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  1. How about the 1/32 Tutor? Rick would love it if you complete his dream.
  2. Took over 2 months? My second package was smaller. So that may explain why it was faster.
  3. I emailed Hannants about my April 15 shipment, no reply. Although my May 9th shipment arrived.
  4. Totally agree, when I watch tracked packages they actually get to Canada fast. Once here they slow down. I suspect because this was a bigger package it went by ship. I’ll just remain patient. I trust Hannants, and like Dylan said, packages from the UK are faster and cheaper than ordering from the US.
  5. What are my fellow Canadians experiencing with shipping times from Hannants? I order from them regularly. I’m currently waiting for a package that is over two months since shipment. They asked me to email back June 19th if I haven’t received it. They said that is typical time during this crisis. An order I made a month ago has arrived from Hannants, that was a smaller package. An order I placed with HLJ 2 weeks ago arrived too. i always get fabulous service from Hannants and exceptional prices.
  6. ....actually been struggling with it for a week now. I painted my GWH T-33 with Mr Color paints, I put a couple coats of gloss on and decaled the model. I then added another coat. I have been trying to give it a pin wash with both Mr Weathering (oil based) and Mr Tamiya (enamel) washes. I put the wash on and it looks great. I tab it on and let the wash run the panels lines themselves. The problem is when I try to clean-up, I actually draw out all the wash. I have tried two methods. The first is a rub it with a paper towel with a very small amount of oil thinner. The second method is I dip a q-tip in the oil thinner, roll the q-tip out on a paper towel until it is almost dry. I then gently roll the q-tip back and forth in the direction of airflow. Both methods end up removing the wash. I let the wash dry before I do this. I've done this a million times before, I have no idea why it is not working. I feel my surface may be too glossy.
  7. Totally agree! Only ones never done in 1/48.
  8. Scooby


    A lot of the kits are sitting unbuilt because the decals suck. So yes, decals are a must.
  9. There was a 1/32 kit planned but I’m sure it is no longer in the future, Kinetic had planned it. Sadly the Canadian connection to the product passed away. This would be a license to print money.
  10. The easiest way to tell if it is a late model is the NACA inlet and the vent. Early models only had the exhaust outlet for the Nene engine. Only just over a dozen received the one piece front canopy in the final years of service, I hear it may have been up to 18. So very few. I’d love the one piece canopy to do a black scheme.
  11. Are you referring to the NACA vent? I feel it is very obvious. I just noticed the NACA vent is too high on the late kit for a Canadian version. The late kit is still good for the pylons for a late CT-133. I wish I kept my Hobbycraft T-33s, I have graft the NACA vent over.
  12. Either kit can be used. You do need to make small modifications. The early kit can be used for early CT-133s, all you need to add is the exhaust vent for the Nene engine, which was unique on Canadian built CT-133s. You need to drill a hole and create a channel. Very easy. To model a late Silver Star, the late kit has the NACA inlet on the gun door. You would need to add the exhaust vent for that system, which can be done easily with a piece of plastic card. Plus the above mod for the engine. Leading Edge CT-133 Decals have decals for the NACA inlet and the engine exhaust, you’d still need to fabricate the exhaust vent on the gun door.
  13. I just received notification that my product has shipped. Matt is swamped with business since the rest of the world was shut-down. As mentioned numerous times in this thread, Matt runs a rock solid business.
  14. Good to hear, I’ll remain patient. Mine was showing as in stock so hopefully it ships soon.
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