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  1. Spectacular work. I just re-read Martin Caidin's "The Flying Forts." In it, Caidin chronicles how he became involved with resurrecting three B-17s that had been left to rot for years in the Arizona desert. They had become the home of birds and snakes, the tires had rotted and the wheels had sunk into the ground up to the axles, the fabric surfaces were history, they were in terrible shape. They were repaired and made flyable specifically for filming “The War Lover.” Caidin flew as co-pilot on one of the planes in the first mass flight of B-17s since WWII, he lamented that there might never aga
  2. A man after my own heart. Who wants to build the 1 millionth '109?
  3. I bought a 25 pound sack of the smallest gauge bird shot, they fit in the tiniest nooks and crannies and weigh more than BBs... ...It was a very good purchase, I have a lifetimes worth of nose weight.
  4. I've been hoping to convince someone to create some flightline vehicles in the major scales with their printer. I could give it a shot myself, but I have little confidence in my abilities. Like these pick ups in this China Lake photo. I couldn't find a military version of the Metro step van, but maybe you get where I'm going with this...
  5. I've had a few rough weeks, I fell and got dinged up a bit... ...In the meantime, I stumbled on some goodies. A nice Iwata top loader air brush... And some hard to find Testors paints.
  6. ...At least to me. Looky here what Santa (in the guise of the United States Postal Service) brung me😊! Even the decals are in decent shape! Maybe I can send in the "Young Astronaut" application in for "Space Cowboy" type geezers...
  7. I got one, nice to have something to aspire to...
  8. I scanned eBay, the 1990 something B/N is still kinda scarce...
  9. It looks like I'll have to scan them, I can't get a clear enough photo...
  10. I will work on that soon, I've had a few trying days...
  11. Yeah, I noticed that. I was just thinking of discussing that with the management...
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