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  1. Of course, I didn't forget the first aid kits, I painted them and glued them in place, now I'm ready to close the fuselage. Finally...
  2. Well, Finally all the finishing touches to the cockpit... UV Resin to simulate the glass on the instrument bezels, seatbelts, and pilot seats glued in place. I made the seatbelts using thin masking tape and painted them with gray blue Vallejo model air paint
  3. I noticed in some pictures the first aid kits hanging from the pillars, so I printed them, I need to paint them olive drab and make the little red cross. At first I thought it was too small, but after looking at references, I think they are alright.
  4. Looks really nice! I will have to search the scaled down file, I don't remember where I saved it, I will send it once I find it.
  5. Oh well, I didn't think the B pillars were so evident from the inside... My conscience won't feel good if I don't do it, so here it is, made the pillars with styrene sheet, it was very time consuming, but it's totally worth it.
  6. Well, after some dry brushing and detail painting the cockpit looks like this, Maybe that amount of color is not completely accurate, but at least gives more color and interest to the cockpit. I am planning to simulate the instrument dials cristal wit UV resin, it works in my head, I will see how it turns out, if I don't post more pictures is because I messed up hahaha
  7. I am building the UH-1H FAD 3032 from the Dominican Republic Air Force from around 2012 - 2015
  8. Continuing with the work! I finished painting the interior, now onto the details to give everything a gloss coat.
  9. I donĀ“t think there's a lot more detail I can fit on this cockpit, so I just primed it black and see how it looks
  10. Little details matter, looking at the model from the bottom I noticed a lack of spice, it seemed pretty empty for me, so I decided to make the wiring behind the instrument panel, I don't know how accurate is this, because I couldn't find any exact reference picture for this, but whatever is better to leave an empty and visible hole behind the panel. Also, in this picture you can notice I removed the oversize door hinges and fitted some styrene to cover an ugly gap, I decided to leave the cockpit doors completely closed, since they are very hard to fit.
  11. I honestly don't think it looks that bad, the bubble glass on the chin should be bigger, but there's nothing I can do about that, I'm happy with a fairly close representation of the subject.
  12. The printed seats lacked the armor plates, so I made the templates cutting a styrene sheet, I don't know the thickness, but it was thin enough to my eye.
  13. The bench is finished! Using aluminium paper from chocolate hazelnut spread cap, which has an interesting feeling, it can wrinkle, but resists to become a mess in your hands, it's thick enough that you can work with it and leaves nice texture for seat cushions and in this case, the canvas on the bench seats, every time a bottle is opened in my house, I save the paper hehe.
  14. I would need to ask permission to the designer, since it's a free file, I wouldn't want to risk any legal consequence by selling prints of their work, about the pillars, I'm not sure how I am going to make them, 3D print would be a bit complicated in this case, but I will try to figure it out as the build progresses.
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