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  1. Hi. Now that Shapeways is done, are you offering your 3d parts on another site or platform?
  2. I used the Warbirds tile decals. For 1/32 space shuttle. I toned down the white lettering using black smoke through an airbrush. Spray until you're satisfied. Then I used heavily thinned white over the black lettering. I found that the contrast was too great just leavibg it as is. Hope this helps!
  3. At 1/72 scale, it is impossible to add real switches and dials (ANYZ), had to resort to a more simplistic method of filling in the gaps.
  4. Talk about microscopic! Even with cheaters, this is so small that glueing then down is a challenge, the pices seems to move slightly while drying, even with supergue! One image is no backlight, the other is with leds behind.
  5. Thanx for your inspirational comments Pete, certainly keeps me motivated.. At first I was choosing to pick the sts-108 Endeavor mission , which I persononally attended. But I found the payload bay components limited, so I picked and chose the most intesting components from various missions that I found complex and interesting. I wanted to showcase a display of various pieces. But its still going to be Endeavor at the end of it all. Once again, I appreciate your words of encouragement, it makes me want to dive into even harder, even though wife would protest, lol. Take care Pete.
  6. Thanx Pete! I do alittle every night, and somehow it comes together! Thanx for the compliments!
  7. I purchased a 0.2mm hand held hole punch on the internet and punched a .005 inch styrene sheet from evergreen. The blanket is made from a throw away party table cloth made of vinyl from the dollar store. I cut little pieces and wrinkled them into a ball, then opened them up and wrapped many 0.10 styrene panels. Then I black riveted on top of of every punched styene disk. Superglued it all. Then white primer, and finally Mr color white paint. Did a mild grey wash to each panel, then matt clear coat the entire thing! Lots of work, but it is an amazing replication of the real thing!
  8. Noticed one my flashers has a loose connact at the board, also missing a handle on the white container. Thinking of redoing the cameras, found another way of reducing their size. Very difficult working these details at 1/72 scale, but do-able! Its been a very satisfying but extremely challenging build thus far! I promise I won't bombard you all with all this stuff, its just exciting to share. Hopefully this inspires others, its facinating exchanging ideas! Take care. 20230906_180958.mp4
  9. Some more of my stuff. For some reason, my original photos are a lot more crisper. Sorry for the blurriness!
  10. This is my 90% complete led lit shuttle payload bay. Almost all of it is scratch built. Used all kinds of stuff to get it to this point, from dismantling various electronic tablets and phones to a variety of dollar store stuff. Bashed a lot of things, lol. The only things that are not scratch built is the docking platform, the 3d printed astronaut and the original 1/72 monogram payload bay shell. Mind you, all these pieces have serious add ons and modifications. It was satisfying when it all came together! The most challenging piece was the clear visor on the astronaut, made from polarized fi
  11. Here is a 3rd pic of what I 'm doing with the cockpit. It is a work in progress, have some straightening out some knobs, they become evident when zooming in. I kind of slapped it together too quickly just to add this photo. I still have many more knobs to insert on all the consol panels. Eventually it will all be led backlit. I will post as I go. I do have pics when I began if some wish for me to post. Thanx for all the positivity and encouragement my fellow modellers!
  12. Hi everyone. I bought pretty well all parts from Homer. This is my attempt at utilizing his amazing parts. I cut off the roof so that my model can display the interior of the shuttle cockpit. The cutaway roof will be hinged so that I can vlose and open at will. 20230903_171739.jpg
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