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  1. Are you part of the Edmonton IPMS Chapter? I knew a lot of the Winnipeg guys.
  2. I noticed you were nearby yesterday when you made the decal shipping request from a US address, I’m in Edmonton. I actually find shipping from the US very slow internally, once it hits the border Canada Post moves it fast.
  3. Still waiting for my shipment to Canada, tracking says they are in Chicago. Been there the last 7 days.
  4. Because it is suspected the Wulan scientists were doing research in those caves, they were collecting specimens for research. I understand the science that covid isn’t fabricated and is naturally occurring. The only thing I agree with you is it likely escaped from the lab, they were working on it. But this is only my opinion. China actually helped with the vaccine production by releasing the genetic code, which reveals they likely had been working on it for a long period of time.
  5. My wife is an RN and worked on a Covid only unit, yes vaccinated people died but the higher percentage of deaths were still in the unvaccinated after the Covid vaccines were developed. And your first sentence confirms you agree, vaccines save lives.
  6. I work in medical research and clinical care. And my colleagues who who have worked in virology research for 20-30 years are well versed in the complex world of viruses, the covid virus is natural and is not spliced together and is traced back to bats. But we are of the opinion it was leaked from the lab in Wulan, there were no outbreaks in the province where the bat caves were located, where the virus originated.
  7. As Habu mentioned, the virus mutated due to so many people not being vaccinated, some by choice, others due to the developed world not sharing the vaccine with countries that needed it. And yes, the virus originated in bats, it was not man made. It was likely harvested and accidentally/carelessly released from a lab, but it is not man made.
  8. And the vaccine was developed for delta and earlier variants. Which it did largely eradicate. Against omicron and on variants it was less effective at reducing although we were lucky it still lessened the impact.
  9. No one was forced to take the harmless vaccine which prevented a lot of deaths. You say hundreds refused it in the military and first responders, well 5.35 billion are vaccinated worldwide. And you were vaccinated for the Gulf War, did you refuse then? No, because social media didn’t exist then. BS games? One million Americans have died from Covid, currently Covid 19 is the third highest cause of death in the US. https://www.ibtimes.com/leading-causes-death-us-where-does-covid-19-stand-3611791
  10. Surprised no announcement here, CAD looks promising. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235115052-a-new-tooled-148-scale-canadair-ct-114-tutor/
  11. I did too initially, now he appears to take peoples money and run. With all the discussions on various modeling sites I’m surprised he is still in business. He was in trouble with the law for another matter and could be in jail. An internet search of his name will bring up what he was arrested for. Someone did post the police info here although it was deleted.
  12. He doesn’t need to fix this, it so beyond that. He should be held accountable and put out of business.
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