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  1. http://i1163.photobucket.com/albums/q545/madelf75/IM001536_zps176b20c2.jpg
  2. It looks like your paint might be a little bit thick and one thing that I really like to do when painting camouflage is using fun tack the stuff you use when putting up posters, you roll it out in about 1/4 roles and lay it down when you are going to paint and mask off with tape where you don’t want to paint
  3. i had the same thing happen to be but the knife rolled off the table and went straight down and landed in to the top of my foot about 1/4 inch that hurt
  4. My hole thinking is that I'm not 100% sure that there is any pirating going on ,Like I said before I parched a intake set for a A-7 kit I do not know of any other company that is making them before this is the only thing that I have bought from them as far as quality goes the intake wasn't too bad . I think the person that is behind Rhino should at least step forward and address the issues . Like is said this is my thought
  5. I purchased a intake set for a A-7 corsair from them it wasn't too bad in fact the instruction sheet looked a lot like some thing that would have came from cutting edge, The way it was laid out printing fonts not too sure if this is from the person
  6. contact Sprue Brothers and see what they say im sure that when they ship any thing over 50 they insure it .
  7. Just wonder if there were any body else besides my self that was at Nationals that this was there first time of going , If so what did you think
  8. I think that Nationals this year that this is going to be the one show that ever one talks about for years, So please if you are here in Omaha let here what you haft to say.
  9. Just got finish A trumpeter 1/32 F-14b tomcat cant say how many hours A week I spent on it but I started it the first part of May just got done this last week.
  10. Very nice pictures looks like a lot of fun love the Corsair dont see that ever day
  11. There is only one kind of Football that Nebraska Football Go Big Red
  12. WOW guess that means your going to have a table to your self for all of them here in Omaha, Cant wait to see them
  13. Canada may have pancakes and maple syrup but here in Omaha we have Nebraska Football, Zoë’s pizza and don’t forget some of the best hamburger joints around. Far as traveling in Omaha it’s not that bad the streets are well marked and it is easy to get around in . GO BIG RED
  14. Is this for what is to come at Omaha next month I am sure there will be a lot of tomcats there but pritty sure that most of them will be from your stash
  15. are you still in O'neill I use to go to college in Nofolk long time ago kind of know that area , how long have you been building models ?


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