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  1. You keep on using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
  2. That turned out very nice ALF. Dirty. Grimy. Grubby. Ridden hard and put away wet, if you will. Coyote should be very happy with your rendering of his mount. As an aside, Shawn M.'s aunt Eileen lives two doors down from me. She was absolutely devastated, as you might imagine, when he was killed. Good job, pal and kudos again for taking the high road. You're a man of principle. Mike
  3. Hobbycraft CC / CT-142 AMT / ERTL 1973 Mustang Mach 1 Both went into the garbage can well before completion.
  4. Great reply to that tripe, ALF. As my dad used to say, "Accept insults as compliments from ignorant people." Or his other gem, "The most you can expect from a pig is a grunt." Those who can, do. Those who can't, critique. Some people. Coyote is going to like it and that's all that matters. Looking all dirty, grimy and abused. And I am stealing your pencil staining technique! Fingers crossed for tonight for no repeats of Sunday afternoon's turdburger in Pittsburgh. Still not a sell out but The Boss and I have our seats. GO SENS GO! Take care. Mike
  5. F-86E...Please! Please! Please! Something tells me it will probably be another Bf-109.
  6. I do. I tried to post a photo here but I'm having problems.
  7. PM sent. I have to correct myself. The inside of the folding door attached to the nose gear is green, not silver.
  8. Nice work ALF. I have one of these in my stash. Thanks for the heads up about the flap hinge issues. Coming together nicely. Happy Easter to you and the family, my friend.
  9. Silver for gear legs and inside of all gear doors.
  10. As these were Canadair Sabre 6's, the main gear bays natural metal. The recesses for the brake packs / hubs in the main gear bays bays and the nose gear bay were interior green. Inside of all gear doors were silver.
  11. Considering all I build is almost exclusively Canadian flown...I'm in with something.
  12. Looking good sir. What do you prefer; Hobby Boss or Hasegawa?
  13. Maintenance stencils for Sabres. Leading Edge Models did a great set of stencils for the CL-13 / F-86 Sabres. They are as hard to find as hen's teeth. They're much better than Hasegawa's kit supplied stencils. I know that Hobbydecal makes dry transfers for a multitude of aircraft but those have to be positioned perfectly because once you start burnishing, you're committed. At least with waterslide decals, there's some room for error and adjustment.
  14. Send me a PM with your e-mail address. I have a set. I'll scan them and e-mail them to you. Mike
  15. Okay then. How about we meet around the Lancaster. I know it won't be parked outside. Other places we might gather?