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    God I hate San Francisco!!!!!!

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    MCAS Futenma Japan

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  1. SSgtd6152

    I hate my cat...

    Huumm................... Me to, I'll feed them to my dog!
  2. SSgtd6152

    I hate my cat...

    Jon that is why you need a dog! CAT'S SU(K!
  3. SSgtd6152

    Impact Decals next two releases

    Yep, you are right and no one has decals for A-1's
  4. SSgtd6152

    "Forgive me, Brothers, for I have sinned..."

    Na, Huuaaa Sarge!!! :D
  5. SSgtd6152

    Why the RM A-10 is better than the rest...

    The RM kit just flat Su(ks @$$!!!!!!!!!! HB is the best A-10 kit! :)
  6. SSgtd6152

    Iraqi Fighters 1953 -2003

    Cool, now I can do a blown up mig!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. SSgtd6152

    Build #3 F4U-4 Corsair

    Nice man!!!!!!!!!
  8. SSgtd6152


    I do not know if it has the decals you are looking for I do know it has HC-11. 1:48 Academy MRC CH-46D HH-46D Sea Knight US Navy #12207 http://store.spruebrothers.com/shared/Stor...et=products.asp
  9. SSgtd6152


    You can't in 1/35, but you can in 1/48. I'm a Marine Crew Chief on Phrogs and I'm PCSing to 774 in Norfolk in Jan. I have alot of pics if you like them, but not of navy D's. The nearest equivalent in 1/35 would be a 47, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ONE that's not going to happen. And if you could you will be a GOD!!!
  10. SSgtd6152

    NSAWC Viper decals

    Working on it!! I'll see you on Sat, I did not get on the MacFlight on the 4th so now I get to fly back with VMGR-152 4 to 5 day flight on a C-130 :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a pic on TwoBobs page, check it out. It is a pain, but is fun!
  11. SSgtd6152

    NSAWC Viper decals

    Harv likes'ym big!!
  12. SSgtd6152

    Best 1/48 F-18 Kit?

    The Hasegawa F-18's are just like ther F-14 the more you do, the beter you get at doing them!!! I have 4 F-18's and man the first one sucked!!!! And this latest http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....p;#entry1579752
  13. SSgtd6152

    Marine Crusaders in Vietnam

    Yes 232 had the WT on the Wing and the same with 323, the squadrons have pics up at ther hanger.
  14. SSgtd6152

    Production Line

    I did not make a post hear, but I did a 1/48 F-18A+ from VMFA-232 CAG bird MAW decals and nose.
  15. SSgtd6152

    MAW Decals on a 1/48 F-18

    thank you sir!