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  1. There has been a few threads over at Hyperscale. See this thread, I think Modeldad solved it:
  2. The Cyber kit is 1/72, I didn't know Belcher had his sets in 1/72.
  3. You can use the Wolfpack Ejection seats for the F-5A and B.
  4. We put the targeting pod on station four, port side. If I understand your question correctly.
  5. I thought an earlier reply said it was a go. Some sort of error in the vote, I'm surprised we have had to ask though.
  6. Maybe Tim Horton's will sell them? ;) Add 1/32 cup decals. :)
  7. I wish they would put that Argus indoors. I don't want another corroding aircraft in the maritimes.
  8. They will likely spread out the release schedule.
  9. I would hope this is the case for HB otherwise not having positionable slats and flaps would be a huge goof up on their part.
  10. Excellent news!
  11. I'm all for a 1/32 version of this decal sheet. Here is a thought, could you print 200 sheets, design the sheet so you can cut it into two sheets, one Canadian, one Australian? Now you have paid for 200 sheets but have 400 sheets to sell to two strong markets. Just a thought. I know I'd only use the Canadian half and others would do vice-versa.
  12. I've tried that too, I hate this feature.
  13. Agree, my knees are jammed against the front seat (US air carriers only). When I recline I don't gain any space. I decrease the space of the person behind me.
  14. No secret that was coming! But finally!
  15. Very nice, My cousin deployed with his Harrier Squadron during the Falklands conflict.