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  1. Sorry, now I see the not.
  2. Tom, I'll take the 1/48 Accurate Avenger off of you. I'll send a PM.
  3. I only have AKAN paints for an Il2 Sturmovic. I just bought the specific SU-35 MRP paints last night, it sounds like I should have waited. I bought the colours from MRP that they say are specific for the SU-35. All other MRP paints have been good for me.
  4. I have an AKAN set that starts with 47xxx. It is not lacquer, it is an acrylic.
  5. I’ve been drooling over this kit all night, what a gem! I just placed a Mr. Paint order for their Sukhoi paints.
  6. Hobby Shops in Calgary, AB?

    If you make it to Edmonton Hobby Wholesale is the stop you want. All kits are very affordable and new releases are constant.
  7. Hobby Shops in Calgary, AB?

    Same about Phoenix, in addition to Uncle Bills, it was one of my favorites. I liked how they brought in new releases and had them in varying prices. The first person in the received the best deal.
  8. International shipping changes

    I called them and they gave me instruction on who to get in touch with. I quoted their own documents. Of course all this could change with Donald Trump eliminates the NAFTA agreement. Interesting I was reading on it and trade increased 40% to Canada from the US.
  9. Hobby shops in Honolulu?

    The local IPMS Chapter meets at Pearl Harbor too, I knew I forgot something.
  10. Hobby Shops in Calgary, AB?

    I’ll go look.
  11. International shipping changes

    I don't ever agree to paying any taxes, especially when I see what politicians do with it, get us more in dept. I thought it was supposed to pay down our debt. :) Whenever I hear a voter saying a new tax is a good idea I shake my head. I have family in Scotland, they were guinea pigs for the poll tax. I feel bad for the UK, taxes are so high for you.
  12. Hobby Shops in Calgary, AB?

    I order from AK often, we should order together. :)
  13. Hobby Shops in Calgary, AB?

    Red Deer also carried AK. I've been ordering direct from AK, it is much cheaper from them even with shipping.
  14. The problem with that Tony is it isn’t always up to date. I know I have used it on trips to the States only to discover the shops have closed or moved. And this has happened more often that you can imagine. So I always ask like there’s are doing now, I don’t see the discussion hurting. That forum is too hidden for people to notice new requests. I know, I had bumped questions in the past.
  15. International shipping changes

    I’ve been charged once since Jan 1/1994 and I successfully fought that one time. On that date there was an amendment that excluded Hobby supplies from any fees or tax. It was roughly six months ago I was charged for the first time since 1994. I challenged Customs and was issued a refund.