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  1. Next, the radiator housing was built up. The instructions call for the rads and screens to be painted metallic grey. They're not going to be overly visible so they got a shot of titanium. The rest of the housing parts were sprayed with Alclad Aluminum. The assembly was then installed into the starboard fuselage half. The fit was perfect. The cockpit / firewall / engine assembly was then glued into the port fuselage half. Again, a flawless fit. Thanks for looking and as usual, constructive criticism and comments a
  2. The engine bearers have been masked and painted. Instructions call for the bulletproof glass in front of the gunsight to be edged in black. Rather than mask and paint, I simply used a permanent black magic marker to edge it. No muss. No fuss. Easy peasy. The engine / cockpit assemblies were 'cemented firmly' and allowed to dry for a couple of days. The port sidewall was completed. The oil cooler door was completed in five parts with four of them being small PE. 😵
  3. A little more progress since yesterday... The filleted tails have been glued onto the fuselage halves. It's a huge lap joint with a locating pin on the tailplane that slots into a hole on the fuselage half for a perfect fit. Next I black based the interior of the right fuselage half and after it dried, sprayed the cockpit area green. Then I masked the green area so I could spray the engine bearers natural metal. When that dried, I taped the appropriate areas in order to spray the yellow zinc chromate. I did that not long ago and it's drying as we spe
  4. 😮 Finished both the Spitfires I got from you, good sir. In the Critique forum, if you're interested. Thanks again, Don.
  5. Thanks my friend. So far, it's just falling together. The engineering is outstanding.
  6. I didn't do one for that build but watch this. It's great. I did the box art version.
  7. The instruction booklet is quite comprehensive with 75 build steps, including different steps for raised or lowered landing gear and static or in flight poses with stand steps, etc. There are also differences between marks, such as seats, gunsights, radios, etc and these are each spelled out and illustrated within the instructions so one can build one of the three schemes. The serial number on Wetmore's aircraft is fairly close to that of Meyer's Petie 2nd so I'm using parts to build option 'B'. It may not be completely accurate but it's close enough for jazz. Also incl
  8. Having just finished a Speed Challenge Build on another forum, I thought I'd finally start this kit. I like to alternate; prop then jet. I've had it in the stash for a number of years after it was given to me by a really good friend. Thanks, H. This will be an OOB build except for the decals. This will be, in no way shape or form, a super detailed build like Chuck Sawyer's or the one in progress in this forum by Tomas Duck. I'll also be building it with no to minimal weathering. That's just a personal preference. Now onto the fun stuff. As for the kit, there are
  9. A while ago, I brokered a deal with our very own DONG for a 32nd scale Revell Spitfire IXc. When the package came in the mail I was very surprised to find two kits; one unstarted and the other a builder's special with some extras including decals and PE frets thrown in. Both have been completed. DN*T was the unstarted one. I tried my hand a freehand camo. It was okay but not spectacular. Kit decals were very nice and reacted well to Solvaset. JE*J was the builder's special. A few items had been glued together and some paint applied but nothing insurmountable.
  10. 80millionth +2! Fantastic and painless transaction with Mr. G. Contact initiated on Thursday and parcel delivered on Monday. Kit was securely boxed up and everything was as advertised. Thanks Don.
  11. Thanks Scooby. Les Cox (pilot) and Roy Smith (WSO) were the two crew members killed. I built this for Les's widow and her son. I'm also refreshing a similar model for Les's daughter to look like this one.
  12. Thanks for the kind words guys. Emvar - yup. I have the Kittyhawk kit but it's down the list of builds. I still have the Tiger Meet to do too! Ron and Dutch...thank you. I always considered it a privilege to serve my community for the 31+ years that I did.
  13. Earlier this week, I presented this commission build to the widow and son of the pilot who was killed on 05 July 1976. The aircraft went into the Straight of Georgia, near CFB Comox in British Columbia. The pilot and aircraft were never recovered. Alclad II lacquers, Model Master Enamels and Metalizers, Leading Edge Models Decals and Belcher Bits decals were used in completion of the project. No AM other than decals.
  14. An F-86A or early F-86E or a Canadair Sabre 2 or 6 with the appropriate fuselage vents, narrow chord slatted wings for the early E / 2 and the proper '6-3' wing minus the 12" extension of the F-86F-40 for the Mark 6. Preferably by Tamiya or Hasegawa in 48th and 32nd scale. And as Sean mentioned, a new CF-100 (Marks 3, 4 and 5) and a CT-114 Tutor, both in 48th scale and preferably by Tamiya or Hasagawa.
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