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  1. I'd definitely be a loyal buyer of your products. I still have enough contacts in the Airforce to help with the material.
  2. 99.9% of every aircraft that had ever been in USAF inventory. I was in Dayton. :)
  3. I use Mr. Color exclusively now. There are shops in Toronto and Vancouver with the paints on the rack. I can special order Mr. Color paints in Edmonton, but I have to order then in packs of six of the same colors. I can buy the thinners/ retarders locally. The cheapest and fastest way to order is from this location: I order in bulk and have a complete set of Mr. Color at home. Each bottle is $1.50 to $2.00, for 15-20 bottles shipping is usually $10.00 from sealmodels. For AK, I order directly from AK. I've paid as little as $2.00 for a bulk order. I don't order anything from the US. Shipping is horrendous. I could probably order from Martians on Mars and get cheaper shipping than anything out of the States. IMHO, US shipping is the most expensive in the world, it wasn't always that way.
  4. Well, I am happy it is a 1/48 kit as that is the scale I normally build. Although I would pick up a 1/35 kit if it were being produced.
  5. The first post in this thread is Floyd announcing a 1/35 kit, I'm sure he has the info correct.
  6. It wasn't the Hobby Boss kit, I can't find a single completed or started build online. Which I find odd.
  7. I was in Thule when this happened, I had just left Alert. I fueled at this spot many times, 26,000 lbs wet wings. Empty externals.
  8. Still find it odd that despite this kit being out a long time, that there are no actual builds online. Just sprue reviews.
  9. I'd like to see it when it arrives Chris. Really weird that the kit has been out so long yet no build reviews on the net.
  10. Looks like I am driving 2 hours to Pittsburgh, a friend of mine lives there. We are then flying in his private plane to Dayton to the NMUSAF. Not kidding, this will be my 27th visit to that museum since 2009. I'll be back to Cleveland and will visit MAPS.
  11. Yes, I did, the last info is dated and goes on talking about Pittsburgh.
  12. I'll be in Cleveland for two weeks, anything aviation related worth the touring? Anything in Akron commemorating the Corsair history in the area?
  13. Nope, I'd rather a new tool CF-101. while the Monogram kit was nice in its day, it is dated. I remember using a rasper file to get parts to conform. Kitty Hawk already tooled the F-101B, they rejected the molds because they were not happy with the product. Which leads back to the earlier F-101A/C, sales have been poor due to the poor quality of the molds.
  14. Very nice work on the Harrier.