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  1. He moved to Montreal to be closer to his grown up kids, he’s got free reign now. 😀
  2. I know three in that photo.
  3. Doesn’t surprise me what you added about Payette. And what you said about Billie is what I was trying to say, he cares about Canada and our Airforce, he wants the best for us. He isn’t a salesman, he’s a fighter pilot, a test pilot. And he is an honest man.
  4. Thanks so much for producing his decal sheet.
  5. Any previews? A group of us nuts have been patiently waiting for the F-22 sheet!
  6. It would be the Chevy engine, oddly I just read in the past week that the start cart was delivered to the museum too after retirement. But I can’t located where I read that now. You may find this interesting in regards to the various colors. https://www.sr-71.org/blackbird/startercart.php
  7. I worked Hornets, I really doubt there were any cockpit mods that would be noticeable in any scale.
  8. She was a miserable person well before that. When the GG news broke my two daughters acknowledged that I had been saying what she was like for at least a decade. I was shocked when she was selected for GG because her demeanor was well known in advance. She had just killed a pedestrian at the time of the announcement for GG and initially she was charged, although she was eventually cleared of responsibility.
  9. A squadron mate and I were assigned as escorts for Neil Armstrong and Julie Payette, I was the lucky one, I got the nice guy, the humble down to earth person. I picked him up at his hotel for four days and drove him to the events he was guest speaker at. He was always on time, we went for coffee and meals together, you’d never know he was the first man on the moon, he was a kind hearted gentle soul. My squadron mate probably still has PTSD from dealing with Julie. Always late, totally miserable, vulgar, he bought her a Starbucks coffee one day, she threw it at him and cussed him be
  10. I have a Tamiya paint rack for my paint.
  11. A few of us who are members here served with Flynn, he is an excellent well experienced fighter pilot. He served in the RCAF, and on exchange with the RAF and USAF. He flown flown most of the current modern frontline fighters, so he can speak from experience. He was also the Chief Pilot in the F-35 program. He was also previously married to Canadian Astronaut, and real world witch, Julie Payette.
  12. Congrats, exciting times. I did the same. My modeling friends bug me that my room is too nice. See if you can get the builder to put in a exhaust vent duct for your booth. The other option is a window vent, have one that you can change through the seasons. For tool storage you may want to look at kitchen cabinets, you could even design a work bench from what is offered these days. So many custom options, IKEA has nice kitchen stuff now. I bought some very nice display cabinets from a store fixture store, but if able get display cabinets custom built into the
  13. I saw a build in the last week where the builder solved this issue, I think it was at Brexit modeler. The issue is actually at the back of the fuselage. He offset that join by shaving it down. He glued the fuselage top and bottom starting at the front and worked his way back. I’ll see if I can find the build, the visuals will explain it better.
  14. I hope things slow for you and go back to normal. Welcome back (one foot in the door at least).
  15. Very nice, great looking Mig-29!
  16. I was actually second, if you look back you nominated yourself first.
  17. Nice build Dai, sorry about the decals. I feel they aren’t hit or miss, they are miss. Shame Eduard stopped working with Cartograf.
  18. Nope, I wish they did, my organization in Canada used to fly them. We actually did a little work with Victorian before we bought them. We have since bought new EC-145s.
  19. I think they left that pylon out on all their Starfighter kits, glad I have Daco sets.
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