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  1. Awesome work by Kursad! I was able to provide references for the Canadian Chinooks! Glad I was able to help!
  2. The F-35s only just first operated off the Queen Elizabeth two weeks ago. They were the first F-35s to land on the QE. The program was filmed in 2017, so no you won’t see F-35s on the carrier.
  3. Not if you are buying a Monogram B-17. They can be found for $40 USD. The HK B-17 is comparable to switching from a Corolla to a Cadillac.
  4. I bet he did. In 1979 : An AMC Pacer cost $3,100 in California, while a Chevy Impala cost $5,471 in New York. An Oldsmobile Tornado cost $10,041 in the US, and a Toyota Carola was $3,698 in New York. Prices for most cars ranged from 4,000 to $6,000 in 1979. 2020 MSRP: Corolla $19,500, Chevy Impala $28,895 (almost identical increases 529% and 527%). The other cars don’t exist anymore.
  5. Of course they would be installed. ATC still needs to see them.
  6. I have color pictures, I’ll need to find them, yes light blue. I no longer have a picture hosting site though, can I email them to you. I’m ex-408, so I made copies from the squadron archives.
  7. I did courses and training in military procurement at Royal Military College. You always purchase equipment for tomorrow’s wars, not today’s. You plan for the strongest possible adversary, not your current enemies. Therefore the F-35 is viable and so are newer technologies in development. But so much for that thinking if politicians do the purchasing.
  8. Stashes are normal, the people with them are not. 😀 I’m one of them, I think I have 150 kits unbuilt. I’m trying to get that down to about 50.
  9. Only a few from one of them. Despite helping with the estate I didn’t buy much plastic. The second guy really screwed things up, he donated all his kits to the Cold Lake Air Museum. He stipulated in his will they could not be sold, that they had to be built for the museum displays. Very few have been built, I don’t know where they are now (last I heard in storage). The museum really could have used the kits as a cash infusion.
  10. I’m not at all excited about Midway after seeing those trailers. They would have been better off not releasing any trailers. At least that way they would have tricked me into going.
  11. I knew two guys who each passed away with over 10,000 kits in their homes. Both were single and neither had a completed kit.
  12. 1/48 P-38 F/G decals, the market is slim for current decals. I know WWII isn’t normally your realm but it would be nice to see.
  13. And you are correct, they are on the box top and in the kit. https://www.tamiyausa.com/blog/tamiya-61120-148-lockheed-p-38-fg-lightning/?fbclid=IwAR3sf3KfO9lm4iiFgsArIc4RmJF3_JKuV8Im4YBoSga4-c9zlEyTLFNijJ0
  14. My mistake, I recall we were always told we adopted it from Australia. I now see New Zealand introduced it in 1986 and they are who we modeled it after.
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