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  1. Hello all again and Happy New Year.....It's been a while since the last time...I've so busy with work and life....finally have sometime back into this now....and hope I'll able to finish this EC-47..... I've got to get over this hurdle of the scratchbuid nose so I can move on and here are the process of dodgy home "vacuum" forming (with the absent of the suction....;) The first half is done... Trimmed and dry-test....not too bad but it will do the job with some adjustments.... The second half is done....this one is a bit better.... Trimmed and supports for strengthen and try to "p
  2. Thanks Bravosierra and you should....hope you'll find it excited as much as I do....;)/>
  3. It's time to get back to my CH-47A....and before I do some detailing of the cockpit hull interior, I need to clear my mind...now I can do it without thinking of what, where....:)
  4. Hi all, Weekend comes around meaning I'll have sometime to get some more modeling done.... Here are the nosed halves almost done..... Cheers FT
  5. Hey thanks C7A and yes...it's a lot of work to include the cockpit but....once I've got the nose in placed and before I vac-formed it I'll make a silicon molds of the 2 halves of the front section just after the cockpit window so I can make the resin copies for the clear vac-form.... Cheers FT
  6. Wow thanks Hajo for the EC-47 links, they're great refs but I'll save this for another EC-47 build, perhaps a 1/48 for myself...:)/> As for this one, I am building for a friend and mainly concentrate on the exteriors...all the doors are to be closed...no body's gonna see anything inside....so no need for all the computer stations etc. :)/> Thanks again... :thumbsup:/> Regards Flying TIger
  7. Thanks RKic....still got a long way to go....but I can use it to make resin parts too...;)
  8. Thanks guys for interested in my RC-47D build and finally I have started this weekend....been so busy with work and also been trying to get a block of stock material to make the new nose...I decided to get an Italeri 1/72 Dakota Mk.3 kit for this project because it doesn't have raised rivets like the MPC kit for ease of sanding and rescribe panel lines rather than reproduce the rivets.... Here are the 2 halves block shaped in the side view profile...This material has a weird name and I can't never remember how to spell it, it's a stock material for pattern making and CNC dummy cutting, it's k
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