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  1. thanks Thadeus toadwbg i am gratefull for the decals, i think i ll use those provided by the kit.
  2. thank you JackMan yes i agree, they are beautifully detailed cockpits. I think they are customizable to each build.
  3. Hi RichB63 thank you, i am planning a camouflage Sand-Green-Blue used by Iraquis numbered 1019. Any further information about it would be helpfull. Image provided by Eduard instructions
  4. After many years of hobby inactivity, trying to get back with this 1/48 scale kit. Eduard Mig 21MF, Aires cockpit, metallic pitot tube, masks and ladder for diorama. First cut of the resin didn't go as I wish.. the Aires cockpit seems like it doesn't fit, not specified in the instructions so i have to cut the half bottom floor and make some adjustments to fit it correctly. I cut the eduard floor and supported the aires cockpit on the kit's plastic rail I thinned
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