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  1. Position lights. Block 60 F-16s do have them now.
  2. Scooby

    Nuclear bombs and modern aircraft

    Those are Cold War era nuclear weapons. In Canada, CF-104s we’re capable of carrying the B43. I have one on one of my Starfighter builds. One way missions in those days, my flight instructor (Private Pilot’s License) was a CF-104 pilot in Europe during the Cold War era. He told me the scenario was to bomb your target, turn away from the blast and fly as far as your fuel would take you, then eject and find your way back to whatever home would be.
  3. Scooby

    Do you have a hobby addiction?

    My rule that I set this year is before I buy a new one I have to sell 10 kits.
  4. All prices in US dollars, PM me for a shipping quote. 1/48 Tamiya Military Model series: 1/48 Type 10 Tank Kit # MM no 80 $25.00 1/48 German Steyr Type 1500A/01 Kit # MM 49 $25.00 1/48 Kurogane Kit # MM 58 $15.00 1/48 Aircraft 1/48 Wolfpack T-38A Talon USAF Kit # WP10001 Plus Fundekals T-38 decals $55.00 1/48 Eduard X-1 Machbuster Profipack Kit No 8032 (includes resin and etch parts) $35.00 1/48 Tamiya Supermarine Spitfire Mk 1 Kit # 32 (includes falcon vacuum formed canopy) $25.00 1/48 Tamiya Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb Kit # 34 $25.00 1/48 Tamiya Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb Trop Kit # 35 $25.00 1/35 Figures 1/35 Dragon British Desert Rats $10.00 Aftermarket 1/48 Amraam Kine RAF Harrier GR 5/ Mk 7 conversion 48-102 $15.00 1/48 Black Box F-4J Phantom Cockpit (Hasegawa) 48044 $18.00 1/48 Black Box F-18C Hornet Cockpit (Hasegawa), #48002 $15.00 1/48 Aires F-4 Exhaust nozzles (Hasegawa E,F,G,J,EJ, and S variants), #4118 3 sets available, $15 each 1/48 Aires Tamiya Mosquito wheel bay 4208 $15.00 1/48 Verlinden Nitrogen/Oxygen Utility Carts 324 $25.00 1/48 Verlinden Follow Me Jeep Airfield Communications Vehicle 1301 $25.00 1/48 CMK Spitfire IX interior set for Hasegawa 4103 $20.00 1/48 SBD-1 KL Productions Dauntess Cowling to convert Hasegawa's SBD-3 to a SBD-1 KL 48008 $5.00 1/48 True Details 48058 SBD Dauntless Wheel Set smooth tread $5.00 1/48 True Details 48029 Ju-88 or Ju-188 wheel set $5.00 1/48 Quickboost C-47 Dakota Correct Tail Rudder for Trumpeter kit $10.00 1/48 Eduard A-7E Corsair II (Hasegawa) etch set 48 093 (cockpit and avionics bays, exterior detail) $10.00 1/48 Eduard Me-410 (Pro-Modeler) Express Mask Set $5.00 1/48 Eduard A-4 E/F Skyhawk (Hasegawa) Express Mask Set $5.00 1/48 Eduard F-4U1D Corsair (Tamiya) Express Mask Set $5.00 1/48 Eduard Hasegawa F-104J Starfighter cockpit set 48 343 $10.00 1/48 Eduard HH 60 D/G interior set $10.00 1/48 Reheat Models Japanese Aircraft Accessory set (seat belts, seats, and rudder pedals) RH110 $5.00 1/48 KMC Hasegawa P-51D update set (cockpit, wheels, flaps, and fuel tanks) $25.00 Thanks for looking, please message me with questions. I do combine shipping and obtain the best value for shipping. I package everything safely and as economical as possible.
  5. Scooby

    Zoukei-mura 1/48 F-4J Phantom II

    My apologies for not explaining my original post better. The Brits apparently only painted the stripes on one side during Tiger meet, last night was the first time I was aware of that. Clearly the stripes were painted later. It makes me wonder if they were added later on both sides.
  6. Scooby

    Zoukei-mura 1/48 F-4J Phantom II

    I'm only going with a discussion from Britmodeler, they posted this picture taken during the Tiger Meet.
  7. Scooby

    Zoukei-mura 1/48 F-4J Phantom II

    I’m bumping an old thread in regards to the Tiger decals, the Tiger stripes were not on the starboard side of the option with the nose art Tiger.
  8. Scooby

    Possible new topics?

    There was a set like that by Red Gecko Decals (Lonestar Models). It sold out fast, I actually got the last set. Very popular subject.
  9. Scooby

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1N Twin Huey

    Kitty Hawk's helicopters are well done.
  10. Scooby

    D-Day Group Build

    I put in a full day of building for this group build, I’ll post pictures tomorrow of what I have built on my Eduard Spitfire.
  11. Eduard kit, Barracuda and Brassin resin and Eduard etch parts. I am heading downstairs now to my hobby room to start, I hope to post images soon.
  12. Scooby

    Planned Builds

    1/48 Eduard Spitfire, 416 RCAF markings, Eduard, Barracuda and Brassin add-ons.
  13. Scooby

    CD144017 - 1/144 C-17 Globemaster III

    Nice work as per your norm, looking forward to building the RCAF versions.