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  1. Has anyone heard from Dave recently or ordered decals from his site? Thanks
  2. Super Hornet is cancelled, our PM is likely shopping for a European product now, especially considering Canada/US relations are broken at the moment.
  3. That kit you have was released by Dan Dempsey's brother Rick, who owns a company called Specialty Jets Unlimited. It is a Revell boxing of the Hasegawa kit. I should know who produced the decals for Specialty Jets, I don’t think it was Leading Edge. Edit - you very likely bought it at the Alberta Aviation Museum in Edmonton, they had a lot of them in stock. I think they still have stock. Rick supplied them with stock.
  4. There was very good footage and details in the FAA film they had which they designed the decals from.
  5. We referred to them as both, the wing fold cans were likely referred to as Coke Cans more often.
  6. Fundekals did on their WWII FAA Corsair sheets, guns loaded in chalk decals are included. But you are likely talking modern day.
  7. When the cans are out the outside is red, which is what we called them coke cans.
  8. Yari corrected me, which I should have known.
  9. I should have known that was the holdback, similar to our CF-18s. I knew the Super Hornet had a second arm switch to the right of the gun arm. WhenI replied I actually stated what I read on another site and trusted it despite my instincts telling me it was wrong. I couldn’t see the chaff arm because his hand was in the way. Thank Yari, you were the armorer not me.
  10. Chaff/flare arm is the forward button, the smaller one on the gun access door. Both are circled and a line is drawn between the two. It’s a reminder to arm the chaff, follow the line to the gun to arm in that order. The H next to the gun arm switch indicates the gun is Hot (rounds are run up the drum to the gun). It is essentially a reminder to complete those two tasks just before take-off. As well as a reminder that this jet left hot.
  11. Gun switch, we called it the pop can. This one has gun info on it, HEI is high explosive incendiary.
  12. I have sprayed all three, all are fantastic. I don’t notice a difference between Tamiya and Mr Color is viscosity and use. They handle the same.
  13. The writing on the gun access door is the chaff/flare load and the date it was certified/loaded. The G is the the initial for the armament specialist that loaded it. This saves the aircrew from crawling under the jet on their pre-flight to confirm the load. It isn't the catapult info.
  14. I’d say it was the polishing that created the layer that lifted.
  15. Are you painting it in a factious scheme? You only want to feature and bring attention to the weapon loads? I’d paint it in a gray primer then.
  16. You should see the pictures we have of the 410 Cougar when we kidnapped it.
  17. Dave was one of the reasons this hobby peaked years ago, his product was second to none. I worked on a few products with him, I miss his passion for this industry.
  18. I’ll go one further, it’s a dumb idea.
  19. Yes, I will change up the codes. If I can get pictures of any crew names I will add them to one of the name bars.
  20. Sadly most resin makers ignore Kitty Hawk cockpits, probably because they have no basis to start with. The type of cockpit they put in this kit is garbage. Like you say, at least Eduard has three dimensional layers. A decal on a flat piece of material is junk. The rest of the kit looks great.
  21. Yes, a classic shop and a must stop whenever I am in Victoria.
  22. Thanks, I was able to find two of those, not the first F-15D.
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