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  1. Man, where were you when I was posting requests for full or partial sets in the ARC and Hyperscale want adds? Very generous. Although I am looking for 1/32 variegated CF-104s. I have a lot of 1/48 CF-104 decals sets, many are still available.
  2. I’ve already emailed him on it, the variegated 104s are out of stock. He mailed the last of them to Hannants, who are also out of stock. I also emailed them directly. David does plan to release sold out decals, he just doesn’t know when. He has announced some, the variegated 104s are not on that list. I’ve emailed all over the place looking for those decals, I missed a set by one day at one location. I have also posted want adds. I am after the 1/32 sheet.
  3. My boxes were damaged too, both the shipping box and the Tamiya box, first time I have experienced that, I haven’t looked over the kit closely yet. It arrived Friday and I left on a little trip. Back Sunday and will look the kit over closely then.
  4. Just realized my typo, at first I was thinking someone hacked my account because I didn’t understand the context of the email notifications I received. I didn’t remember the post.
  5. Release three has those colors in them, they released them in three bunches. They are at Hobby Wholesale ( not release 3), I know Comex will never get them. He doesn’t feel he has room for any additional pain racks. I asked in the past for Mr Color.
  6. I’ve bought them, I’m not sure if release #3 has hit our shelves.
  7. I didn’t change them so it didn’t bother me. 😁
  8. Those outriggers took out many taxi lights on our base when we hosted visiting B-52s.
  9. It’s always tricky, I implemented new NVGs on several aircraft types, often it was the new panels that were faulty manufacture, with light leakage.
  10. I was going to say much the same, NVG mods have more to do with the interior lighting and control panel lights then the color of the cockpit.
  11. Z got back in, after being out for 6 years. He’s in town as his father had heart surgery. His dad is recovering well. Z is in 442. Stay strong my friend.
  12. Take care Carmen. I'm seeing an ex-416er today, Club Z has been in town. He passes on his condolences.
  13. I doubt the B-52 guns are loaded. Cool observation though.
  14. Perhaps a typo in the instructions, poor editing from the previous instructions?
  15. Very nice! Awesome video! Incredible build!
  16. You can build 902 from the Kinetic kit.
  17. I received my decals today, great product. All is good.
  18. So sorry to hear Carmen, thoughts and prayers for you and your family. I tried to send you a private message, stay strong my friend. Gary
  19. My mistake, I had always thought the Vintage Wings Sabre was the Airspray Sabre. I just read the history. The pilot of the Airspray Sabre definitely told me the fuselage was a Mk 5 and the wing was from a Mk 6. He also said he had all the logs from when the airframe was with the RCAF and he stated it flew with both 441 and 416. He also stated they painted the checkers on the tail to honour its time with 441. I trusted this info.
  20. He posted an update on his Facebook page April 12th with that and more information. Since then he hasn't posted anything. I asked him a few questions via email and he hasn't replied. I also placed an order two weeks ago and haven't received the decals yet. He is still going to produce, just more carefully. He took a hit on his BoB kit release. I was hoping someone would respond saying they placed an order recently and received it.
  21. Yes, it is a combination of a Mk 5 and Mk 6. We used to have this jet in Cold Lake when it towed gunnery targets for us. It has a wing off a Mk 6 and fuselage from a Mk 5.
  22. Correct, how did that slip my mind.
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