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  1. Can't wait for the Flying Leatherneck kit to come out
  2. That is good to know Dave. Can you send me an email with a purchase link when you get it done? I'll send you a message with my email and phone # Thanks Jeff Myhre
  3. Went to their site but doesn'y seem to be any link to purchase it. I'll look again Jeff
  4. Cant seem to find anyone that has this kit in stock. Called and left a message with victory models in florida, we will see
  5. Is MAW a parts mfg to? I know they make decals, in fact, just ordered some from sprue Brothers for my D model. Is there a link to their site?
  6. Found some from Flying Leathernecks Thanks Jeff
  7. Thanks. Have the slanted attennad from my hasagawa 1/48 super hornet kit that I bought for spare parts. Long story on that. Might have to look for the dual chaff buckets though. On some models, they have 5 sensors of some sort in between the front windshield and the 20mm cannon. Do you know what kind of sensors those are? Jeff
  8. Have said model, but don't think it is the most current F/A-18D Hornet that the Marine Corp used. What I mean, I don't think it has all the current attenna arrays that latest version of the F/A-18D has including all the humps and bumps. The UHF attenna on the dorsal spine is not the same that I have seen in videos and pics of the Marine Corp Hornet, at least the last version of the D model. I'm sure they are all probably using super hornets by now but am not sure. I have an extra parts kit I bought for the Hasagawa F-18F super hornet. Looks like that attenna is the right one to go on there (do
  9. I just got my Phase hangar resin sidewinder missile pylon set and I also got the Eduard/Brassin AN?ALQ 87 jamming pod. I see that there are a couple different configuarations for the jamming pod. One has blades up front, I'm assuming to spin to generate power, one has a flat nose and is just a plain nose and also different antenna configurations. Looking for something that was used in the late 60's. Anyone have any pics they would like to share? All this is for the F-105D Thanks Jeff
  10. What are the major differences between the B and the E?
  11. Did they ever use the AIM 9E or was it always the AIM 9B?. I Like the lookout the E's better
  12. Where would one get the dual rail mount? That looks pretty cool
  13. Did they carry AMRAAM's also, or were those not available to the Isreali's back then?
  14. Were they all single loaded on a pylon or 2 missiles on a dual rail pylon? Thanks for the pic
  15. what version of the Shafir (spelling?) heat seeking missile would this aircraft have carried in the early 90's? I was thinking they might've used AIM 9 sidewinders but am not sure Jeff
  16. Did F-105D's ever carry AIM 9 sidewinders for self defense in combination with jamming pods while on bombing runs? Jeff
  17. What if I se a lacquer gloss coat? Would that activate the enamel paint under the gloss c oat?
  18. Raptor.777


    I recently bought some Tamiya accent line color. Never really have done any wash on my parts before. I always have just made my models look like new aircraft. I use enamel paints. So what is the best way to use this stuff? Do I have to gloss coat everything first, then wash it or just use gloss paints? Heard it has to have a gloss finish to work. Thanks for any input or advice Jeff
  19. What is everyones method of dusting off model first before the clear coat? I always seem to get a few dust particles and or cat hair sometimes to. It's like the model has a positive charge to it and attracts dust everytime before I clear coat. I usually use a large soft bristle paint brush to dust model off. Was thinking about trying some C02 in a can, like you use for your computer keyboard and such. Any tips would be appreciated Jeff
  20. Raptor.777


    Can this aircraft do other missions other than SEAD with HARM missiles? Was thinking in the future to do my 1/32 scale academy F-16CJ block 50 with some CBU-105's with the BRU 57's holding 2 each of said CBU Jeff
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