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  1. Exactly, McDonald’s isn’t the only fast food business that sells burgers.
  2. Posted a few posts up a day ago.
  3. Probably coming out later, but would have made more sense now
  4. Alberta. I bought the ZM Phantom six months ago. And that and one other ZM Phantom were probably the only kits I purchased from a US seller in 4-5 years. I price checked the Phantoms with offers from Japan, Sprue Brothers was actually cheaper. I think ZM in Japan was jacking their shipping so as to not to compete with ZM USA. I just looked at my invoice, they were $75 US shipped. My go to locations are Lucky, Hannants, and Ultracast. For decals it is eBay seller rebelalpha.
  5. I’m very selective what I buy from them now, they do have economy shipping now. You need to select it from a pull down though. I can ship a kit for $20, aftermarket for less. I shipped a ZM Phantom on a sale for $85 US total.
  6. Nothing really left in Canada that I know of, I usually order from Europe/Asia or through eBay, depending on shipping. The only US seller with reasonable shipping is Spruebrothers
  7. It was the aircraft that was in his log book the most on his second tour. He took whatever was ready. All records from the Blacksheeps first tour were lost.
  8. He actually said they were outside in a shipping container. So they could be close.
  9. I’m friends with the graphic artist that designed the schemes on the actual jets. He is supposed to be retired now but he continues to design. He was a civilian graphic artist employed in one of our Hornet Squadrons. I ran into him this summer and he said he is up to 55 paint jobs now. He even designed the jet I initiated the suggestion for in my squadron. The decals for the Canada 150 (150th anniversary of our nation) jet that you have was his design from last year. He was very proud of that one as the scheme was also put on Canada’s bobsleds in the Winter Olympics. Billions of eyes got to see his design in the Olympics. The unveiling of the bobsleds was in a hangar with the 150 jet. I also know the decal designer, he does great work. He owns Leading Edge Models. Nice to see his work being printed by Cartograf now. I don’t think you offended any of us, you had a valid question. The Kinetic Hornet was the brainchild of a good friend of mine who passed away recently from cancer. I wish he would have been alive to see the kit released. Raymond deserves thanks too, he was also good friends with Rick.
  10. I may also have an extra, only paid $5 (Canadian) for it. It’s yours for shipping only if I still have it. How are you doing Carmen?
  11. Which is huge difference from the 2007 kit. You do know Tamiya is releasing a brand new tool Mk I?
  12. Here is his Facebook page if you want to put a face to him: https://www.facebook.com/jeremy.coyle.3?fb_dtsg_ag=Adwt9h-61TngNvGgWVH58vZQCQEIM8kv9VrT3qtplKZzqQ%3AAdzQMF7sHz31dC6vo7-P68vRkCOBBtwZpWItTCRl9yHtmw The same picture he uses on his avvy is on Aeroscale, so same person.
  13. Very nice, I like the shading on the interior black areas. As well as the scratch built additions!
  14. Because these boxings sell well to Canada and other parts of the world. This kit was priced right too, it wasn’t anymore than the standard kit. If Colin doesn’t get the decals from you I am interested.
  15. I meant to add, I hope I am not saying the obvious.
  16. 50/50 ratio of Mr Levelling Thinner. Tamiya lacquer thinner I hear works well too, although I have never used it. Mod F-15 colors are in the new Tamiya Lacquer Line too, at least I think they are. But I don’t think you guys have them in the US yet. We have them in Canada.
  17. Macular Degeneration, once detected is treatable. The earlier the better. It can be stopped, but not reversed. My mom had it. So go for regular eye exams since your father has it.
  18. Totally agree, just sent him a PM in regards to a package he sent me in May, that I thought didn’t arrive. Great guy.
  19. My own colour jet from when I was in the CAF (now RCAF) had one flight control surface painted the opposite colours. The refinisher mixed up the top and bottom colours. It flew that way the entire time it was in service. We had to change it soon after it rolled out we didn't have time to change it. Plus it added character so we left it as is.
  20. Sad, I can't understand how people can put such a twist on reality.
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