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  1. Agreed. Do you think the information on the Iwata australia site is misleading? I suppose it CAN be used with the 925HT but it’s not ideal
  2. Thanks for the input guys. I appreciate it. I’ve tried setting the regulator first then pulling the trigger to set the required pressure. I’ve also tried pulling the trigger on the gun, then setting the pressure on the regulator. I’ll go through everything again this morning. Didn’t realise I could paint using a simple CO2 tank????? have a look at the two images I’ve attached. One is from the Iwata international site, the other from the Australian site. Anything look odd ??
  3. Hi everyone, Merry Christmas. I have issues with a $400 Iwata compressor I purchased recently. As soon as I pull the trigger on the gun it drops to 10-15PSI regardless of what I set the pressure at on the actual compressor. Any ideas? IMG_2238.MOV
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