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  1. Great work so far I'll be following this build. ;)
  2. Excellent work as usual Paolo. :wub: I would like to ask a question: Which color did you use for Gunship Gray?
  3. Superb finish mate. That's a very nice scheme.
  4. Excellent finish mate :) I liked the paint job and rivets.
  5. Very nice progress so far. If I were you,I would go with the Hasegawa seats.You can make seat belts from aluminum foil or Tamiya's masking tape.Of course it's your choice. :) Cheers :)
  6. Hello friends! This is my Tamiya F-16C Block52 finished in Hellenic Air Force markings. This jet is belong to 340 Mira callsign 'Fox' based in Souda airbase. I used Tamiya's block 25/32 kit as base and added CFT's and parabrake extension from Hasegawa kit. Weapons are from Tamiya kit and LANTIRN pods are from Hasegawa kit. Painted with Humbrol colors and weathered by Tamiya smoke and pastels. Decals are also from Hasegawa. Critiques and comments are welcomed as usual. Cheers!
  7. Great finish pal I liked the panel lines. One question: Are there any major fitting problems?? (Especially between upper and lower fuselage and air intake parts)
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