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  1. I know that the F-16 using the BRU 57 can drop GBU 38s, but can that same BRU 57 hold CBU 105 WCMD's? It is a smart cluster bomb from what I can gather. Also, can a block 40 F-16C carry the AN/ASAQ-213 HARM targeting pod or is that just for the block 50 series? Thanks Jeff
  2. I have seen videos from being shot from a 2 or 4 shot tube on top of armored vehicles and also aircraft in AA and AG mode. Was just trying to figure out if it was a feasible to be used on F16s or other aircraft in the AG mode that has maybe been used in combat. Watched some videos on YouTube on the actual rocket itself. Pretty interesting. Doesn't lock onto the laser until after it is launched. Folding wings pop out that have laser seekers on them that seek out the laser signature after launch. Different warheads and 2 other versions of the rocket to. Bought some 7 shot rocket tubes that are m
  3. Air to ground from aircraft like Apaches, A10s, F16s..... or ground to ground? Saw videos of both just want to know which is a more accurate depiction, air to ground or ground to ground for this weapon
  4. Saw some decals on Sprue brothers for block 40 and 50 F-16C's. A couple versions showed weapon configurations using the APKWS (advanced precision kill system) Essentially a 2.75" HYDRA rocket with a laser guidance kit attached between the rocket body and warhead. Does anyone know if they were used against light ground targets or just drones and cruise missiles?Looked they were loaded on a TER with 1 or 2 7 shot rocket pods and GBU 38's on the other wing. Looked like a pretty cool set up Jeff
  5. Saw that video. Pretty good Thanks
  6. Is there a chance you guys will make decals for the 1/32 scale Academy F16CG/CJ in the Have Glass scheme? That would be block 40 and 50. That is the dark grey version.
  7. Thanks. Think I'm going to order some extra parts from Tamiya. Going to make the F16CN into a block 42. No bird slicers in that kit, also have to get some armaments from Tamiya to. I know there is aftermarket available to. Maybe some other sprue to. Also bought some Caracal decals for the Have Glass scheme, the dark grey version
  8. Do you know if the block 42 jets have the bird slicers in front of the windscreen?
  9. Thanks for all of the info. I ended up buying the Tamiya Block 50 today. So now I have all 3 Tamiya kits coming.
  10. I wonder if the F16C/N Tamiya kit I bought has the WAR HUD. It also represents a block 42. We will see I guess.
  11. That was only on the block 40, right?
  12. Didn't the 40 take a special HUD to?
  13. Ok, I also picked up the Tamiya F16C/N in 1/48. In that kit, you can build a block 30, 32, N version and a block 42. I assume you can build a block 40 with that kit. Is there any other external differences between block 42 and block 40 other than engines, like attenas and sensors and such? Maybe the F16CJ block 50 model, you can build the block 40, not sure though.
  14. This is the other 3D printed cockpit
  15. This is the other 3D printed cockpitBBBB3D0008 1:48 Babibi Model 3D Cockpit Detail Set - F-16C Block 25-30 Falcon (TAM kit)
  16. I ended up ordering the Tamiya kit this morning. That is why I am asking about the cockpit detail kit mentioned. I ordered that to along with some decals a member on here suggested. They had another 3D cockpit detail kit for the block 25, but it didn't have the seat cushions or the seat belts. I really like the 3D stuff better than the photo etched parts, even though they have come a long way also. Thank you again for all the info Jeff
  17. https://spruebrothers.com/resk48035k-1-48-reskit-kelik-3d-detail-set-f-16c-f-16n-falcon-tam-kit/ Do you guys think this cockpit detail kit will cover the block 25 version? if not, which one would you guys recomend?
  18. Ok. Thanks for the info. Might go that route
  19. maybe I should just get the Tamiya block 25/32 kit. Mightjust be the better kit. Can't seem to find the Hasagawa kit for that block. I would imagine it has all the correct pylons. Still want to make it a Desert Storm aircraft.
  20. Where would I get the aftermarket pylons? Thanks Jeff
  21. Thank you for all the good info
  22. Lots of info there. Thanks Jeff
  23. You are correct. The kit does have 2 tail bases. One is very plain and the other has some more details on it. I assume that is the one for the C model? Were the block 25s used in Desert Storm?
  24. Recently picked up this model. It is the kit with the red and white horizontal stripes on the vertical tail. Seems no one makes after market goodies for this kit. Was hoping to get a cockpit kit of some sort. Is it equivalent to other model kits like Kinetic or another kit? Not even what block# it is. I am thinking 25 or 30 but not sure. Looks like it has a smaller intake to. Have a bunch of aftermarket decals for planes from the late 80s and such, so just an aftermarket cockpit would be nice. Any suggestions? Thanks Jeff
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