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  1. Yes, Modelwarships.com is an excellent site for all things naval. Much better than this site. Thanks Brad.
  2. Getting back to original topic of this thread... I've built the old ESCI S-3. Unless they've added a full and decent cockpit, plus folding wings... the kit ain't worth $80.00. No how, now way.
  3. I like to follow women's curling. And not for the curling.
  4. Very nice Mike. I remember "Silent Running" very well. A great movie. Dewey looks very well done.
  5. Hey Glenn, I've purchased from you quite a few times in the past. You've always been great. Your response on this forum is just another example of what a classy guy you are. I'm positive that you will always stand by your customers and these outstanding issues will be resolved. Realspace Models fills a wide void in our hobby and I find your products to be top quality and very important to the enjoyment of my favorite pastime - real spacecraft modelling. Thanks and I look forward to being your customer again. I still looking for a resin interior to my 1/24 Gemini. Hint, hint...
  6. Ironic that I should find this thread. I've just begun an Italeri 1/35 PT109 project. Regarding your question about grey PT Boats, check-out this incredible build by Stuart Hurley. http://www.pt103.com/Italeri_PT109_Build_Stuart_Hurley.html This build replicates the PT109 at about time that she was on duty in the Panama Canal Zone, prior to loading on board the SS Joseph Stanton and shipping out to the South Pacific. I've read one account that states that the 109 was painted "Green" immediately after delivery to Tulagi. Unfortunately I cannot find any other reference to back that up. As for the "Green" color in question, it's commonly understood that the color was a field mix. Some call it "Forest Green". It's really a tough call. But it's a good bet that no two PT's looked alike color-wise unless they were painted from the same mix. On the PT Boat Forum, here's a color photo of an early war Elco 80' in the field applied green paint. http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n27/David_Waples/PT%20BOATS/PT-109colorreference-1.jpg Anyways, getting back to the original factory applied grey, Stuart Hurley used Ocean Grey. I think he's got it right. I love his weathering. Most PT Boat builders ignore the weathering aspect of their builds (I've been guilty of that in the past too). Personally I think that his build is the finest PT Boat in scale that I've ever seen.
  7. Absolutely wonderful work Leon. I want to commend you and say thank-you for helping to keep the art of spacecraft modelling alive and well. Dragon has injected some short-term interest in our hobby niche with their recent releases, but it's guys like you at LVM, Glen at RealSpace Models and Tom at New Ware (to name a few) that help to keep my interest in space models peaked. I make it a point to patronize all of you. In fact I just purchased your new Gemini interior kit today. Looking forward to finally finishing my Gemini 4.
  8. Excellent work Pete. Everyone's glasses are raised in respect to your craftmanship. When I built my CSM, I did it the "lazy man's way" and purchased the RealSpace Models kit. As for the LM, New Ware's detailing set leads my way. But you... you do it the old fashioned way and I love that approach the best.
  9. Well AVGBob, almost all of us have been in this rut. I've been out of the hobby for almost three years now. In 2009 I started a Corvette frame-off resto-mod in my garage. I have another year before she's finished; I'm into the "Big Ticket" items now (new drivetrain, body back on, paint and interior), but I've discovered that I'm having more free time on my hands so I've started pawing through the stash, looking for some motivation. I know I'm no different than anyone else; I have some half-completed projects packed in boxes. To ease myself back in I'm picking a build that is over half done, but one that I've wanted to complete for some time. It's not an aircraft this time. I have a 1/350 Essex class conversion to the Bunker Hill - Feb 1945. The hull is already build-up; the island is detailed; the deck galleries installed. I'm presently working on the air group. Over 80 tiny planes. But two things have drastically changed since I last put X-Acto knife in hand; I need reading glasses now to see those itty-bitty plastic landing gear doors on the F4U's... and I don't have my workshop anymore!!! During my hiatus, the wife converted my room back to a spare bedroom. Now I have to carry everything down to the dining room. This is not good.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to post some photos and give us your opinions Cunundrum61. It certainly is appreciated. It's great that we're finally seeing new-tooled spacecraft models again. I have quite a few older kits stashed away and at this time I'm not biting on any new releases. My wife wants to see more output and less input - if you know what I mean. But I still like the fact that this avenue of the hobby is getting a little more attention. After a long, long break from the hobby, I'm now working on the Revell Saturn V kit in earnest. Trouble is I've been idle for so long that I lost my hobby room (the missus turned it into a third spare bedroom... crazy, just crazy!). So I'm happily plugging away at the dining room table. We all know that this Revell classic has many short-comings, but in its day it truly was an impressive sight. And with New Ware's detailing set (and a lot of extra plastic plus some ingenuity) it'll turn into something special. Pictures to follow later...
