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  1. Eagle Cals have a 1/32 Buzz Beurling Spit Mk IX decals sheet, missing on the above decal sheet is the kill markings on the nose. Nice build!
  2. Hey Alf, great to see you building. You must be settled in your new home in Montreal. I know why your panels didn’t line up perfectly, the firewall needs to be pushed fully back on the tabs, any slight misalignment of the firewall will result in panels that don’t fit, I almost didn’t have my firewall properly seated.
  3. Springbank is cancelled so they can attend Oshkosh. Big deal for us as it is the 100th anniversary of the RCAF, we want to showcase at Oshkosh.
  4. This guy is the absolute worst in the industry, examples of him ripping off hobby members is all over the internet. As were his mug shots and the charges he faced, I’m sure he was in prison for a period of time for another matter.
  5. 3rd quarter, yes it was delayed. Hobby sales have been down so they decided to delay its release. I have three on pre-order, fully paid. This info is directly from Raymond.
  6. Very nice, love the realistic weathering.
  7. Your father is your spitting image. Nice images.
  8. Excellent build, love the pull handle technique.
  9. 1/72. Not sure why it isn’t officially announced yet.
  10. I have three of those 1/48 kits. But I’m currently planning on building in 1/32, I’d use those instructions to build a Block 25 if I had a 1/32 Thunderbirds kit to cross with the Block 50.
  11. Thanks all, I suspected it was a Block 30.
  12. Us Herc guys will defend the Herc as if it were our own child or girlfriend.
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