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  1. wadeocu

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    This saga has turned into a great example of how not to handle a new kit announcement/release. Announce it 2-3 months before you can ship it and sell boat loads while the honeymoon period is still in full swing; Tamiya leads the field in more ways than one!
  2. wadeocu

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Perhaps we have reached the point to ask the enduring, age-old question: Is that an accurate release date or a looks close enough to me release date?
  3. wadeocu

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    I think this whole saga affirms Tamiya's approach to new releases; keep it all under wraps until it is just a month or two from being ready to ship and then spill the beans and sell the wares while the new car smell is still lingering.
  4. wadeocu

    NZ P-40 scheme (per wartime diary)

    Here is what a fellow over on Britmodeller.com offered on the subject. I think it hit the nail on the head from the looks of it: Hi Jack Given the drawing and notes plus the camouflage lines, I would state with quite some certainty. that James recorded an RNZAF P40K in what is known as the RNZAF Pacific Scheme The Fuselage roundel is correct, except he forgot to include/mention the 1 inch red dot worn by the P40K in this scheme. From Pete Mossong's site see link below RNZAF P40K RNZAF Pacific Scheme As to what it looked like in colour (albeit modern colours) - note "Smokey Grey and Smokey Green. RNZAF P40K Pacific Scheme The actual colours are NZ Sea Blue Grey/NZ Pacific Green/DuPont Sky- Type S (aka Duck Egg Blue) which are recorded in the records held by the RNZAF Museum. Incidentally, this is the Scheme I plan for an RNZAF P40K in the Pacific Group Build staring this Saturday (Sept ) Hope that helps? Regards Alan
  5. wadeocu

    NZ P-40 scheme (per wartime diary)

    This sketch is from the diary of James Claire Nolan as transcribed on this site: www.thisdamnnavy.com Can anyone shed some light on the accuracy of this sketch? Any photos or profiles of an example of this scheme? Very interesting stuff to me so thanks for any further information anyone can offer. - Jack
  6. wadeocu

    Tamiya 1:48 F-14 2.0

    Well that's just it with these lucky models surface shipping deals. We really didn't pay anything for shipping. Mine was packed well with lots of bubble wrap and tape. I just feel that ocean freight is subject to a lot of forces that no amount of care in packaging can cope with. If I had received damaged plastic I would feel differently about it but I think some box crushing is to be expected when you pay nothing for shipping across the globe.
  7. wadeocu

    Tamiya 1:48 F-14 2.0

    My box was beat up too with no damage to contents. I paid $150 for one tomcat, two meng 1/72 f-106s and one each of the resin detail sets meng produced, shipped. That's at least $100 off retail. The way I see it is it's a good way to get builder kits because some scratch and dent is expected. As long as contents are ok I'm ok.
  8. wadeocu

    Tamiya 1:48 F-14 2.0

    Box off of the slow boat from China that set sail on 10/25 arrived at my door yesterday. Ho Ho Ho indeed!
  9. wadeocu