  11. Thanks guys. It was a pleasure dealing with you guys. Enjoy your builds. Randy
  12. Bumpity-bump. Some items gone; some items back on the list. Randy
  13. Good Evening Mates, 1/72 Academy B-17F (Kit opened; bags closed). Stock decals. Includes RepliScale decal sheet 72-1029, plus some Hasegawa B-17G decals. I’m also tossing in dozens of 1/72 U.S.A.A.F. ground crew figures. An oddity that you’ll notice is I’m including a bag of ailerons, a rudder, flaps and elevators from a Hasegawa B-17 kit. I liked the texture of the Hasegawa parts over the Academy and I was planning to swap them out. Oh yeah, almost forgot… there’s also a 1/72 Jeep from Small Scale Productions. $25.00. 1/48 Tamiya #34 F4F-4 Wildcat (Kit opened; bags closed). Stock decals. Also includes Squadron Signal #84; Detail & Scale Vol. 65.; and the Osprey “Modelling the F4F Wildcat†(an excellent resource for the Tamiya kit). Box is a bit hefty. $40.00 1/48 Monogram Pro-Modeler F4U-5/5L Corsair (Kit opened; no bags, but kit is complete). Stock decals. Includes Eduard 48-270 detail set for the F4U-1D (many parts can be used for the Dash 5) and 1 pair of True Details wheels (diamond tread). $30.00 1/48 Tamiya #46 F4U-1/2 Bird Cage Corsair (Kit opened; bags closed) Stock decals. Includes 1 Eduard 48-270 detail set for the F4U-1D, AeroMaster 48-256 “Bird Cage Corsair Pt IIâ€, and Detail & Scale Vol. 55. $30.00 1/48 Tamiya #46 F4U-1D Corsair (Kit opened; bags closed) Stock decals. Includes 1 pair of True Details wheels (diamond tread). Also, lots of odds and ends decals; complete sheets. The big extra is the Aires 4070 complete engine and cockpit set. $60.00 1/48 Eduard F6F-3 Hellcat (Kit opened; bags closed) Stock decals. Includes Eduard detail sets for the F6F-3 & 5 (The Dash “3†set is the large set and the Dash “5†set is just for the cockpit). Also, Sky Models 48-046 “F6F Hellcat†(21 aircraft depicted on the instruction sheet!); a Hasegawa F6F-3 Hellcat decal sheet and cockpit parts for those so inclined; 1 pair of True Details wheels (diamond tread), vacuum formed canopy and 2 resin seats, and finally Detail & Scale Vol. 26, Squadron Signal #36 and Squadron Signal F6F Walkaround. Kit is a bit hefty. $55.00. 1/48 Tamiya Bf109E-4/7 Trop (Kit opened; no bags; parts loose; wings assembled – otherwise the kit is complete). Stock decals. Since I played with the wings a bit, the model kit is free. The price of this box will be for the tons of extras. They include a rare set of Propacteam Gold Series decals for Galland’s E-4N; SuperScale 48-461 “Battle of Britain Acesâ€; AeroMaster 48-165C “Emils Over Europe Pt. 1; AeroMaster Bf-109E Stencils; Third Group Decals 48-002 “Bf-109E’s 1939-40â€; Eduard Detail set 48-276 (resin and photo-etch); Aires 4067 Bf-109E3/4 Cockpit (back of right seat bracket is broken off, but it’s in the bag. Very minor. Sorry, but that’s how it came to me); Ultracast Bf-109B-E Wheels; vacuum formed canopy. $20.00 1/48 Tamiya P-51D Mustand (Kit opened; bags closed) Stock decals. Includes Eduard detail set 48-015; AeroMaster 48-091 “P-51D Checkertail Clan†plus lots and lots of partial Superscale sheets, and 3 Squadron vacuum formed canopies. Plus Squadron Signal #45 and Squadron Signal P-51 Walkaround. $30.00. 