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  1. AX 365

    My airbrush just died- recommendations?

    Really nice. I'd post a photo but I'm away for a month and my model airplane photos are on the desktop at home. You can get really fine lines like those 'squiggle' patterns on German night fighters and you can get a nice mottle as well. You can spray with lower pressures and get quite close to the model. The dual action lets you adjust paint flow very easily.
  2. AX 365

    My airbrush just died- recommendations?

    I really like the Iwata HP-CS that I have. Good for coverage and fine detail work.
  3. AX 365

    Maine anyone ?

    Been there many times as my cousin lives in Falmouth but grew up on Peakes Island and in Portland. My mom also moved to Portland, from Canada, after graduating from nursing school but she returned to nursing in Canada after a few years.
  4. AX 365

    What are your top 5 dream model kits?

    32 and 48 scale Canadair Sabres 2, 5 and 6 as there are exterior and internal changes that make them different from their North American built cousins. 48 scale Spitfire F21 32 scale Spitfire FXIV - c or e version
  5. Rick, You're welcome. That's why I let you and Shawn know about the LE set being available again. Although Mike's set is good, Dave's LE set is better, in my opinion. Mike
  6. Rick / phantom, I have a full Belcher Bits set I can offer you. If you can wait for five weeks, I'll be glad to ship them when I get home from Florida. Also, I believe Leading Edge has his CF-101 Voodoo set back in stock and truth be told, I think they're more complete than the Belcher Bits set. Mike
  7. Absolutely beautiful, Chuck. Thank you for sharing all your tips and observations. Mike
  8. Chuck, One can almost imagine climbing into the cockpit and starting it up as if performing a ground engine inspection because of the realism factor you've accomplished. Another magnificent project draws to a close. Absolutely beautiful. Bring on the 'MiG'! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the best that 2019 has to offer. Mike
  9. Absolutely wonderful, Chuck. Another beauty to be very proud of.
  10. Very tastefully done, Chuck. Sometimes less is more. Glad to hear the wrist surgery went better than planned and that it hasn't been too detrimental to your work. What about an RCAF Sabre as your next project? Keep at it. Mike
  11. A wonderful retrospective about your dad and uncles, Chuck. I can only parrot what everyone else has said about your build; stunning...absolutely stunning. Yes, as Steve said, the masks are labour intensive but the results are so worth it. Paint instead of coloured, stick paper? Can't argue with that. Continued success on the project, my good man. Mike
  12. "Using very thin paint, I sprayed over much of it, then lightly sanded much of it back to light, but not all. This provides a layered look of variable wear, rather than just chipped paint. Later, when I apply weathering, it will knock down the shine and abruptness of the contrast even more." Great technique and results, Chuck. You're right. It's a more realistic appearance of paint chipping and fading. Mike
  13. AX 365

    AX 365

    You flatter me, frankycee. Thanks for your kind words.
  14. 1- Chuck broke the internet. 2 - Good for you. Build it the way you want to. Chuck - after my last post, I was looking through some photos I have here. Regarding the notch at the muzzle of the cannon barrel, it's supposed to be there. Although the photo I have is that of the cannon armed Hurricane of Vintage Wings of Canada, you can clearly see the notches in the barrel. And, I asked a friend who flew Spitfires and your supposition for the notches is correct; to screw the barrels into the wings and to remove them. Mike