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  1. The easiest way to tell if it is a late model is the NACA inlet and the vent. Early models only had the exhaust outlet for the Nene engine. Only just over a dozen received the one piece front canopy in the final years of service, I hear it may have been up to 18. So very few. I’d love the one piece canopy to do a black scheme.
  2. Are you referring to the NACA vent? I feel it is very obvious. I just noticed the NACA vent is too high on the late kit for a Canadian version. The late kit is still good for the pylons for a late CT-133. I wish I kept my Hobbycraft T-33s, I have graft the NACA vent over.
  3. Either kit can be used. You do need to make small modifications. The early kit can be used for early CT-133s, all you need to add is the exhaust vent for the Nene engine, which was unique on Canadian built CT-133s. You need to drill a hole and create a channel. Very easy. To model a late Silver Star, the late kit has the NACA inlet on the gun door. You would need to add the exhaust vent for that system, which can be done easily with a piece of plastic card. Plus the above mod for the engine. Leading Edge CT-133 Decals have decals for the NACA inlet and the engine exhaust, you’d still need to fabricate the exhaust vent on the gun door.
  4. I just received notification that my product has shipped. Matt is swamped with business since the rest of the world was shut-down. As mentioned numerous times in this thread, Matt runs a rock solid business.
  5. Good to hear, I’ll remain patient. Mine was showing as in stock so hopefully it ships soon.
  6. Hilarious, you told me I didn’t have the right to speak a few weeks ago. And I have been on a carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan during her work-ups. The Captain’s chair had a blue cover stitched by Nancy Reagan. She also stitched his initials in yellow into the cover. I was invited to sit in this chair. And yes I have a picture. Did you ever sit in the Captain’s chair? You must have had a strong arm to throw a spent cartridge 50 ft at a Russian ship from the deck of a carrier. I bet Tom Brady couldn’t even do that in the blowing wind.
  7. It’s Covid 19, although as many have noted throughout this thread, your ignorance is astounding. You post things only you find is funny.
  8. No, as of three days ago there are 1,900 deaths a day due to Covid 19. Heart Disease is 1,700 deaths a day. John Hopkins released these numbers.
  9. Gloves are only useful if you have a clue how to put them on, don them, or the methods and sequence of their use. Otherwise they are only essentially another layer of infected skin. 99.9% of users have no clue how to use them properly. They are better off with a mask and a bar of soap.
  10. Georgia is opening up what should be the last part of the economy to open, people with direct contact with others. It almost like they are using that part of the populace as a test base, human guinea pigs. That’s the only sense I can make of it.
  11. In the modern age we aren’t talking years of the economy being shut-down, if everyone does their part this should only take a few months. If everyone did isolate properly it should have been eliminated in weeks. So this can’t be compared to the Great Depression.
  12. Hospitals, Emergencies and ICU departments are completely overrun/decimated with covid patients. That doesn’t happen on a normal day due to one type of illness. The number one cause of death in the US is covid. Covid transmits easier than any other illness, therefore that small percentage of deaths you quote are actually larger totals. Quit downplaying the severity of this pandemic.
  13. Yeah, Hannity did say all of that, he also said the death rate numbers are fake. That it’s just a flu.
  14. I don’t pay any attention to Huff Post, I do listen and watch CNN and based on my medical background their experts give excellent and accurate advice. What I hear on FOX is terrifying and inaccurate. You don’t hear anything on FOX repeated on other networks.
  15. Dead on, Herd Immunity is a risky proposition.
  16. Honestly, from an educated scientific perspective, from what I have witnessed, trust any of the major players except FOX.
  17. As I mentioned, I totally sympathize and understand with those out of work. Do you think we feel comfortable working around this virus? It isn’t a great feeling and I am scared for my wife. Governments should be able help their people. Canada is doing a great job helping out business and the unemployed with funds. I didn’t reply to your previous thread to this one but I did sympathize with you. Health is first and foremost.
  18. I honestly hear you Darren and I not on opposite ends of the field as you. I don't think this will be 18 months. Theoretically, if everyone did the right thing for two weeks that would have stopped the spread. Early containment was the key.
  19. Yes, that is odd. One thing I noticed is when this post originated all his regular facebook posts ceased around the same time. Hopefully Matt's health is well. I worry for him more than my order. He is in the Boston area. As I have mentioned, Matt is usually quick responding. There is one reply here though that says he just shipped a few days ago. So maybe the opposite is occurring, maybe he is overwhelmed with orders, which is good for him in there tough times.
  20. Middle ground does exist with increased testing and PPE and simple procedures like washing hands and not touching your nose, mouth, or eyes.
  21. Like Habu, I also work in the medical field. I work in Cancer Care, research, and prototype medical device creation. My professor says I am a scientist first before a Biomedical Engineer. I've had work published in medical journals and I am currently working in collaboration with several labs working on a vaccine for covid. So I am front line with this virus. I see it in both patients and in the lab. My wife is an emergency room RN and it is terrifying to hear what she is seeing. In normal times you don't see entire departments/hospitals overwhelmed with one illness. One thing I keep hearing is this argument about how few people are dying from this virus when compared to other illness. The key difference here is the transmission. It is much higher, without the social distancing we potentially could be wiping out millions, with no end in sight. Economies will recover. Dead people don't. Cardiac events have increased 5 fold since this virus was introduced, there are people who fall ill and don't even make it to a hospital. And many of these deaths are not being accounted for in the numbers. It is now well known this virus is not only attacking the lungs, it is also causing inflammation in the heart and kidneys and other key organs in the body. I get it, that times are tough. My parents lived in Scotland during the war, both of their homes were destroyed by German bombing and money and jobs were non-existent for most of the war. Food was rationed and scarce. I think we can survive a few months to stop the spread of this virus, times have been much tougher. The 30s are another example. It's tough to read this thread, reading about people upset they can't get their hair cut or wash their truck. We sure became an entitled world.
  22. Given I have dealt with him before and he responds immediately this is odd I haven’t heard from him yet. Both my items were in stock.
  23. Does anyone know if Hobbyworld USA are still open during this crisis? I emailed Matt and have not heard back. Did the original poster hear back? Typically Matt responds immediately. He doesn't have any notifications on his website and his Facebook page has not been updated since Feb. Thanks!
  24. Speed Hunter has Georgia on their latest set.
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