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  1. Roden 1/144 C-5

    Thank you Raymond, my pre-order is placed. I am sure you are taking less profit on this but hopefully you make up for it in volume of sales. I order just about every new kit from you now as you are my best source and cheapest shipping. I can no longer afford to purchase from the US. Shipping is too high.
  2. 1/48 Zoukei Mura F-4C and F-4D

    Oh brother, it's minor and it is the most accurate Phantom on the market.
  3. Hasegawa vs Kinetic F-18 Comparison Question

    Hi Brad, How is retirement? I hope you are enjoying yourself. I've lost track of how many Hasegawa Hornet's I have built. The kit is basic when compared to the Kinetic kit, but I still like it. I like to dress it up and I love the look and shape if it. So many panels I open on a regular basis are represented well. I see something wrong with the nose shape on the Kinetic kit. From the front canopy forward. It jumps out at me every time I see the kit, it looks bloated. I have the Canada 150 jet on pre-order. I've only seen built Kinetic kits. So I can't say what it looks like in the box. I can definitely tell which kit is the Kinetic and Hasegawa kit on the table without asking just by looking at the nose from 5 feet away. I know others rave about the Kinetic kit. That may change for me once I have an unbuilt kit in hand.
  4. Nats was great

    I know that Chris, it was tongue in cheek. Although it is the closest thing to a regional/national contest in Canada.
  5. Dunkirk - The Movie (SPOILERS)

    Yeah, I have since found that out. I was repeating what I read in another post at another site. I trusted the source. I've seen one of those Spits (Dunkirk survivors) in person.
  6. Nats was great

    We do, we call it the Western Canadian Regional Model Contest (IPMS) and we alternate locations between Edmonton and Calgary. Alberta rules, the rest drool, especially those Eastern wieners. 😇 Both the contests are in Aviation museums. One we tug a Lancaster out to make room for the tables and the museum does a four engine run outside. We've had Brett Green, Spencer Pollard, Roy Sutherland, and other notable people in the hobby industry attend.
  7. Dunkirk - The Movie (SPOILERS)

    I'm currently reading the book written about the movie. Nolan also didn't show the German soldier because most the soldiers on the beach didn't see them face-to-face. They were confused as to why they were retreating, the actual enemies of most the soldiers were aircraft, artillery, submarines, gunboats, and mines. They couldn't fight an unseen enemy. The evacuation was a race against time. Thus the time line. Nolan also didn't want to inform his audience, he wanted them to be confused. He wanted them to be as baffled and uniformed as the men queing under fire for a boat ride home. They didn't know who or what was coming for them, so Nolan wanted the same for the audience. The more I read the book, the more fascinated I am with the movie. Honestly, I too was a little underwhelmed after first seeing the movie, now I want to return and observe what I am reading in the book. Nolan states it was more a horror story than a war story.
  8. Roden 1/144 C-5

    I want the C-5M, I hope this high price doesn't eliminate this future release. Or should I buy the C-5B at this price? Will they only change the decals between the two releases?
  9. Dunkirk - The Movie (SPOILERS)

    The story was about survival. The director didn't want to show the faces of the enemy, as he didn't want the focus on them. He also wanted to limit dialogue, as he wanted the actions to tell the story. He stretched and altered time, the shortest event took the longest. And vice versa. The story was based on ten days (soldiers), 1 day (boat), 10 minutes (Spitfires). He didn't go Hollywood, Al Deere kept his mask on until he landed on the beach. The beached boat revealed the desperation and the fear. I liked it, it didn't have Pearl Harbors multiple romances and Top Guns "02 masks are optional," in order to show the stars face.
  10. Dunkirk - The Movie (SPOILERS)

    I missed it, sorry.
  11. New to airbrushing. Which paint?

    You can use an enamel wash with both Mr. Color and Mr. Paint.
  12. Dunkirk - The Movie (SPOILERS)

    Locally, a 97 year-old veteran who took part in Dunkirk attended the movie and gave it the thumbs up, very touching story. http://globalnews.ca/news/3617564/calgary-veteran-who-survived-dunkirk-causes-a-stir-at-movie-premiere/
  13. Dunkirk - The Movie (SPOILERS)

    The truth is you wouldn't have found many people of color at Dunkirk and women were kept away from the front, there were nurses on the hospital ships.
  14. Dunkirk - The Movie (SPOILERS)

    You obviously didn't follow the timeline then. The director stretches time. 2 of the Spitfires in the movie actually fought at Dunkirk. One of them was recovered fro the beach in 1980 and was restored. The director was depicting this. That aircraft was taken down with 1 lucky round.
  15. A Hornets Nest

    Very nice, as a retired Hornet maintainer I love your builds!