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  1. Looks good, G. Which dealer? I bought both my Mustangs at Lincoln Heights. Great sales and service. I went to a few dealers when I bought my first one. I went to Sterling (not very attentive), Jim Keay (knobs! - salesman tried to sell me a stereo with a car attached ), Campbell's (arrogant) and settled with LH. Car I was wanting wasn't in stock but they facilitated a dealer trade for me.
  2. Just finished painting the camo. Will mask and paint the gear bays, exhaust opening and anti glare panel on Thursday, hopefully.
  3. Cars Guitars - in a band in HS - Paul on the left, Mike on the drums, Steve on the bass and me on the right. I have four other guitars. Golf - Paul and I (37 yrs after HS) on vacation this year at Harbour Town. We play golf together weekly here at home in the summer.
  4. Amodel 1/144 Canadair CL-415

    That's looking really nice. Great work on the yellow. Not easy. Mike
  5. Nice! Taking some pointers from your build chum. I have the big F/A-18A+ kit (USMC and RCAF decals included) with a set of Canuck decals. I haven't looked inside the box yet so I'm not sure if it has the correct CF-18 shocks or other unique RCAF doo-dads. Having said that, I see the kit you're building has the spot light that's probably covered with a blanking plate to make it an F-18C. I think I may tackle it next year. Look forward to the next update. Mike
  6. Thanks Bruce. Every time I fill out one of those "What kit would you like to see manufactured?" surveys, I always ask for an F-86E or Sabre 2 (with the appropriate Canadair vents and the likes) in 32nd and 48th scale. Nobody ever seems to listen. Mike
  7. Airfix Lancaster BII - 72nd scale

    Gear and doors attached, flaps installed, plugs in with gaps illustrated and gaps taped and filled with Testor's Clear Cement. Mike
  8. Cockpit tub (artistic license), IP (kit decal - incorrect for Canadair Sabre but I don't care) and seat with tape belts (artistic license). Mike
  9. 2 water bombers

    I don't think I made it up that year? Can't remember. I do remember '13, '15 and '17 though. What's in the water up there? Almost everyone is pregnant or pushing a stroller! Nice work Shawn. As ALF said, yellow (and white) can be a PITA to get right. Even with a primer of light grey I can still FUBAR white and yellow. Mike
  10. Thank you to not only RCAFFAN but to Snowbird3a for pointing out my error regarding the wings. I knew that the Mark 4's were basically Mark 2's with some changes that we don't need to go into here. I also knew that the slatted wings were like those on the Mark 2's and that some were also fitted with the '6-3' fenced wing. I guess I misinterpreted about wing slats being installed on the '6-3' wings. Having said that, I can see in the photo of the three aircraft on the decal sheet above that the bottom two have the Mark 2 slatted wing while the top one has the '6-3' fenced wing with the ammo door partially covered by the removable little triangle on the leading edge of the wing at the root. As far as I'm concerned, close enough for horseshoes, hand grenades, spit fights and atomic bombs is good enough for me. I could have just built the kit as in the box with a '6-3' fenced wing and used the 112 Sqn 'Shark Mouth' decals but that scheme isn't very appealing to me. As nobody, that I'm aware of, makes a 48th scale F-86E or Sabre 2, unless you want to do major surgery on the kit wings or graft on a set from an F-86D, the end product of this build wont be an accurate Sabre 4. When I'm done, and as I said in my introduction, this is an approximation and that's good enough for me. Thanks for pointing out the oversight gents. Mike
  11. bikerider and ALF, Thanks very much, gents. Mike
  12. Here's another Sabre build for this GB. When the RAF identified a capability gap in their fighter arsenal in the early 50's, they contracted Canadair to build and supply a number of Sabres for them as a stop-gap measure until they had a home grown fighter that they could replace the Swords with. 430 Sabres, the Sabre 4, were ultimately delivered to the RAF. Some had hard wings with the fences, a la Sabre 5, and some were retrofitted in the field with slatted '6-3' wings. This build is an approximation. I'm building a slatted wing Sabre from 67 Sqn based at Wildenrath, Germany in 1955. Starting with the "U.S. Air Force" boxing of the Hasegawa Sabre. It's a F-86F-30, fenced wing. I've glued a bunch of parts together but no paint yet; rudder pedals glued to IP, cockpit tub and nose gear bay glued to intake trunk, exhaust nozzle glued together, drop tanks (unfinned) glued together and main wheel halved glued together. I've also filed off and filled in vents on the fuselage that are not found on Canadair Sabres. I've filled in the holes in the top of the wings, where the fences would attach, with glue and stretched sprue and sanded the area smooth. I've also drilled the holes in the lower wings for the drop tank pylons. These are the decals. I'm building the one on the bottom. Tanks for looking. Mike
  13. The display case...eh (sorry..had to do it!!!)

    To echo, there are some really nice builds here folks. Take a bow. Here' my completed Hornet. 1/48th scale Kinetic CF-18 using kit decals, MM and Alclad II paints.
  14. Thanks to Emvar, I've placed the missing footprints on the model and I'm calling it done. I said I was going to weather it but I lied. Maybe next time. As alluded to, this kit wasn't without its vices but there were some nice things about construction as well. I have a second one to build and I'll take the lessons learned with this one and apply them to that one. Here's my CF-188A, s/n 188747, assigned to 409 'Nighthawk' Squadron, RCAF. It'll never win any prizes and that's okay. It makes a nice addition to my Hornet display. To those who popped by and offered comments and constructive criticism, thanks very much. Mike
  15. I feel your pain buddy. Hopefully common sense will prevail. Ya...who am I trying to kid? And I have another Sabre started already; Sabre 4 in RAF livery from Eagle Strike.