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  1. I’ve built a couple of the Meng F-35s and they are solid kits and turned out quite nice. With that being said, what really excites me about the new Tamiya F-35 is the wings are molded into the top and bottom halves. On the Meng kit, you add the wings after joining the top and bottom halves and there is an annoying seam to deal with. The top seam isn’t bad to deal with but the bottom seam is right up next to some raised detail and is not fun trying to eliminate. There is also a seam to deal with on the vertical stabilizer on the meng kit. I do not see this with the Tam
  2. X-Plane Fan, thank you for the information on the LASRE program. It was one of those programs I remember seeing when I was younger and thought looked cool but didn’t really know what they were testing. Your photos had me go back just now and look at Bam-Models conversion kit and sure enough those pitot tubes and instrument fairings are included. I’ll have to go back and attach them. 🤦‍♂️ I’ll try and scratch build the GPS antenna with some plasticard. Should be easy enough.
  3. Hi, This is my first post so if I mess this up please forgive me. I recently completed Revell’s 1/48 SR-71 kit with BAM-Models LASRE conversion set. I sent a few pictures of my completed model to Arnaud at BAM-Models and he encouraged me to post my work here. At any rate, here is my Revell SR-71. I know it is not 100% accurate but I am happy with it. I used Caracal decals, BAM-Models crew, LASRE conversion and exhaust nozzles. I got my inspiration of building the SR-71 in-flight from Sean over at PrimedModelWorks.
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