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  1. Agee, dumbest thread in ARC history. We won’t ever get back to normal with the attitudes here.
  2. Wrong, FOX reports 85%, CDC reports 70%. Masks definitely work when properly utilized. I work in an infectious environment and I haven’t become sick.
  3. Later this year means to me anything after today.
  4. How did you interpret that from his post?
  5. They didn’t die due to the vaccine. I can guarantee that everyone who gets the vaccine will die someday.
  6. As Curt is suggesting, try to find a photo of what you are building. Could be an error in the instructions as Curt suggests. I’d think the jets had similar paint shades, coming out of the same company plant. They do fade.
  7. I have all the colors in question.Just haven’t sprayed them yet.
  8. Upon further thought: I suspect the colors I listed are ideally for the 3 tone Su-27 or Su-33. The colors Curt listed are probably the correct ones for a four tone Su-27.
  9. I have all those paints, the ones you list are listed as for Ukraine Su-27s. Which I’m not sure what the differences are, as they all were built in the same plant. The ones I listed are for Russian Su-27s. They don’t list the dark blue, so I suspect your use MRP-045. MRP doesn’t explain the differences.
  10. I have the colors at home in MRP, they were relatively easy to determine, select the Sukhoi colors for the Su-27. It says it right on the bottle Su-27. When I get home I can send you the numbers if you haven’t determined it by then. Edit, here they are: MRP 195 Sukhoi cockpit blue-gray Camo MRP 196 Light Blue MRP 197 Light Blue Gray MRP 198 Light Gray All colors listed on the bottle for the Su-27
  11. My understanding is if you refused you didn’t deploy and were released.
  12. Why didn’t you refuse before you deployed for the Gulf War?
  13. I don’t have GWS but I took the vaccines. And yes, GWS is real. It is well known that hydroxychloroquine was one such drug. In Canada I’m named in a Class Action lawsuit because research has shown that drug was a contributor. I do work in medicine and work with infectious disease. I do trust vaccines.
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