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  1. Excellent build, love the pull handle technique.
  2. 1/72. Not sure why it isn’t officially announced yet.
  3. I have three of those 1/48 kits. But I’m currently planning on building in 1/32, I’d use those instructions to build a Block 25 if I had a 1/32 Thunderbirds kit to cross with the Block 50.
  4. Thanks all, I suspected it was a Block 30.
  5. Us Herc guys will defend the Herc as if it were our own child or girlfriend.
  6. Sorry, I had the details saved somewhere. https://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/87-0222.html I want to build the Tamiya F-16 with this serial when the jet was with the Ohio ANG.
  7. Looking sharp! This build will probably inspire me to build one of my three Zveda kits earlier than planned. We actually had an AC-130J fresh from the factory at a recent airshow, 2-3 years ago.
  8. Nice stuff, we used to have ARIA’s visit out base frequently in the 90s. Occasionally we’d see a NC-135, all during the Cold War.
  9. Really enjoyed reading through your build thread. I look forward to building my own Zveda Hercs. Great build! I worked on Hercs for 8 years of my 25 year career in the RCAF. I love the girl.
  10. Nothing ugly about the Herc, she is a thing of beauty.
  11. Looking good! This is going to be a stunner when complete.
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