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  1. Scooby

    CP-107 Argus

    The National Film Board has a film on the development and construction of the first Argus aircraft. I can get it free on my smart TV, rather old film but great footage and information on the first aircraft coming off the production line.
  2. Not truly hacked, scumbags make a account with the same name and your profile picture, they then send new invites to all your friends faking that they are you. Facebook could prevent this, but they don’t.
  3. I pre-ordered one through Airfix, since I’m in Canada they dropped the VAT, which lowered the price to £70.00. Shipping added what was chopped off back on. 🙂 I’m good with that price.
  4. After having worked on Hornets I find visually the Hasegawa Hornets look better too, the nose and spine on the Kinetic kit look off. Although the spine on the Hasegawa Hornet might be a little too flat. I sat on that spine enough on real Hornets to flatten it out though.
  5. I can see them now, excellent build which should inspire me to build one of mine. Not sure why, a few of the online builds has scared me away from building any of the Kinetic Hornets, currently I’m building a Hasegawa Hornet, I’ve built so many of them I know the technique to get them to go together flawlessly.
  6. Beautiful builds! I’m partial to the 416 machine! My former squadron! Best posting ever!
  7. Wow, I was expecting to see one of each manufacturers model, not multiples. Nice work!
  8. I’m guessing everyone but me can see these images? Or are they gone now?
  9. Very nice build, enjoying the progress images!
  10. Wow, fabulous work! Looking forward to seeing this completed.
  11. Nothing wrong with lurking, hope you get your health turned around. Take care.
  12. There is a built example of the Revell kit in The Ready for Inspection forum at Britmodeler. I know the builder mentioned his Testor kits in his build thread, I’m not sure if he mentioned the comparison you are looking for.
  13. Again, Peter Jackson filed papers to stop them from selling his kit design. I’m not defending Peter Jackson, all we have seen from Border Models is a rather belligerent social media posting. Is Jackson supposed to reply in the same manner? He can let the legal process do the talking. As well, that area of the world doesn’t always play by the same rules as the rest of the world. And any court matter filed will most likely fall on deaf ears.
  14. That is only true if they haven’t paid their bills, we’ve only heard one side of the story.
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