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  1. That Platz sheet with the Hawaii marking is 1/72 correct? I had someone tell me it was 1/48 but I was sure it was 1/72.
  2. Yes, thanks for all the hard work Kursad. I’ll buy these as soon as they are available.
  3. The company hasn’t been around since 2016, which is why he still has decals from that timeframe listed as in stock on his website. Not sure why or how his website is still active. My understanding is he had a health issue and the company was dissolved. https://www.companiesofcanada.com/person/5970/joseph-peter-osmulski
  4. My wife is an RN on a Covid unit, yup she has scary stories, none of children yet though. But many are of young and healthy people now. Most beg for the vaccine after they are ill and it is too late. There are a few that deny to the end. More than one has said they want an autopsy before to prove they are not a Covid death (just before intubation).
  5. https://www.businessinsider.com/sweden-covid-no-lockdown-strategy-failed-higher-death-rate-2021-8
  6. Because Covid is transmitted to others? And it was the leading cause of death for periods of time in 2021. It is in the top ten causes of death in 2021. In 2020 it was the third leading cause of death. The big difference is Covid comes from sudden exposure, the 400 lbs person reached that weight over time. The person who dies from heart disease does so after 60-70-80-90 years of life. You catch Covid you are gone in weeks, those who survive a serious bout do so with trauma and life shortening conditions. And they are individual illnesses, not transmissible ones. Look at
  7. Saving lives, which it is clearing doing. The unvaccinated are the ones suffering and dying.
  8. Just saw the A-10 team today with that fabulous scheme, they were great. There only Canadian visit so far. Saw the F-35 fly a few years ago, awesome demo.
  9. He already said he will included HH on the sheet. Never been done in 1/48, all the other options have.
  10. Crap, I thought this was the announcement we are finally getting this sheet, with the long awaited Hawaii ANG decals!
  11. My wife took care a very high percentage of pregnant women admitted with Covid, they were at a much higher risk for severe cases of Covid. Obviously your daughters choice was a personal one. Good to hear she is getting the shot before going back to teaching.
  12. There are actually studies and data showing that a longer spacing between doses is actually showing higher efficacy. Looks like a 90 day spacing or greater is better. The reasons for the smaller spacing for the Covid vaccines is because that is how the clinical trial was performed, but new numbers with results now suggest the greater spacing is better and builds a greater immunity %. This is typically true for any booster shot, so it hasn’t been a surprise. Canada went to a greater delay too due to vaccine supply and it would up being for our benefit, at least for those
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