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  1. Okay then. How about we meet around the Lancaster. I know it won't be parked outside. Other places we might gather?
  2. Weather looks pretty good for Sat and Sun from Ottawa too. I'll be there. As for the photo, what say all ARC member in attendance gather by the Starfighter at 1100 hrs. Will you still be there at that time, phantom?
  3. I just checked The Weather Network's long range forecast for next weekend. Calling for 10-15 cms of snow in Ottawa and 2-4 mm of rain with temps around freezing. Forecast for Hamilton is somewhat crappy as well. Depending on what the weather is like, I may not attend. I'll see what the forecast is like later in the week.
  4. I've no affiliation to Heritagecon but I've got my hotel room booked and I'll be attending with an entry or two. Anyone interested in the 2017 edition photo of ARC at Heritagecon? We can meet by a specific aircraft at a designated time for a photo of the rogues gallery. Mike
  5. Aye carumba! That's a big hunk of plastic.
  6. Looking really nice, Mike. Good job.
  7. Hi guys. ' progress whatsoever. It sits in the box, unstarted. I am going through a major modeling withdrawal right now. Going to sunnier climes for a vacation soon. Hopefully that will help me break out of the doldrums. RKic...thanks for the tip. As it's going to be a 408 'Goose' Squadron, RCAF, Lancaster, I'll do some photo research and determine which bay doors are correct. Mike
  8. The Boss and I watched the game too. When Russia stepped up their game, they looked like they had Canada on their heels for a bit. Fortunately, we managed to match the intensity. I'm not writing the Russians off quite yet. I agree with your assessment on our goaltending. All three goals were from distance, not close in near the net. Granted, on the first goal, I think Hart was screened. Second goal was a nice one. Third one, he had a clear view and it went in under his arm. As the talking heads said, he should have had that one. Tonight, game 2. Bring on the Slovaks.
  9. I had the same problem with my previous GP. I would have the first appointment of the day and he'd still be an hour late. That's just ignorant. I asked my wife to ask her GP if she was accepting new patients. I had her ask her GP every time she went to see her. After about five years, Dr. M agreed to accept me as a patient. I have never had to wait more than 10 minutes after my scheduled appointment time to see her. Show up 10 minutes before appointment time. Vitals taken and then into exam room. Even on extreme occasions when a same day appointment is necessary, Dr. M is usually right on time. The only draw back is that she is about may age and maybe a few years older and there's a possibility she could retire. That was the problem I faced when I was referred to the first doctor I referred to in this post. My GP retired and she referred me to Dr. F. He also had the bedside manner of a stinky fart in an elevator. Dr. M and the other GP's in the clinic subscribe to the philosophy of skyhawk's GP; no more walk-in's. If you call and get an appointment, great. If not, there's always the Emergency Room at one of the local hospitals or you can take your chances at one of the local Urgent Care Clinics. CRAP!!!!!!!! Just as I finish writing Urgent Care Clinics, my wife comes home from her annual physical and she informs me that Dr. M is retiring in June. CRAP!!!! She is having a GP take over her patient files but it remains to be seen how we're going to like this new GP who is going to replace her. Murphy's Law...
  10. Nothing here.
  11. Wish I could say the same. ARC opens up no problem but I still get the dreaded 'Red Page' when I go to the Forums and I have to click through. I've advised Firefox it's not phishing.
  12. Steve, Thanks for all your hard work and perseverance in getting the ARC forums up and running again. The changes will take some getting used to but that's the way things go. Well done, sir! Mike
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