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  1. I did courses and training in military procurement at Royal Military College. You always purchase equipment for tomorrow’s wars, not today’s. You plan for the strongest possible adversary, not your current enemies. Therefore the F-35 is viable and so are newer technologies in development. But so much for that thinking if politicians do the purchasing.
  2. Stashes are normal, the people with them are not. 😀 I’m one of them, I think I have 150 kits unbuilt. I’m trying to get that down to about 50.
  3. Only a few from one of them. Despite helping with the estate I didn’t buy much plastic. The second guy really screwed things up, he donated all his kits to the Cold Lake Air Museum. He stipulated in his will they could not be sold, that they had to be built for the museum displays. Very few have been built, I don’t know where they are now (last I heard in storage). The museum really could have used the kits as a cash infusion.
  4. I’m not at all excited about Midway after seeing those trailers. They would have been better off not releasing any trailers. At least that way they would have tricked me into going.
  5. I knew two guys who each passed away with over 10,000 kits in their homes. Both were single and neither had a completed kit.
  6. 1/48 P-38 F/G decals, the market is slim for current decals. I know WWII isn’t normally your realm but it would be nice to see.
  7. And you are correct, they are on the box top and in the kit. https://www.tamiyausa.com/blog/tamiya-61120-148-lockheed-p-38-fg-lightning/?fbclid=IwAR3sf3KfO9lm4iiFgsArIc4RmJF3_JKuV8Im4YBoSga4-c9zlEyTLFNijJ0
  8. My mistake, I recall we were always told we adopted it from Australia. I now see New Zealand introduced it in 1986 and they are who we modeled it after.
  9. I corrected my post after reading up on P-38s. Based on the engine panels I think that the kit will be a F/G/H. Prior to my edit I said E/F/H, which was wrong.
  10. GST in Canada stands for Government Screwing Taxpayers. Thank you Australia for giving this to us. It was supposed to be a temporary tax to pay down the deficit. Now it is permanent.
  11. It’s no longer a secret. The CAD image isn’t in this post, it is the nose cone. People have matched up the images in this link with P-38 drawings. It is definitely a 1/48 P-38 F/G/H and will be announced July 25.
  12. What a timely thread. But then again the CAD drawing leaked a few months ago so it wasn’t totally a surprise.
  13. There was the leaked picture from the Tamiya factory with what looked like a P-38 nose on a CAD drawing.
  14. It was in the works when Rick was still with us, his enthusiasm was likely the driving force.
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