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  1. Cost, this was cheaper to purchase and we didn’t require the higher rate of descent required for carrier landings.
  2. The lighting isn’t compatible with our system and the plan is to standardize the systems so they are all the same. Our gear is not the same, the oleo is flipped and therefore again it is a matter of standardizing them all to the same specifications. Speaking with a friend of mine that I served with on Hornets who is still in Cold Lake, we didn’t purchase the engines installed on these jets. The four engines on the first two jets are being shipped back to Australia.
  3. I’ll check, I think he packed it up and took it home.
  4. A guy was selling one at our club meeting this week, $20.00. I was tempted, I already have one and doubt I will build two after reading all the build reviews over what a challenge the kit is to build (despite it being a very nice tooling).
  5. Here is a post from Hyperscale Hi, my name is Julian you were previously in contact with my bf on the Hyperscales forum about scale model aircraft kits. He is currently incarcerated for a dui and I am trying to pick up the mess he left behind and catch up on the model orders. If you are still interested can you please contact me and let me know what kits ?Best regards, Julian
  6. If you look at his profile he was last active this past Saturday
  7. Especially a newly registered member. I have sold to friends and bought from friends. In those instances I am OK with it.
  8. Hopefully you didn’t pay via friends and family?
  9. He has the same listing over at Hyperscale. He was caught selling the same kits to a couple of guys over at Hyperscale, both have paid for the same models and he has since disappeared. He is newly registered there and also asked his buyers to pay with friends and family. He is also apparently using two names in his emails, one is Mitchell Marchesani and the second is Julian Salazar. I’d say buyer beware and very careful with this guy as this is all fishy.
  10. Dayton............nothing compares. Smaller ones, Pearl Harbor, Paul Allen's collection in Seattle. Aviation events, Oshkosh.
  11. Unless there is a change in government I don't think it will. From the time the Sea King was originally going to be replaced to when it actually was replaced 25 years elapsed. I still recall when the Liberals cancelled the replacement helo Defence Minister David Collenette stated that no Sea King will fly past January 1, 1999. We all know how that worked out, the Sea Kings were replaced in 2018, with a helicopter in all honesty actually failed the trials and came very close to being cancelled. But the RCAF will make it work, they have to.
  12. None at all, perhaps when the current government gets voted out later this year it will resume.
  13. Neu hit the nail on the head. Especially about letting the subject matter experts make the decision. I served under Hawn, and I am still in touch with many people I served with in the Hornet world, the F-35 is the aircraft of choice in the military community. It is the best airframe to allow our aircrews to survive to fight another day.It also the best decision for our aviation industry, we share in the production, research and development. The Gripen is junk. And he is 100% correct about the Canadian public, they allow these type of fiascos to go on. We should have more concern for our military than we show. You don’t procure military equipment to fight today’s wars, you purchase it to fight tomorrow’s wars against the strongest adversary. The rest of the world isn’t wrong about the F-35, but Trudeau certainly is.
  14. Those are Cold War era nuclear weapons. In Canada, CF-104s we’re capable of carrying the B43. I have one on one of my Starfighter builds. One way missions in those days, my flight instructor (Private Pilot’s License) was a CF-104 pilot in Europe during the Cold War era. He told me the scenario was to bomb your target, turn away from the blast and fly as far as your fuel would take you, then eject and find your way back to whatever home would be.
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