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  1. I corrected my post after reading up on P-38s. Based on the engine panels I think that the kit will be a F/G/H. Prior to my edit I said E/F/H, which was wrong.
  2. GST in Canada stands for Government Screwing Taxpayers. Thank you Australia for giving this to us. It was supposed to be a temporary tax to pay down the deficit. Now it is permanent.
  3. It’s no longer a secret. The CAD image isn’t in this post, it is the nose cone. People have matched up the images in this link with P-38 drawings. It is definitely a 1/48 P-38 F/G/H and will be announced July 25.
  4. What a timely thread. But then again the CAD drawing leaked a few months ago so it wasn’t totally a surprise.
  5. There was the leaked picture from the Tamiya factory with what looked like a P-38 nose on a CAD drawing.
  6. It was in the works when Rick was still with us, his enthusiasm was likely the driving force.
  7. Super nice guy, I was looking for him at this years RMCC contest. So sorry to hear. He will certainly be missed on this site and at modeling and aviation events around Alberta. Please pass on my condolences to his family.
  8. The Spit was my favorite, most deserving on the awards. It was good to see you. The F-15 was gold, hands down. Yeah, some of the judging was bizarre. There was a model in one of the categories that I was in ( not mine) that was clearly the gold. It didn’t even place.
  9. I ordered one on eBay about two weeks ago. The seller’s auction said it was in stock. I found out today he won’t have them until end of June, first week of July. Kind of pissed being misled.
  10. It is still a visual representation of something that is there. I drove past a 104 everyday as the guard gate to my base, I could see the flush riveting on the wings from the road and the aircraft was mounted on a pedestal. No matter how well they were flush, and how well the finish was, you could still see them. A perfectly smooth clean wing wouldn't be accurate. It is all up to the modeller how they represent that visually. For me a black wash is a big no. It has to be subtle. There were two 104s on the way to work, one natural metal and the second in camo. I could see them on both.
  11. Those divots are a visual representation of something that is there. I saw Starfighter’s on a daily basis at one time.
  12. Hi Raymond, Please confirm the 1/32 Snowbird Tutor is still in the making. Or I’d even settle for it in 1/48. Thanks🙂
  13. I was able to sign in with Facebook and it restored my account settings. Makes you wonder if it was Facebook that was somehow blocking the login. With all the spying they do.
  14. Some build pictures on Facebook, but obviously behind schedule.
  15. Surveillance? Or they could paint targets for bombers.
  16. I walked into my local hobby shop in Canada and the kit was on the shelf last weekend, I was very surprised to see it.
  17. I get lots of modeling e-books and magazines for my iPad. They are cheaper and don’t take up shelf space. When I go to bed at night I don’t need a light on.
  18. I second that! I’d watch it just to see her again. Who cares about Harm?
  19. I can see the forums but when I attempt to open a thread I get a screen saying the forum is migrating to tapatalk and that I must login to view the forum. I’m already logged in and it is asking me to login again. When I do it I’m told the account doesn’t exist. I know I am using the correct username and password. In fact I can see in the top right corner my user ID. If anything it should say my password is not correct. Although I know It is not, I have it saved. I have another tapatalk account I can’t login on, exact same issue. I tried the same steps as above with the same results. The only thing that I tried that is different is after trying to login (while already logged in) I logged out of that account. When I tried to log back in it said my password was wrong and locked me after five attempts. Therefore once I log out it recognizes the account but not the password. I don’t want to log out of the hyperscale account because I know once I do my account will be locked. A third account at another site works. i had a similar problem a few months ago that Brett fixed. Tapatalk hasn’t been smooth.
  20. Glad to hear this warehouse is in Canada. Shipping from US to Canada is far too expensive.
  21. Cost, this was cheaper to purchase and we didn’t require the higher rate of descent required for carrier landings.
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