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  1. Just got my Meng F-4G in the mail today. Not decided on a livery yet and waaaay down in the pipeline, but following this one with interest.
  2. Thanks! They worked incredibly well, and the Modern Viper Guide was always by my side during construction and paint. I have several more sheets here I'm looking forward to using on my FWA F-4s and TOL A-7s when the time comes. 😁
  3. That looks great! What method did you use to secure the acrylic rod into the exhaust?
  4. Thanks! The lightbox muted the tones somewhat, hiding the light weathering. Here’s a bench shot of it that shows the tonal variations a little better.
  5. As I begin working through my stash of F-16 kits, this model is my North Star, my guidance on how to navigate the construction and the quality I hope to eventually achieve. It's absolutely outstanding.
  6. The 1/48 Revell F-105G I completed last year using sheet CD48143. Excellent decals!
  7. Very nice mottling job on the camo. Beautiful work!
  8. Thanks! Yes I'm simultaneously looking forward to seeing which sub variant F-16 FWA will get, along with what their new tail art will look like, while knowing I'll miss the variety of having A-10s nearby, as I already get to see TOL's F-16s daily.
  9. Would love to see a sheet of tail code and serial number marks for USAF, similar to the new F-22 serial numbers sheet but also with the 18-24" letters. For my selfish purposes, especially for F-16s in the Hill Scheme in 1/48. πŸ™‚
  10. Hi, Long time lurker, first post. Here is my recently completed Tamiya 1/48 F-16. It's a Block 30B smallmouth representing 85-1504, one of the last F-16s to leave Fort Wayne before their transition to A-10s in 2010. This aircraft was built mostly out-of-kit, using the Block 25/32 ANG version. I pulled the GE engine components from the Aggressor kit. The seatbelts, pitot, and AOA sensors are from the Tamiya Detail Up pack, the CATM-120Bs are a mix of ResKit and Eduard resin. The AMD pod is a modified AIM-9M from the kit. Decals are from Speed Hunter Graphics lovely "Heritage Vipers
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