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  1. Those are not lights Chris, they are forward quad receivers for detecting threats (EW gear). Most aircraft in RCAF inventory have some form of quad receivers installed, the Buff and Twin Otters are two that don’t. All combat aircraft do.
  2. Who is Shawn? Hasn’t his name been changed officially to Phantom? 😉
  3. I thought the newer Tamiya Zero that you say you have has both clipped and rounded wing-tips. So you should be good with what you have. Edit : Just reviewed my kits, I see it doesn’t, the earlier release does as does a Hasegawa kit (all of this information was previously posted in this thread).
  4. I’m actually going to follow the same thought pattern as your blog, except I am going to finish my shelf queens (only four or five) and not accumulate any additional queens. I’ll also thin the herd, I’d like to get down to less than 50 kits. I had 300, I thinned it in the last year to about 150. I’m currently working on two kits, one a 1/48 Eduard Spit Mk IX I just started, and the second a 1/48 Hasegawa Hornet I started in 1999 (yes 1999) . Both will be finished in 416 CAF/RCAF markings. I served in 416 (1999-2007). The Hornet will be painted in the color scheme I had designed and approved for my Squadron’s 60th anniversary (2001).
  5. Look’s great, Kitty Hawk lots are often neglected by aftermarket sets, especially the resin makers.
  6. The F-22 wasn’t exported because the sensitive software within the aircraft is easily deciphered. It is the aircrafts biggest weakness.
  7. There you go, first one built for the group build!
  8. Another vote for Canadian CH-147Ds in Afghanistan. These were ex-US Amy Chinooks. The Nose Art was applied by the US Army, we Candianized the markings. So you could actually do a before (US Army) and after (CAF). I have pictures of them all in theatre, in fact I have an entire CD full of pictures taken by a pilot friend who flew them in my former Squadron.
  9. Eduard will come to the rescue.
  10. Cheaper, they can fly different profiles such as that of a cruise missile. It free’s up front line fighters to conduct their own DACT. I know the pilots in my Hornet squadron didn’t like flying cruise missile profiles, they preferred the more challenging training missions. A high school friend of mine and former squadron mate brought the Hunters to North America. As far as I know, he is no longer involved or part owner of the Hunters. He returned to the Middle East to train pilots there. I didn’t know this pilot, although I know many of the pilots flying Hunters, A-4s,and Alpha jets as adversaries and ECM jets as private contracts now. Hopefully the pilot will be OK, he underwent surgery today. Sounds like he had compression injuries from the ejection.
  11. Very sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my own mother in March, so I understand the pain. It was nice to learn of him.
  12. I don’t see any delays, not even with the rotating postal strike. I never see anything even go to customs, only straight to my door.
  13. I doubt it, a lot of us are losing our near vision, we need 1/32.
  14. Why would you say that? Four 1/48 kits in the past few years?
  15. Great work, even if it is squished. It’s only your model photos that show up that way. And sometimes it goes away.
  16. Thank you for backing up what I already posted. 😊
  17. Very excited to have received new tool kit today (Canada)
  18. Any release date set for this? I’m chomping at the bit to build a Canadian Twin Huey that I worked on in the CAF.
  19. Scooby


    I have some from our fleet’s medical interior, I think we were the prototype for the Aussie interior. I’ll post them if you want. We fly with different medical equipment.
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