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  1. I used to hear back from him immediately, not this year. I’ve emailed him several times, I have not heard back once.
  2. Scooby

    CP-107 Argus

    The conversion set is complete and has shipped to Hannants.
  3. Arma Hobby is releasing a 1/48 Hurricane and if it is anything like their 1/72 kit it will be the best Hurricane on the market.
  4. I should add to my above post, I ordered an order of Mr. Paint from him, I was shorted one bottle. I did send him a message and never heard back from him.
  5. Scooby

    CP-107 Argus

    Decals are available through Belcher Bits, they are working together on this. http://www.belcherbits.com/images/decals/bd34combo.pdf
  6. I had the same issue a short while ago, all good received in a timely manner, first rate business. His business has ben very busy since Covid, it picked up and Matt is a one man show.
  7. Nice tribute too to a lost Naval Aviator and beloved son......
  8. Well done, looks identical to the one on display in Seattle!
  9. No, this kit will have the correct length engines.
  10. Yup, only two 40 KVA generators and the bus system was therefore totally different from the four AC gen system.
  11. I saw an A model in the 90s with three props, it visited our Herc base and only had 2,500 hours on it. We were told the unit was preserving it. I always had my camera at work and of course that day I didn’t. The interior was fairly different too, especially at 245 bulkhead, it didn’t have it!
  12. Odd, in the CAF/RCAF prior to shut-down we ensured the flaps are up. I thought it was a standard check-list. Unless we had split flaps or maintenance was due flaps were up.
  13. Great Hobbies started in Edmonton, they are a fabulous store, they have since grown. Watch their sales, I got a 1/32 scale Tamiya Spitfire for $60 late last year.
  14. Does anyone remember when the 1/32 Tamiya F4U -1D came out? There was one seller from China who had them on pre-order for $25.00. Buyers lined up for them, others, myself included, said it was a fraud. Still people took their chances, sure enough it was fake. It took time but buyers got their money back. I’m betting the fraudster was able to withdrawal the money before he was caught though.
  15. Bummer, I was so excited for the 44O SQDN SAR scheme, I served in that Squadron.
  16. Ans it would not be made overnight, it takes years of planning and discussion. The entire scenario is odd. The timing is questionable too.
  17. I don’t know, I think I have been very patient in regards to this order, it’s been 4 months to this day. I ordered even before the ship date, so it’s actually been longer. I’ve received three subsequent packages from Hannants since that date, all ordered a month apart. Most people would be flipping out if they were in my shoes. They are asking me to wait longer, they say Royal Mail was stockpiling packages at the start of Covid, all those packages are buried in warehouses. Newer packages are being shipped ahead of the older packages. I think it is time I have my credit card company
  18. How about the 1/32 Tutor? Rick would love it if you complete his dream.
  19. Took over 2 months? My second package was smaller. So that may explain why it was faster.
  20. I emailed Hannants about my April 15 shipment, no reply. Although my May 9th shipment arrived.
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