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  1. This should help you: http://hedgehoghollow.com/buzz/Colour_Guide/aircraft_clr.html Use the version for 1 CAG T-birds. They were not painted with the Dutch colors. They were painted in Scotland with the Canadian 101-327. Gunze H306 plus 10% white is a good match (FS36270).
  2. The symmetrical camouflage scheme correct? I have that informaton somewhere. Are you using the Canuck Decals sheet? Does he not list the Grey?
  3. I’m ex-Avionics too, that still takes an effort considering the person doing the work knows he has a loaded jet and should know the hazards. Every accident is the result of a chain chain of events, break any link in that chain and the accident doesn’t occur. You just demonstrated the number of links that added to the final result.
  4. Hobby Wholesale in Edmonton has the fullline of the new paints.
  5. There are definite ways to bypass the switches, especially if the jet was being worked on. I was only permitted to work on armed jets during one specific operation. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t wartime ops, it was G-8 protection, to keep jets over the summit 24-7. Hopefully the WOW override box wasn’t connected. Although there are pin shorts that could fire a weapon system without an override of the WOW. It takes a lot of effort to accomplish this though.
  6. Wow, a second one, you are awesome!
  7. Very nice, love the presentation.
  8. Love it! The Hercules is still my first love in aircraft. 🙂
  9. Beautiful everything! Two weeks? That would take me two years.
  10. Wow Chuck, jaw dropping. I haven't seen your recent works in person. I hope to get to see this and the F-15 next year in Calgary!
  11. Sorry to hear, losing a pet is never easy.
  12. Airforce does too, I was in a Tactical Helicopter Squadron for part of my career. We even had satellite TV, and we purchased a shower trailer.
  13. Exactly, I’ve read a lot of people say they look the same. They don’t at all, AMKs is two piece.
  14. Royal Canadian Navy is the same, they have drinking messes on the ships. I hear a lot of US sailors love serving on a Canadian ship.
  15. Exactly, McDonald’s isn’t the only fast food business that sells burgers.
  16. Posted a few posts up a day ago.
  17. Probably coming out later, but would have made more sense now
  18. Alberta. I bought the ZM Phantom six months ago. And that and one other ZM Phantom were probably the only kits I purchased from a US seller in 4-5 years. I price checked the Phantoms with offers from Japan, Sprue Brothers was actually cheaper. I think ZM in Japan was jacking their shipping so as to not to compete with ZM USA. I just looked at my invoice, they were $75 US shipped. My go to locations are Lucky, Hannants, and Ultracast. For decals it is eBay seller rebelalpha.
  19. I’m very selective what I buy from them now, they do have economy shipping now. You need to select it from a pull down though. I can ship a kit for $20, aftermarket for less. I shipped a ZM Phantom on a sale for $85 US total.
  20. Nothing really left in Canada that I know of, I usually order from Europe/Asia or through eBay, depending on shipping. The only US seller with reasonable shipping is Spruebrothers
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