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  1. Wow, nice build! How were the decals to work with? I really liked that scheme, I was also fond of 735, it was a good jet. I’m currently finishing up a 1/48 Hasegawa CF-18 I started in 1999! The same year I started working on Hornets. In the time since, I served another 8 years. The kit sat unfinished and minus paint. It travelled back to Edmonton, it was damaged badly twice. I was determined to finish it. Kind of funny, in various photos over the years it can be found on a shelf or table in the images. Today I started decaling. My LEM decals from 2001 worked perfectly!
  2. It is not a joke, as has been pointed out, Haneto has confirmed it.
  3. Great Wall Hobby is releasing an A-10, that will be the jaw dropper show stopper for all.
  4. Awesome, I think this is the longest I have waited for a decal sheet, thanks so much!
  5. The items I ordered were not on back order at any time of my order, I was charged in full and nothing was ever communicated to me by Matt that they were back ordered for me. You can’t even order out of stock items. The only indication that they were not shipped is they were highlighted on the invoice. You’d think he’d refund the difference and send some sort of message, any communication at all. There have been other threads at Hyperscale, Large Scale Planes, and ARC all stating the same. He charges for product not shipped, he offers no communication, he doesn’t reply to emails and
  6. Are you really good? You only got a refund because you went public. I don’t get why he highlights the missing paint if he doesn’t follow through with the product in a later shipment. He is the only guy to steal my money in this hobby, his name is mud. Clearly he has no conscience.
  7. Read the book, definitely going to this.
  8. He shorted me MRP paints two years ago and did the exact same thing that you went through, ignored all my calls and emails. I’ve read on both Hyperscale and ARC that he has done the same to many others. A few people have gone the same route that you have and have got refunds, I haven’t received a refund. I won’t do any further business with him, no customer should have to fight with a vendor over paid undelivered goods. And each paint he shorted me, he had highlighted on the shipping list. So he didn’t just accidentally miss the shipment. He should have refunded me the
  9. He moved to Montreal to be closer to his grown up kids, he’s got free reign now. 😀
  10. I know three in that photo.
  11. Doesn’t surprise me what you added about Payette. And what you said about Billie is what I was trying to say, he cares about Canada and our Airforce, he wants the best for us. He isn’t a salesman, he’s a fighter pilot, a test pilot. And he is an honest man.
  12. Thanks so much for producing his decal sheet.
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