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  1. I know I mentioned oil but I was referring to hobby supplies and items. The cost of shipping from USA to Canada went through the roof. It was much cheaper at one time. I can ship from Europe or Britain for 1/3 to 1/4 the cost. Although recently Sprue Brothers did find an alternative shipping method which is much cheaper.
  2. Before the crash in the dollar I wasn’t finding many deals in the US, most my hobby stuff comes from Europe.
  3. I paid $54 cents/litre at Costco recently, most stations are 59 cents/l in my area.
  4. I order from this company too : https://www.agesthreeandup.ca
  5. Not totally true, I think DuPont picked them up. It is no longer Testers. At least that is who I think picked them up, certainly harder to find.
  6. I worked on the Twin, we had it in 408 in UN colors (White). We called that particular airframe Mary Hartman - Mary Hartman - due to the serial being 135135. She was fondly loved by all those who worked on her in various squadron, the name followed her. I’d like to see the Tiger Head decal done, as well as some CAF camo versions with the squadron tail logos.
  7. I found this: https://www.deltaart.ca/product/00/29AZT9311/Disc-Testors-Aztek-10-Hose
  8. Why would anyone criticize England or Italy? Italy was hit early and there health system has been overwhelmed, today alone 51 medical doctors died.
  9. Thank you and well said. The statistics on covid positive patients in Canada is mostly related to foreign travel, community spread is only starting now. Surprisingly the largest percentage of the travel related illness is US travel. My wife and I practice the same thing that Steve is doing. We both work in the health system. She is an RN working in an emergency department, she was just informed she is being recalled to work in an ICU department due to her vast experience in critical care in ICU. I work in Cancer Care and Medical Research. We both wear scrubs during the day, change at work from street clothes to scrubs and back to street clothes) but also change immediately after we arrive home, we also shower as soon as we get home. We have both been around covid positive patients so we are not taking chances. Today our province shut-down all non-essential services. A lot was shut-down prior to today, but now it is even greater. Our two daughters have been lucky, their employers have permitted them to work from home the past three weeks (one works on medical related files, the second a school teacher). No one in our province is permitted to be in groups of 15 or more.
  10. Wow, sensitive aren’t you? Well you did ask what his poor decisions were. In 2018 Trump shut-down the Pandemic Response Team and didn’t replace it with anything. When it came time to respond to the Coronavirus threat the US had no rulebook. This team would have been watching and responding to this pandemic immediately. This left the US without global health security unit within the NSC. He didn’t heed warnings from Bill Gates and Ron Klain (Ebola expert) four years ago that the US wasn’t prepared to handle a pandemic. He has been slow to react to everything, slow to close the border, slow to stop travel. And now he is suggesting social distancing isn’t the answer and is more worried about the economy.. He doesn’t listen to his advisors, Dr Anthony Fauci is one that he should be listening to. And his recommendation in regards to Chloroquine was dangerous, and at least one person has died after taking it. And his name calling with the governors and the CEO of GM? Is that really necessary or productive? He also took far too long to invoke the Defense Production Act. He should have started production on ventilators and N95 masks a long time ago. And if the US is decimated it does effect us in Canada, so yes we do have a vested interest in the well-being of the US. I also have friends and family living in the US. You are out of touch if you don’t think what happens in your country doesn’t effect Canada.
  11. Who is bashing him? His poor decisions are worrisome.
  12. 51 medical doctors treating covid-19 patients have died in Italy. How many doctors treating people with the flu die? And these numbers don’t include the larger number of nurses and other healthcare workers who have died. I don’t know, you sure appear to be downplaying this crisis and maybe it is your way to deal with the stress of it. A higher percentage of the world will catch covid-19. Which means the 10% of those who die will be a greater number than those who succumb to the flu. The best way to avoid covid-19 is to not touch your nose, wash your hands, and social distancing. It is really disturbing how Trump is dealing with this, very concerning how he is going to handle it, despite what his health experts are saying. I think the US is going to be far worse than Italy. Look at the USS Roosevelt? Healthy sailors are sick with covid-19.
  13. Per capita the US is testing lower than anyone in the world. That is what matters.
  14. An N95 mask helps but you also need to be properly sized and trained how to use it. During our training we use a glow in the dark aerosol, you’d be surprised how many trained healthcare workers have poorly sealed masks, which is revealed when we turn the black light on in the classroom. In some classes 100% failure. I’m lucky, I work in a sterile lab everyday. I’m always gowned. But everything you are doing is an excellent practice. Not sure about the groceries though. My wife was just recalled to work in the ICU. She worked there for 20 plus years, she haven’t work there for ten years. I don’t know how I feel about that.
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