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  1. One is the Revell Spitfire II (white plastic) and the other is the Revell of Germany Spitfire II (grey plastic). Can't remember which is which but they're the identical kit. Same front windscreen short shot. Same difficult fit. Photos flatter the end result a little bit. Built them for a friend to auction off at a gala for the local Children's Make-A-Wish foundation. Model Master Enamels (RAF Dark Green / RAF Dark Earth over RAF Sky). RoG kit had decals for the sky band on the rear fuselage. I painted and masked both. It was easier. Kit decals settled down very nicely with Solvaset. Stands are aftermarket from Airfix.
  2. Unfortunately not this year.
  3. AX 365

    1/32 CF-18

    Great progress ALF. As usual, I enjoy the first hand, personal experience commentary. You help bring your builds to life. Keep it up chum. Mike
  4. I admire your attention to detail, Chuck. Beautiful work as usual. Have a great vacation. Relax and unwind. Mike
  5. AX 365

    1/48 Revell Sabre "Hawk One Canada"

    Beautifully done, my friend. Me likey. Mike
  6. AX 365

    1/32 CF-18

    Coming along nicely ALF. Intake openings always seem to be a bear. Something else I'll keep an eye on when I get around to building this kit. The Sens have been a disappointment. They haven't been the same since that two game trip to Sweden last year. Yeah they beat Anaheim and Winnipeg and from what I hear could have beaten Toronto too but I'm afraid this is another lost season. If they don't sign Duchene and Stone, I'm afraid the Sens and Melnyk will lose more fans. Nice movie theatre screen by the way. šŸ˜„
  7. Outstanding update Chuck. What a great solution for the seamless intakes. Your problem analysis and solving skills and ingenuity are top shelf. Wonderful work. Mike
  8. AX 365

    Tax man has arrived at SB

    Only two sure things in life; death and taxes!
  9. AX 365

    AX 365

    Thanks HOLMES. You flatter me.
  10. AX 365

    1/32 CF-18

    It's been cool but nowhere near as bad as at home. Andā€¦there's no snow! I just keep reminding myself of that. That's just wrong! I feel your pain, AFM. We've had the heat on overnight here in Fort Myers. I don't want to rub it in for ALF, but we haven't been over 65F in a week. I know his heart bleeds for us. :D But he'll get to rub it in sooner or later. Mike
  11. AX 365

    Favorite Air Museums?

    I really enjoyed the Cold War Museum at RAF Cosford. Visited it a number of years ago with my friend HOLMES.
  12. Brilliant solution on the nose gear placement issue, Chuck.
  13. AX 365

    1/32 CF-18

    Good morning, Maestro! I read your thread last evening ALF but I couldn't get signed into the forum to post a comment. Looking good, as usual. Thanks for the tidbits about which IP to use and using CA on the main landing gear. I have one of these kits in my stash along with the Kinetic kit. I wasn't sure which one would end up as a 9XX build and which would be a 7XX build but he Wolfpack resin looks like a nice addition for the Academy kit. Have to see if I can get one from Sprue Brothers. Keep it up chum I'll be looking forward to more progress. Mike
  14. Ho hum. Another masterpiece by Chuck. Who'd have thought? All kidding aside, it looks like we're in for another stunner. While it's only my opinion, I'd suggest the monochrome finish of gloss black, a few red stars other simple markings. You can't hide from perfection with gloss blackā€¦or a shiny Alclad finish as on your P-38. As usual, I'll be following along and watching you progress. Thanks for some more master work, Chuck. Mike
  15. AX 365

    My airbrush just died- recommendations?

    Really nice. I'd post a photo but I'm away for a month and my model airplane photos are on the desktop at home. You can get really fine lines like those 'squiggle' patterns on German night fighters and you can get a nice mottle as well. You can spray with lower pressures and get quite close to the model. The dual action lets you adjust paint flow very easily.