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  1. A recently completed 1/100 scale model of the IAI KFir C2 aircraft built from the Revell/Takara kit. The model was assembled very nicely, but it turned out to be a bit problematic to fit the cabin cover to the hull and the decals, yellowed with age (the model had been in the box for over 30 years), which fitted perfectly. If it weren't for the fact that there are no decals for 1/100 models on sale, I had to use the ones I had in the set. Please visit the gallery of the finished model.
  2. Could someone post photos of how this correction should be made?
  3. Very nice look, nice work !
  4. The model looks very interesting. I like the end result of your work on this model.
  5. I like Phantoms ! Very nice look and very good work.
  6. Is this an old Monogram EF-111A kit converted to F-111C? The vertical stabilizer comes from some F-111 kit, have you modified it?
  7. Very nice look. Nice builid.
  8. Przedstawiono ukończony w 2023 roku model McDD F-4EJ Phantom II. Model z zestawu TAMIYA w skali 1/100. Zestaw nie jest problemem do zbudowania, ale trochę pracy będzie wymagało prawidłowego ustalenia wlotów powietrza i usunięcia wypukłych linii oznaczających znak Thunderbirds z edycją zespołu akrobacyjnego US NAVY.
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