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  1. F-35 news roundup

    Correction, Trudeau hasn't been a trustworthy partner in the F-35 program. The Canadian government had been (Conservatives and the previous Liberal governments). Don't put Trudeau and Canada in the same sentence.
  2. Lack of response from Tamiya.

    I’d suspect a December issue would be later in arriving since Xmas shipping slows a lot of shipments. I know it has been pointed out, Tamiya has nothing to do with the magazine.
  3. Another New Line of Paints

    Ordering direct from MRP is the cheapest option for me for shipments to Canada. Is it cheaper for US buyers through a US vendor?
  4. Another New Line of Paints

    Joel, I don’t think many people understand your frustration. With our Hobby shrinking it is great to see growth in our hobby products.
  5. F4U Birdcage Corsair Video

    Cool video.
  6. Australian F-18 Hornets

    Please don’t, make Canadian’s an F-35 decal sheet.
  7. Patrouille de France 2017 livery

    They flew in Canada too, with our Snowbirds too.
  8. Another New Line of Paints

    Competition is good, monopolies suck. Keep the cost down and they each compete for accuracy. It’s a good thing. If we only had one choice we be dependent on that one line.
  9. Nah, pretty sure it was a Navy guy. Airforce guy would have drawn boobies.
  10. You guys both live in Ottawa, drive red Mustangs, have the same passion for the same hobby, yet it doesn’t sound like you know each other. You guys should get together, go to the Keg, have dinner, and tip a few beers. Pick up Steve Sauve on the way, I bet both of you know him (as do I). :)
  11. I did a course at Bell Helicopters in Fort Worth, it was winter in Texas. We stayed in condos in Arlington. We had to get the pool filled for us Canadians who were baking to death.
  12. I’ve actually been to hell. That doesn’t look like it at all. It’s in Jamaica. What you posted is a warm day in Canada.
  13. I have too, the unfortunate thing about this one is people kept buying when it was obvious it was fake. Even though the two accounts are suspended I wouldn't be surprised if a few people didn't file a claim. This buyer also made off with money that eBay/PayPal couldn't recover. So in reality we all pay in the long run. Payouts result in higher costs for users.
  14. Both of the sellers have shut down, there were two sellers with mirror image auctions. They also have a flood of negatives. All their products were scams. A lot of USB cables were shipped.