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  1. Probably be easier to replicate it hanging, you’d need to change the extension on the planing links too.
  2. I buy those pippettes in a box of 1,000 for under $15.00. Don’t buy the Testors packages.
  3. I do, I’ve been involved in a lot of retraction tests on Hornets. I honestly don’t think it will be easy to replicated.
  4. It wouldn’t be easy as the oleo extends and the gear extends when the gear is weight off wheels. I may have the gear sequence in one of my technical manuals but I don’t think the pictures would help.
  5. Probably Condor, they also do an A-4AR set with resin, decals, etc.
  6. The Alberta Lancaster’s are heavily stressed. They look just like the WNWs kits. It all depends on the hours on the airframe. It is also possible FM104 was re-skinned while in service or it had very low airframe hours which is why it was selected for Post War Service. More pictures here: https://forum.keypublishing.com/forum/historic-aviation/93366-lancaster-fm104-canadian-air-and-space-museum?91149-Lancaster-FM104-Canadian-Air-and-Space-Museum=
  7. Are our orders secure, do you still know who paid and are waiting for their decals?
  8. They still offer the $2.00 shipping, I know plenty of people who use it whenever they offer it. It is very popular for those who are not in a rush. I think it is closer to 3 months.
  9. I’m so excited to get this kit, the most anticipated kit in a long time for me.
  10. Labeling is very complicated. https://www.latmultilingual.com/3-important-facts-about-canadian-labelling-laws/ In reality the only thing that needs to be French/English is the product identity. Which is often one and the same. The other requirements are the volume must be in metric (numbers are considered bi-lingual) and the place of manufacture can be French or English. My place of employment imports a lot of chemicals used in the medical world. Most our products are only in English. What must be bi-lingual is the SDS (Safety Data Sheets) for WHIMIS. Which is what the CRA is looking for at the border.
  11. They say CRA is radomly seizing packages and destroying them. Even the surface shipments.
  12. raymond@luckymodel.com This is his direct email
  13. No, it is Raymond Cheung. info@luckymodel.com
  14. When a new portion of the Free Trade Agreement kicked in Jan 1/1999 it had a clause that said all Hobby supplies were free of duty and GST. I was aware of it at the time as I was working with Cutting Edge and sample product was being sent over the border to me. All charges ceased in 99. Whenever I challenge charges (only twice), I always quote the hobby exemption.
  15. I dispute them and get the money back. I’ve only had to do that twice, since 1999 I haven’t paid a cent extra on any kits or assesories shipped to Canada.
  16. You do know Revell reboxed the ICM kit and it can be found for less in Canada that route? I saw one in Edmonton for $64.99, I’m kicking myself I didn’t buy it when I saw it, it is gone now.
  17. I’m trying to get an Edmonton store to stock Mr. Paint. Yes, no luck getting anyone to ship to Canada. Except through eBay. I was ordering direct before Mr Paint stopped shipping to us.
  18. I was a Human Factors in Military Aviation Facilitator, we used the Swiss cheese model too.
  19. I wouldn’t say the person was an idiot, complacency is a very common thing that very skilled people fall into. And as mentioned in the follow-up post to your post, we don’t know all the details.
  20. This should help you: http://hedgehoghollow.com/buzz/Colour_Guide/aircraft_clr.html Use the version for 1 CAG T-birds. They were not painted with the Dutch colors. They were painted in Scotland with the Canadian 101-327. Gunze H306 plus 10% white is a good match (FS36270).
  21. The symmetrical camouflage scheme correct? I have that informaton somewhere. Are you using the Canuck Decals sheet? Does he not list the Grey?
  22. I’m ex-Avionics too, that still takes an effort considering the person doing the work knows he has a loaded jet and should know the hazards. Every accident is the result of a chain chain of events, break any link in that chain and the accident doesn’t occur. You just demonstrated the number of links that added to the final result.
  23. Hobby Wholesale in Edmonton has the fullline of the new paints.
  24. There are definite ways to bypass the switches, especially if the jet was being worked on. I was only permitted to work on armed jets during one specific operation. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t wartime ops, it was G-8 protection, to keep jets over the summit 24-7. Hopefully the WOW override box wasn’t connected. Although there are pin shorts that could fire a weapon system without an override of the WOW. It takes a lot of effort to accomplish this though.
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