/ALQ-131 pods? What are the main differences between those pods? I would imagine over the years, all the ECM pods have been upgraded to the latest standards to cover all the diofferent ECM enviroments. I would like to know more specifics about the pods and their capabilities. Any ideas where one could look? Was thinking about doing another F-16C block 30 from the Texas ANG with the AN/ALQ-131 just for a different look Thanks Jeff
  11. Think i will use use 2 AGM 154 JSOWs. Looked like a good loadout. Only 1000lbs each
  12. Anyone have any pics of this topic? Jeff
  13. So would a gbu 31 and 2 gbu 12s on the other side be a feasible load? Are the US airforce aircraft cleared to carry gbu 32s (1000lb) JDAMs? I was always under tge assumption that 1000lb bombs were strictly for us navy and marine Corp aircraft. Maybe I am wrong.
  14. I was thinking of weight differences. Like a 2000lb gbu 31 on one side and two 500lb gbu 12s on the other. 1000lb weight difference, well maybe not with the TER. Not sure how much that weighs. Didn't k ow if the weight differences would effect how the aircraft handles or flies.
  15. Can the F-16 be loaded with unequal weight weapons loads? Meaning like a GBU 31 JDAM on one side and a GBU 12s on the other. What other unequal load configurations are there that are a feaseable weapon load out for CAS role? Thanks Jeff
  16. Can that be done on a F-16? Was thinking about where the sidewinder usually goes but 2 instead of 1. Feasable? Thanks Jeff
  17. Can the F-16 carry a dual rail missile set up for AIM 9M or X?
  18. What would be the correct lens colors for this targeting pod? I have seen and have a couple that are painted gloss black for the big lens and I paint silver on the back side and paint Tamiya clear blue on the smaller one. This is what the Hasegawa weapons kit E says any ways. Not sure if it is correct though Thanks Jeff
  19. I know Dave was in the midst of moving, tried emailing him a couple of times about my order I placed a while back. Even tried calling him but voicemail is not setup. Is he OK? Jeff
  20. Here's another ? Why don't the F-16s use BRU 57 smart weapons platform to release GBU12's? I always see that they are on a TER, why not the BRU 57? GBU is a smart weapon, is it not? Just curious Jeff
  21. Are there major differences between these blocks when it comes to cockpit layout. Starting a Tamiya F-16C block25/32 and turning it into a block 42 with the WAR HUD, of the Ohio ANG using some custom decals. Using a Babibi 3D printed cockpit panels for the block 25/30 Thanks Jeff
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