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  1. Hi there , This is verry good news . A dream come true . But does some one know if the cabinroof shows the structurebeams and electronic boxes and other details . Grts Jan
  2. Any news on the releas date . I would like To by one . Grts jan
  3. H i Floyd, i stil like tot buy the set ,the main pars for this are wat you have know ,the nose section ,the fuelcells and the rest .i thinking it is not à problemen to by the weapons somewhere else . Grts Jan
  4. Hi there ,tanks . I know That Cobra company have these sets . call me crazy ,but i like to scratch building them . Grts Jan
  5. Hi there, i am building à 1/35 pave hawk block 152 , And i am searching for some dimensions of the ammobins outside the the pave hawk (width, depth, height). Is there someone who can help me ? Tanks Jan
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