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  1. Sad, I can't understand how people can put such a twist on reality.
  2. I see Sprue Brothers has 15% off decals, are there any others I am missing?
  3. Very sad, he often responded to questions on ARC and Hyperscale. He was such a large impact on the hobby.
  4. I’m very interested. How do you gauge interest? Is it based on this site only or all over? The last of the Phantoms is an exciting project, the last of the legends. Once ZM releases their E interest should spike even more.
  5. Actually Alberta is getting most of their smoke. 10.0 on the health risk rating scale out of 10.
  6. No, there is an easy way to mask it. 🙂 https://dnmodels.com/product/f-104-splinter-aggressor-1-48-aerospace/
  7. The earlier schemes are CF-104s, the later splinter schemes are a G model (dual) and a S model for the single. Your Red Baron kit is a G, I don’t recall if the S parts are in that boxing. You can perhaps ask if anyone has the S parts in their spares, DACO also sells the sprues for an S conversion for the Hasegawa kit.
  8. Sorry to hear about your Squadron mates, good to hear you made it out.
  9. O2 levels were lowest on Saturday mornings on the flightline. It sure cured hangovers until it wore off. The guys replenishing the systems sure hated us on Saturdays.
  10. Unbelievable this guy is still getting away with this.
  11. My reply meant to add humor to the thread. As has been posted a lot of details are online, especially external positions of sensors/antenna. There are good links in the thread. I’m Canadian so it was CAF/RCAF for me. 🙂
  12. I did say I thought it was Abbottsford, I wasn’t certain where I saw them together.
  13. I’ve seen the B-2 more often at the Rose Bowl Parade then at airshows. I’ve seen the Blues and Thunderbirds together once, I think it was at the Abbotsford Airshow. I’ve seen both teams individually with the Snowbirds multiple times.
  14. He probably does bulk listings with one template and didn’t edit this one well enough.
  15. Yes, I know, but not the nitty gritty. We are reminded when we retire that we are still bound by the Official Secrets Act.
  16. I was given in depth information when I joined the Airforce. Maybe sign up? 😀 You won’t find any information on how it functions.
  17. .....sounds like no one on board survived. It was a flight flying tourists. https://www.aviation24.be/airlines/ju-air/ju-air-ju52-crashed-at-piz-segnas-no-survivors-found-yet/
  18. They sold where I live, the economy was much better then, in fact they couldn’t keep them on the shelves. They were hard to obtain, especially the F-18D, I remember when the distributor Mikerian Mercantile, found three cases of D models, the owner of the shop I dealt with asked if he should buy them all, I said yes. He sold them all for $100 each (72 kits), he gave me a free kit for my advice.
  19. We are looking for different scales anyways, he is after 1/48, I’m after 1/32.
  20. Great book, I got it directly from the author soon after it was released. If you can’t find the Canuck decals, you are aware that Belcher still has his CF-104 decals, which are printed by microscale? Very good decals, some of the best on the market. http://www.belcherbits.com/lines/decals/bd6.htm
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