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  1. Good to hear, I just ordered their new CH-135 Twin Huey set.
  2. Are they Peddington decals, or are they higher quality? Thanks!
  3. Here in Canada our stores never fully closed. They were allowed to continue curb side business and mail order and both boomed. And because of this the hobby business boomed. I know one of my shops I frequent opened an additional store in another city. The other shop said in puzzles alone he was shipping 100 pounds a day. A lot of people who hadn’t built a model in years were ordering kits to build. This second shop had to add another row for models. Eventually he ran out of puzzles though and started to get low on kits.
  4. Suppliers and local shops in Canada have boomed during Covid, I also feel I have been hit with a crazy number of new releases I can’t turn down.
  5. I still haven’t heard back in regards to the missing bottle of paint from my last order.
  6. I used to hear back from him immediately, not this year. I’ve emailed him several times, I have not heard back once.
  7. Scooby

    CP-107 Argus

    The conversion set is complete and has shipped to Hannants.
  8. Arma Hobby is releasing a 1/48 Hurricane and if it is anything like their 1/72 kit it will be the best Hurricane on the market.
  9. I should add to my above post, I ordered an order of Mr. Paint from him, I was shorted one bottle. I did send him a message and never heard back from him.
  10. Scooby

    CP-107 Argus

    Decals are available through Belcher Bits, they are working together on this. http://www.belcherbits.com/images/decals/bd34combo.pdf
  11. I had the same issue a short while ago, all good received in a timely manner, first rate business. His business has ben very busy since Covid, it picked up and Matt is a one man show.
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