1/48 Hasegawa P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback (Kit opened; bags closed) Stock decals. This one has tons of decals; 1 complete AeroMaster “Big Beautiful Jugs Pt. 1â€; 1 complete SuperScale 48-456 plus half dozen partial sheets, yet other complete birds can be made up from them and dozens more miscellaneous decals. The big extra is an Aires Detail Set 4013 – this is a complete engine and cockpit for the Academy P-47N however the engine will fit the Hasegawa kit. Also, Squadron Signal #67 and Squadron Signal P-47 Walkaround and finally 1 vacuum formed Razorback canopy and 1 Vacuum formed “Malcolm Hood†canopy. $60.00. 1/48 Accurate Miniatures TBM-3 (Kit opened; bags closed) Stock decals. I’ll also include the AeroMaster SP-48-09B “Tokyo Raidersâ€. This booklet includes markings for Helldivers, Hellcats, Corsairs and 2 TBM-3’s. $25.00. 1/48 Hasegawa Hurricane Mk.1 (Kit opened; no bags, but kit is complete). Includes 2 vacuum formed canopies and an Ultracast Hurricane Seat and armor plate. $20.00. 1/48 Trumpeter F9F-2 Panther (Kit opened; bags closed) Stock decals. Includes an old MicroScale 48-60 “F9F-2 “Panthers†and an AeroMaster 48114 F9F-5 “Pantherâ€. Also, 1 Black Box F9F-5 Panther Cockpit set. As a bonus you will find inside this box 1 complete Monogram 1/48 F9F-5 – loose sprues. $35.00. 1/48 Tamiya Betty (Kit opened; bags closed) Stock decals. I’m throwing in lots of other Japanese WWII markings. $25.00. 1/48 Revell F-86D Sabre Dog – the one with the parabrake housing (Kit opened; bags closed). Includes 1 Eagle Strike “F-86D Sabre Dogs Pt 1†and 1 SuperScale 48-175. $20.00. Pending 1/48 Accurate Miniatures B-25B Mitchell (Kit opened; bags closed) Stock decals. Includes Squadron Signal #34 and Detail & Scale Vol. 60. Also including some info on how to easily correct a couple of minor defects with the model. Kit is a bit hefty. $30.00. 1/35 Academy UH-60L Blackhawk #2192 (Kit opened; bags closed) Stock decals. $40.00. 1/32 Hasegawa Bf-109E (Kit opened; bags closed) I do not know where the stock decals went to however you will get an OOB MicroScale 32-19 sheet for the Emil. Also, 1 Verlinden “Bf-109E3/E4 Update Set†and 1 set of OOB Waldron German Seat Belt Buckles. I was planning to do this model in a “crashed†diorama so you’ll find one bent-up prop and 2 British “Tommies†as well. $30.00. 1/48 Hasegawa F-14A Tomcat P-18 (Kit opened; bags closed) Stock decals. Includes 1 Black Box cockpit and 1 Verlinden F-14 Super Detail set. Also, the extremely difficult to find MicroScale 48-221; a MicroScale F-14A data sheet; a half dozen partial Tomcat sheets and another hard to find MicroScale 48-316 (Top Gun Aggressors A-4’s and F-5’s). $60.00. 1/48 Black Box F-104G/J Starfighter Cockpit. $15.00. Another 1/48 Black Box F-104G/J Starfighter Cockpit. $15.00. Yet another 1/48 Black Box F-104G/J Starfighter Cockpit. $15.00. And the last 1/48 Black Box F-104G/J Starfighter Cockpit. $15.00. ;)
  14. Very well done Brian! Nice to see another excellent Eduard Hellcat. I have this one waiting in my stash. It's replaced my old Hasegawa kit. For all intents and purposes, it looks like a great kit to build. What did you think of it? Randy
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