    Effective Marketing of New Kit Releases

    Don't get me wrong; I'm definitely gonna build this sucker!! That's the plan, right now, while I'm still excited about a new release, gonna build it into the perfect replica you know! Well sometimes it does actually pan out, but the closet stash is much larger than the shelf display so the odds aren't in my or the model's favor - just Tamiya's. You are like me Dean. I'm not so ate up with Tomcats that Id buy a new release any time one came up. The allure of the brand definitely got me here!
  10. All the new releases and new companies taking different approaches to releases has me thinking about the varying marketing strategies. As in many areas I think Tamiya has a most effective approach at least in so far as it generates interest and sales upon release. Tamiya announces a kit only when it is a few months from actual release. There is real plastic to see and you get views gradually fed to you over a week or two. Every time a new pic surfaces it gets posted and talked about. Then box art, decals and build reviews all follow in quick succession. By the time of the actual release, interest is still way up there in the hype mode and has had little to no time to simmer back down to more realistic realizations like, as for many of us, that it will sit in the closet/stash indefinitely after a few happy hours of checking it out in the box. So many other approaches have been taken and it is interesting to me to see the differences. Some companies announce projects years before they see release. Lots of time for practical would-be buyers remorse to set in before the purchase is made. AMK's approach of inviting input in the design stage is interesting and refreshing. I think that approach does a lot to develop brand loyalty and following. Not sure that it generates the impulse buys that Tamiya can. Airfix announces development for the following year. It makes for a flood of news around christmas time but again I think they let the fire die down too much before the release date. Then again, Airfix's kits are so cheap, they may not need the extra umph from the hype to make the impulse sales. Eduard's approach seems to kill impulse sales all together. The kits seem to be fully critiqued before they ever see the light of day. Using myself as my prime example ( :sunrevolves:/>/> ) I hardly ever buy fresh from the factory new releases. I typically prefer to wait for the sales and markdowns that come about a year or two after release if not for the bargain boxes at IPMS shows. I rarely feel the need to get to building something right away. I have been sucked into the Tamiya Tomcat hype though; I've got one on pre-order! I never pre-order! What is wrong with me; honey come quick I've been effectively marketed to!! I did get the cheap surface mail option so its not that I just have to have it in my hands ASAP but I cant help but think that I have somehow been sucked in when I normally do not. Of course Tamiya gets a lot of attention just from their standing in the industry. Just musing on the different approaches. What do you all think? Anyone else been unwittingly Tomcatted that would normally not be? :dontknow:/>/> :smiley-transport006:/>/>
  11. wadeocu

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    I predict much gnashing of teeth about this .....
  12. wadeocu

    Tamiya 1/48th F-14 Sept 2016

    Dont you know; all the tomcat overlords are driving tornados these days! On an unrelated note, I wonder how much popcorn the Tamiya PR department has gone through in the last week ....
  13. wadeocu

    1/32 F8F-1B Bearcat - Indochine

    I like it; it conveys a sense of ragtag forsaken warriors on the fringe of the empire making do with whatever they have to carry out the mission. By the way, is that a roll of TP the pilot is holding?
  14. wadeocu

    My Modeling Wishlist for Each Manufacture

    Wishlist for each manufacturer from A to Z! All in 1/72nd : Academy – Blackburn Buccaneer AFV Club – Blackburn Buccaneer Annetra s.r.o – Blackburn Buccaneer Airfix – Blackburn Buccaneer Ark Models - Blackburn Buccaneer Arma Hobby – Blackburn Buccaneer Arsenal Model Group (AMG) - Blackburn Buccaneer AvantGarde Model Kits (AMK) – Blackburn Buccaneer AZmodel – Blackburn Buccaneer Big Planes Kits (BPK) - Blackburn Buccaneer Eduard – Blackburn Buccaneer Fly – Blackburn Buccaneer Freedom Model Kits – Blackburn Buccaneer Great Wall Hobby (GWH) – Blackburn Buccaneer Hasegawa – Blackburn Buccaneer Heller – Blackburn Buccaneer HobbyBoss - Blackburn Buccaneer HpH Model – Blackburn Buccaneer Hypersonic Models - Blackburn Buccaneer ICM – Blackburn Buccaneer Italeri – Blackburn Buccaneer Kinetic – Blackburn Buccaneer Kitty Hawk – Blackburn Buccaneer lcaerodesign – Blackburn Buccaneer Mars Models - Blackburn Buccaneer Merit - Blackburn Buccaneer MikroMir – Blackburn Buccaneer Minicraft - Blackburn Buccaneer Pilot Replicas – Blackburn Buccaneer Revell – Blackburn Buccaneer Roden – Blackburn Buccaneer RS Models – Blackburn Buccaneer S&M Model – Blackburn Buccaneer Special Hobby – Blackburn Buccaneer Sword – Blackburn Buccaneer Tamiya – Blackburn Buccaneer Tanmodel – Blackburn Buccaneer Tarangus – Blackburn Buccaneer Trumpeter – Blackburn Buccaneer Valom – Blackburn Buccaneer Wolfpack Design – Blackburn Buccaneer Xuntong – Blackburn Buccaneer Zvezda – Blackburn Buccaneer Ok, feel free to mix it up with some other scales, either way, I'll buy at least one of each.
  15. I wonder if the responsible party generating these rumors simply has a vested interested against the success of the Eduard/HB "Dangerzone" Tomcat release; the timing of the rumor was uncanny - just saying. Okay I'll take the tin-foil cap off now .....