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  1. Scobie Do production also did a wing. I just sold one last week at our local IPMS meeting. I've heard others have put the Revel Sabre dog wing on a F-86, or grafted the leading edge slats over.
  2. I think I can help you out, let me look.
  3. You know they are all in stock here correct? Decals - 48 Scale - P-51 Mustang.htm But you'll need to take out a mortgage or win the lottery to buy them all.
  4. I was with Boozer (the pilot ejecting) on his one year anniversary of that ejection.
  5. Zero-zero seats have been around for decades now.
  6. Very nice! I loved that scheme when it was revealed. Are those the GWH special edition decals? How were they to work with?
  7. Very nice, nice build details too!
  8. I understand your post is tongue in cheek. The F-35 is the perfect fit, second to none.
  9. I should have mentioned that I was referring to the Tamiya options. Thank you for this information.
  10. Thanks Habu, I think the only change Eduard made was with the seat cushion. I am guessing it is the late seat from your description that is currently installed.
  11. Hi all, I understand which exhaust or wheels to select, how do I determine which ejection seat is installed? Are the seats related to the block numbers? TIA
  12. GWH doesn't have an F-15A, so you couldn't have seen pictures of their A model.
  13. 🙊
  14. I think Boeing is worried about losing any sale.
  15. Can we expect the Voodoo soon?