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  1. Presenting the Shelf Queens!

    1) - 35th scale Tamiya Tiger 1 Early Production - kit #35216 - no photos available...yet 2) - no idea when I started it but it's gotta be five years ago, at least 3) - stalled at least four years ago and I just moved onto something else. I was building this kit because a few guys were trying to get me into armour building. 4) - in order to complete this thing, I need to weather and assemble the Fruilmodel individual link metal tracks, some further assembly, a complete paint job (three colour) and final assembly.
  2. Killer Proposal

    I'll be doing an F-86 Sabre in 48th scale, either Academy or Hasegawa. I'm not sure what scheme I'll go with but it will feature kit decals. Due to a previous commitment, I won't be starting this build until mid February at the earliest but I will be playing along. Thanks. Mike
  3. Kinetic 1/48 F/A-18A+/B/CF-188 kit?

    As noted in this post, I sent Mr. Chung a message regarding the shortage of the 'No Step' decals for the CF-18 as asked for some replacements for this kit and another I have in the stash. In today's mail, I received two complete decal sheets for this kit. I've got to say that my experience with Mr. Chung in this interaction has been top notch. Although it took two months to receive them, the end result is that I got them without any problems. I knew there would probably be a bit of a wait for them but that's a minor problem compared to other things. Thank you for your wonderful service, Raymond. Great job. Mike
  4. Do a Google Images search of "Calvin & Hobbes Stupid Model" and you'll get the idea, only mine was a Spitfire built in 1970 after seeing Battle of Britain in the movie theater with my dad.
  5. Airfix Lancaster BII - 72nd scale

    Thanks guys. It won't be finished by deadline time tonight. Still too many things to do. I do hope to have it completed by Friday though. Mike
  6. Airfix Lancaster BII - 72nd scale

    No pics but I just finished painting the flat black undersides. Top colours have been sprayed and are under masking tape. Mr. Hamfist has struck again and broken the tiny barrels off the nose turret guns. I have salvaged / saved them and will re-attach them after the decals and flat coat have been applied. I might make the deadline but time is at a premium between now and the witching hour. Mike
  7. Airfix Typhoon - 5V X

    Nice work. Almost there.
  8. Hobbyboss 1/72 CF-18A 425 Sq CAF

    My pleasure Martin. A very nice scheme and good job on completing before the deadline. Nice.
  9. Novo (Frog) Hawker Sea Fury FB.11

    That turned out really nicely. Good job.
  10. That turned out really nice, my friend. Good job. Merry Christmas, ALF. Mike
  11. My buddy got his wings 😢

    'ghost, I feel your pain. I'm sorry that Pitt has crossed the Rainbow Bridge but I'm sure frakycee's Daphney and our Homer, Jessie, Shelby and Bronson will make him feel welcome the games will begin. Like Pete said, losing a pet is heartbreaking. Chin up, my friend. Mike
  12. Nice! I heard Neal Peart in an interview once saying that even he had a hard time with the drumming in Tom Sawyer. :D I think he's one of the best in the business. I try to play along with Lifeson on a few songs and I eventually end up throwing my guitar into the garbage only to retrieve it after I've cooled down a bit.
  13. 2 water bombers

    10-4. Black nacelles look better. Nice work.
  14. Airfix Lancaster BII - 72nd scale

    Thank you Chris. I may paint them gloss black then. Mike