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  1. Here is my 1/32 Revell Spitfire IXc, converted to a Spitfire IXe of the Royal Danish Air Force in the 1950’es.
  2. Thanks s lot @spejic! I will definately try this next time i run into this issue again πŸ™‚ /T
  3. Hi modellers I’m looking for techniques for reducing overdone panel lines. I have tried to use filler as well as sanding down overdone panel lines. The filler method made the panel lines too uneven, and the sanding down method works ok but is time consuming and may cause removal of other surface details. I like sharp and thin panel lines as seen on most Tamiya, Hasegawa and old Esci kits. Many manufactores like Airfix makes panel lines thats in my opnion is way to wide and kind of soft edged. Any sugestions to tackle this issue? Happy modelling.
  4. Thanks @Drifterdon. yes its the 1/72 kit. I have the 1/48 kit waiting in line. Its a really nice kit as well.
  5. That looks really great! Which kit is it? I plan to build one myself in the blue/grey scheme. I have not decided on the kit yet. very nice detailing you have done by the way πŸ™‚ /T
  6. Since i was a kid the RAF desert Tomahawks has fascinated me. only now i managed to complete one myself. hope you will enjoy the pics. happy modelling. /T
  7. Thank you Silver Seraph The panel lines were done with a thined Flory Models wash πŸ™‚ T
  8. I wanted a quick build, so i purchased the Academy F-4j in VF-84 paint scheme. What a nice kit it is. can i have your opinion on the panel line work so far. on the reference photos i found, the panel lines are not that prominent, sΓ₯ i went for at subtle approach. is it too little or too much? Let me know. Happy modeling πŸ™‚ T
  9. Hi all I am almost done with this 1/72 Airfix Lightning F.6, with markings for a Saudi F.53. unfortunately there was a fault in the canopy mouldings, and Airfix customer service would not provide me a new one. Does anyone know of an aftermarket canopy for the Lightning? Also a few pics of the peoject so far. Happy modeling πŸ™‚ T
  10. Hi @Thadeus Thanks for your comments. I too find the hataka have glass too light and grainy. The rlm75 grey darkened it a bit and toned down the metal flakes.
  11. WOW! Nice cat. VF-111 have always been my favorite F-14 scheme. And I really like the subtle weathering on your build. great job. /T
  12. Thanks @southwestforests I totally agree, the Draken is my all time favorite jet πŸ™‚
  13. Thanks @ST0RM actually the Hataka HG is very grainy with large metal flakes. I mixed it 50/50 with hataka rlm75 grey which looked much better in my opinion πŸ™‚ /T
  14. Here are two Hasegawa F-35’s in Danish markings. Denmark flew F-35(Draken) from 1970-1993, and now we fly F-35(JSF) again. The reason is that the Danish Draken versions was named F-35 (fighter/bomber) and RF-35 (recce). The models: The F-35A (jsf) was built oob, painted with Hataka Have Glass grey and markings from Lima November decals. The F-35 Draken is a modified Hasegawa kit with Maestro Models conversion set and PE. Its painted in grey-green finish mixed from Hataka acrylics and Gauzy gloss coat and markings from Stoppel Decals. Ho
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