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  1. This is fantastic! VERY WELL DONE !
  2. Thanks @southwestforests I really appreciate it. Im hoping the print I am making now will fit. Then I can finish the detail and get it painted.
  3. Hey @Homer Thanks! these parts min extrusion is .25. So the reinforcement bars on the seats are .25 as are the head rests. The seat frames vary. The HUD's are .25 as well. It's hard to see but there are small nibs in the back on the inside of the HUD frame and a small slot in the back for the clear plastic to rest so it's at the right angle. Im hoping my 4th print will fit in the model. I have one hot point and trimming the geometry to the downward facing slope is the hard part. If this doesn't work I have one more thing to try. Then, I may take you up on that and really appre
  4. Hey @Homer your work on the Monogram cockpit inspired me! Ive been working on re-creating it for the Revell kit as I wasnt happy with the stock kit and the one I purchased I didn't like the PE parts. So, it's now a Fusion360 adventure. Not sure how you did this, Matching the geometry inside is HARD. here is where I am presently with the seats, cockpit and heads up display. The seats are two pieces (aids in painting) the black frame and the cushion. The cockpit is a base with the front control panels on the left and right + the front dash. The remaining panels are separa
  5. After 2 print tries, I have finalized the seats and HUD models. Everything is done and has been tested for scale and fit. This is the final model. Only a few supports were needed. This makes removal of the parts very easy. Im pretty happy with how this all turned out. Photos of the finished items soon.
  6. @southwestforests Ya know, I misspoke and didn't do my homework. Since I am SO focused on the Discovery, it didn't occur to me that the control surface colors may be different from Shuttle to Shuttle. The articles and write up for this model are amazing and youre right when you said, "not new to NASA." thanks for the thoughtful reply. I found this and was egar to share as the detail was nothing shy of amazing. I should have taken a hot second to validate my thought.
  7. I just found this and thought I would share with everyone. a 1/12 scale model. Its pretty incredible. Its a shame that some of the colors (like the control panels) are incorrect. So much amazing detail, and then to get some of the colors wrong. Either way, I was impressed. http://scalemodelingdomain.blogspot.com/2015/01/112th-scale-space-shuttle-cockpit.html?spref=pi
  8. Something else to try! Thanks @southwestforests
  9. Print #2 on the way to the Form3 now with the HUD's added. I had to make some slight adjustments to the seats, and then decided to add my HUD model to the mix. 8 Hours to go! so they will be ready to prime and pain this evening. The HUD was based on: https://www.pinterest.at/pin/179721841353224907/ Attached are the Fusion360 and Preform models.
  10. Hey Pete, Thanks for that. Ive always used Alcohol and had no idea about vinegar. So, next time I will try that and REALLY appreciate the tip. For the record the Updraft PE has great detail, but painting or their suggested Sharpie coloring is very difficult as things are compressed. Resin, ive never had an issue with. Soap and warm water but for whatever reason, this 3D print resin that they used had adhesion issues for primer. The resin I use on the Form3 cleans up after the bake and primes real well. I've never had an issue with it. Thanks for the tip! I really do appre
  11. @CaptKirk & @crowe-t Thanks for the replies. I just got the first set of seats off the printer last night. They are all cured up and ready to be cleaned, primed and painted. As soon as I get them installed I will share a shot or two. In parallel, I am re-modeling the entire cockpit to see if I can make something that will be easier to light and more accurate. Even on a Form3, the details at 1/72 are sometimes hard to replicate. I was using CA glue for the resin and PE parts. I should have used epoxy. It's been removed now (which as you can imagine destroyed it) so, im rolling
  12. Hey Pete, Thanks for the note. I will share more pics. I have the current cockpit almost done and now I am modeling a new one to see which I like best. My chairs turned out good, so once I get them painted and installed I will share a picture. On the PE, I did clean them. I use alcohol not vinegar. I thought it was the plastic they used for the resin. Despite cleaning the resin parts, they had a hard time taking primer. Nothing stuck real well (I even light sanded for batter adhesion). More soon!
  13. Hi Everyone, I have officially started my 1/72 Revell Space Shuttle build. Before I get into this first share, I wanted to make sure everyone understands my build as there are some detail decisions that I have made based on the build. This is a sentimental build for me as I designed a project that flew on the Discovery in 1985 (51G). So, this build will be on the Discovery on the ground at Edwards with all of the support vehicles and gear servicing the orbiter once landed. I have purchased several 3D or Resin parts. One of which was the Cockpit from Up Draft. The quality of their
  14. That is a FANTASTIC collection!
  15. Hi, Im new to the party and wanted to share. First and foremost, thanks to everyone's contributions, images, links and suggestions. Im about to start a build and have been collecting and ordering parts / materials and hope to start soon. Homer and Hotdog have been especially helpful both here and in direct correspondence. My build will be of the Discovery (Flight 51G). This is "My Bird," I like to tell folks as its the shuttle that an experiment I designed flew on in 1985. So, I will be doing a build of the landing scene at Edwards for that flight along with all of the support ve
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