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  1. I used some g-factor exhausts that were 15 bucks from Sprue Bros that gave all the added detail I was looking for. It took a little modification to make it work but I like the result. Long and short of it was that the can was a bit thicker and had a narrower opening leaving an edge visible. I cut out the inside ring from the kit part and shoved it in the resin part and that did the trick for me. Not really accurate I guess but it looks busy and detailed down there which was what I was after. KA's stuff looks nice but for me was cost prohibitive when the price with shipping began to reach
  2. Are there differences in the landing gear on different model Phantoms? These parts, for example, intended for the "F-4J/S carrier take-off" look the same as the ones in my F-4E kit: Am I missing something? I never was good at the spot the difference game! - Jack
  3. Very cool video Ben (sorry missed that it was you that posted the link) - - thanks again. That is a great way to see the complete cycle up close. Quite informative indeed!
  4. Thanks Jari - that picture shows the stabilator in the position Gene suggested doesn't it? - Jack
  5. Thanks guys - super helpful stuff from each of you. That video link is helpful Rich and I forgot all about the Academy kit crew figures. I have an Eduard boxing of that kit so it is very much an option. I agree that the Aerobonus figures have oversized helmets, though perhaps not quite as bad as the unfeasibly huge helmet on this poor SHAR pilot 🤣: I thought you may be along soon to help me Gene; it is reassuring to have your learned input! I suppose it makes sense that they would have visors down on take off in the event of an emergency or just to shade the eyes f
  6. What a lovely production this new Zoukei Mura kit is! When they first released their Phantom kits, I was disappointed that they didn't start with the early E, but now I am glad that they worked out some of the bugs on other models because this is the one for me! It appears to be designed to allow the model to be properly configured for an aircraft taking off with weight still on the main gear although it doesn’t specifically explain this in the instructions. Am I right about this? Going down the list of things to consider for this configuration: 1 - nose
  7. What are the options for suitable resin crew figures? I am interested in some type of in-flight display for my old man. His second tour was with the 4th TFS 366th TFW from April 69-70 at DaNang. This early F-4E release is just the thing for him!
  8. This is good news to me .... I think. Am I correct that one could model a rotating aircraft with these options? What would the proper configuration be for an F-4E taking off? What flight mode would the closed nozzles be correct for?
  9. Just chiming in to say I read this full post Stephane. Given the amount of time you must have spent writing it, I thought that you may like to hear that. It grabbed and held my attention - thank you. By the way, how do you rate the light bluish plastic Airfix is using for their current kit production?
  10. Is there an arbitrary limit of page numbers for a thread on this site? Funny thing: I thought there was, that it was 200 and that this was the reason everyone kept talking about it and rooting for it to hit 200; so that it would crawl off and die a quiet death!
  11. Extraordinarily well said - a sincere and valid point made without vitriol, condescension or hypersensitive defensiveness! Could it be that we are finally learning how to best use the internet? Thank you Mr. Mstor!
  12. If Tan Model gets its act together and we get a new tool 1/48 kit and a 1/72 kit in the same year, I may need to wear a tight fitting helmet to keep my head from exploding!!!💥
  13. This saga has turned into a great example of how not to handle a new kit announcement/release. Announce it 2-3 months before you can ship it and sell boat loads while the honeymoon period is still in full swing; Tamiya leads the field in more ways than one!
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