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  1. Great work and thanks for making / posting the video. I've liked and subscribed and know I'll learn from you!
  2. I used that Eagle Strike sheet years ago the Hasegawa kit. Your's looks way better. What did you use for your final flat / dull coat? It's fantastic.
  3. Anyone have a partial? I've managed to ruin the right side cowl Type B checkering decal twice now, so hoping 3rd time is the charm. Really just need the single decals. This is for "No Guts No Glory" and is the only subject on the sheet that uses that decal.
  4. I'm in luck, Norris at Thundercals happens to have an extra cowling decal on a partial sheet and is hooking me up. Excellent customer service! So, hopefully I won't mess it up again and can finish off this cowling. I takes three decals, a top, left and right, and I already have the top and left side on: In the meantime, I got the cockpit finished and was then able to join fuselage halves, get the wings on etc, such that now it's ready for paint. I know this kit has been out for near 20 years, but after a 15 year hiatus from the hobby, this is my first time building
  5. I presume I can throw these in the trash and not feel bad? Any P-40 builders out confirm that conversions for Arii P-40's are obsolete?
  6. I'm not sure if the Tamiya can's would work on the Hasegawa kit. I presume the detail is better....anyone know if they'd fit OK? Thanks for checking, Joe!
  7. Well, I buggered up the 3rd and final checkering decal for the cowling. I was SOOO close to having it on correctly but things spiraled out of control. So, I've got a note out to Norris if he has any partials he can sell. Anyone have the right cowling, Type B checkering decal they can spare from Thundercals 48-006? Of the five subject on the sheet, No Guts No Glory is the only one that uses that decal.
  8. Yeah, ended up just going with Mission Models for this kit. Surprised no one has a "go to" color or mix for Yellow Chromate with Vallejo Air
  9. There is something a bit intimidating about checkered paint jobs, but I love these markings from Thundercals and am excited to finally be building this kit. Just getting back into the hobby this winder after a near 15 year hiatus.
  10. Anyone have a happy answer for Yellow Zinc Chromate from Vallejo Model Air? Working on the Tamiya 1/48 Jug. Tried 71.107 interior yellow, didn't like it. Tried again with 71.106 RLM05 and it seems closer but a bit too pale - reminds me of the yolk of a hard boiled egg. Is 71.135 a good option or do I need to be mixing my own? Any recipes? I used to happily use the Model Master enamel version but am switching over to acrylics as I get back into the hobby.
  11. Did you ever track these down? I think I have the older version of the kit (low tech!) w/ instructions I could scan in if that is helpful.
  12. Any of these useful / interesting? Got them in an auction a long time ago when they were new (these are promo copies). Instructions are printed on back. All are for the 1/35 Kangam kit
  13. Look how clean the speed brake / control surfaces are. I guess all those "NO STEP" stencils actually work!
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